Proper diet for Mini Pigs

There are healthy and nutritional choices available for mini pig food. These little pigs are always hungry. You will rarely see them contented with food and getting away from it unless they become sick. The animals have to be given perfect diet as overfeeding or underfeeding can shorten their lifespan. The major goal of keeping the mini pigs is to keep a check over their health stats and food consumption.

Pigs are omnivorous animals and their meals can come from different sources. Homeowners make use of the pet food pallets and the blended food to give the preferred diet for their pigs. Pigs are naturally active animals with natural dietary options for their all-round development. There is a fixed time interval for the pigs to serve them food. The pot-bellied pig pellets are manufactured by the companies including Purina Nature’s Match, Mazuri, Country Feeds, Manna Pro etc. These feeds are meant for meeting the nutritional needs of minipigs. The recommended serving size of the pig food varies according to their age, weight, and breed. The food can be formulated to fulfill the supplemental meals for vegetables, salads, grains, fruits, grazing, and other necessary elements. Each pig will have its own metabolism rate and would act differently for food items as per its choice and physical requirement.

How to feed and how much?

You need to keep a watch over the pig eyes, skin, behavior and body stats. Start with the basic recommendation (1-2 percent of the body weight pallets). You can add the supplemental meals which include leafy vegetables (cooked or raw), salads or any form of healthy food recommended by the veterinary doctor. If your pig’s shape is changing and it is becoming too fat, it would be better to keep a check over their body shape and change their diet.

Grazing is a part of the nature of the pigs and hence, they can be given an option to graze if there is good greenery or grass available. The food given to the pigs could symbolize love and could be given as a training reward. However, these pets are prone to becoming obese. The resultant excessive weight and fat can affect the overall health and there could be issues like overall health, compromised eyesight, mobility, and heart strain. Once the pig becomes obese, it is difficult to get rid of it. The extra treats can be reduced and the daily food offering can be limited if the baby pig starts becoming fat.

Underfeeding is also very dangerous for the baby pig. Mini pigs need nutrients in their body and maintain the activity levels to become healthy. The bones of piggy should never be felt and lower feeding can even cause permanent damage to organs of the pigs. This could even make the lifespan shorter and hamper the life of the pig.

A sample of the healthy mini pig daily meal plan

The recommended pellets as per the weight of the pig can be split into two or more feeds. The owners feed their pigs well and split the allowance to 3 or more feeds per day. There are feeds dispensed by the toys and even spread over the pellets into the rooting rug, sleeping area and rooting box for enriched dining. The skin of baby pigs becomes dry very soon as it forms hair on the body. The coconut oil massage can work well for the pig. The addition of a teaspoon of coconut in the diet can make their skin healthy. The consumption of yogurt can even promote the health of mini pig.

A mixture of greens and cooked/raw vegetables and fruits can work well for the pig. They require a good protein content and the portion size for the pig could be given in a way to fulfill their body needs. Training rewards and daily treats could be given in the form of vegetables, whole grains, popcorns, and almost any way. Fruits and dry fruits recommended by the vet can be given in a moderate amount.

Certain foods to avoid

Dog and cat food should never be given to the pigs. These foods have different needs and could be deadly for the pig. Pigs don’t require a lot of sodium in the diet and hence, it is never preferable to give them food designed for dogs or cats.

The high sugar content, simple or refined carbs (white bread, rolls, potatoes, chips, sugary items) should never be given to the pigs. The special occasions are acceptable and the pigs should not be given high-fatty food.

Calculate the Pig Diet amount (max 2% of body weight)

  • Determine the adequate weight for the pig. If the pig weighs 150 pounds, you can feed him according to their ideal weight of diet plan each day.
  • The correct nutritional balance: If the pig is 150 pounds, it could be given a maximum of 3 pounds which is approximately 6 cups a day.

The meal can be distributed as per the schedule of the owner to feed their pig. Pigs are very smart and would demand food very often. Whenever you are eating anything, they would be very much willing to get it. They also creep into the drawers and almirahs in the search of food. Childproofing your furniture would be very essential to keep the pigs away from upsetting your kitchen cabinets.

If you stay away from the home during the daytime, the pig could be given food once and you can give them the second meal after returning the home.  Keep a water bowl near their bedding to keep them hydrated during the day. They will love you for anything you do for them. It is essential to train your pigs, in the beginning, to keep them well-behaved. Giving them food should be in your hands and they should not make attempts to self-feed. You can discuss with your breeder and veterinary expert for their opinion on the best diet for your micro piggy.

Important things for your teacup pigs

Bedding and blankets

Pigs love to have their personalized space in the home. They love their blankets and bedding. They actually need a spot which they can call as their ‘Personal Place’. They love to hide under blankets, snuggling and ‘rooting’ which is their basic instinct. Blankets are a sort of comfort to the pigs. Generally, the pigs love to drag their blankets around the house with them. They provide warmth and comfort to the pigs. It is even better to provide the pigs with numerous small blankets which could cover their body, sides and other aspects. It is fun to begin by giving them a particular area in the house and let them play with the old blankets. These small buddies are fine with old blankets and a small allotted area. Piggy fencing is done to make them secured in their own area.

Teacup pigs can be given their own toys to play when you’re not around. The pigs are prone to get insulating warmth in their own area and would keep well even if you’re not at home. They can live easily in smaller homes, apartments or big houses.


Water Access

Pigs require water all the time. Their bodies don’t perspire and hence, water intake is important for them. Some pigs drink too much water and others might take a little. Each pig is different, as human beings are. Stainless steel non-tip bowls are used for putting water near the bedding of the minipig.

Pig-proof your home

Pigs are very intelligent and can figure out the almost anything. They can open the cupboards and drawers and take out things from it. They will figure out such things very soon and help themselves with finding anything. It is essential to ensure that the food pantry or other closets have childproof locks on them as the pig might eat anything from it. The home cleaning and poisonous substances can be put inside the lock.

TV or videos

Pigs love to get entertained. They can enjoy watching TV or videos. The working people usually put their TVs on while going to the office to keep their pigs engaged. They develop a habit of watching TV and playing. Even when the music is playing at home, it is quite attractive for the pigs.

Litter Box Training

The pigs are litter-box trained very easily. There are a dog and cat litter boxes available in the market and the use of these products make it easy for the pigs to poop. Pigs are basically clean animals and would understand your commands very easily. You can even use old newspapers or wood chips for handling the litter.

Neutering/ Spaying

Male pigs are neutered and female pigs are spayed before giving to their new home. The trained veterinarians handle the task of neutering or spaying the pigs. It is a small surgical procedure having importance in the health of pet piggy. Male pigs can get large tusks, exhibit foul odor and even become aggressive without neutering. The females have lower chances of developing PMS symptoms, ovarian cancer and mammary tumors by spaying. To make pigs as pets, this little surgical process is mandatory.

Caring for Hoof

Pigs need your attention all the times and their physical attention is necessary to make them feel healthy from inside as well. The veterinary expert will visualize the hooves and clip them 3-5 times in a year to keep them safe. The growth of hooves is natural for pigs and trimming them will make the pigs feet in good shape. It even avoids the pigs to get deformation of joints or general stiffness. Make sure that you handle the hooves in the right way and file/ clip them for the best health of pigs.


Pigs need vaccination shots as a part of their health maintenance. The general area near the pigs needs to be clean and disease free. If you live in a hogging area or the vet is aware of any common occurrences for pig health, it is recommended to give the piggie shots necessary for their good health. It is as per the geographic location and some shots are mandatory for every pig. You must take your pet directly to a vet to avoid any issues later on. They will maintain a chart for your pig and you can see the required dosages with the right time to get it done. In some cases, the breeders provide the list of vaccinations for the tiny pig.

Feeding your little pig

It is preferable to feed the mini pigs with the pellets designed only for the minipigs. This pig food is made up of the right amount of protein and has lesser fat content. Pigs would grow abruptly with too much fatty food. There are many different companies manufacturing pig products and the formulated mini pig food has all the nutrients required by the body of these animals. Your pig’s veterinarian would give you the best suggestions regarding the feed. The pigs have a general tendency to become obese very rapidly and hence, there has to be a limit to their snacks, meals and ensure that the pig has enough activity to maintain sound health.

Potbellied pigs are omnivores and their diets include veggies, eggs, worms, seeds, insects and other little things. It is not easy to give them these things in the regular diet and hence, the pet food would really help. The small pallets contain everything and have an amazing taste. You can feed a variety of healthy food items for the pigs and give them breakfast and dinner. In the lunch phase, you can give them a seasonal fruit or vegetable. Gastric trouble is quite common for the pigs. Make sure that you give them the food consisting of the elements which shouldn’t blot the stomach of the pet. Cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini, corns, peas, green beans, and other food items are beneficial for their body.


The pigs need to be dewormed after every 3-4 months. If the pig is spending a lot of time outside or the weather is humid in your area, it is essential to deworm them and safeguard the pets from stomach infections. Ivermectin is the most preferred choice for the deworming and it even kills the mites from the pig’s stomach.

What do you get with the little piggy?

If you’ve made up the payment for the pig and are going to bring them home, the breeder will provide you with the most important things required as a responsible owner. There is a manual given by most of the breeders with a small packet of mini pig food. It would be sufficient for the pig for a week (or lesser) and you can get the next pack from the market or online stores.

Some companies even give a blanket, bath gel or lotion for the piglet. The piggy’s date of birth, breed and vaccination card are also given to the owner for their good health. The company even provides support to chat about the pigs and discuss their problems with the breeder without any hesitation.

It is essential to make the right purchase and get the baby pig from a renowned source. The reputed breeder would give all the necessary information about the pig and hand over to the owners with full concern for their little baby piggy.

Books to read

There are some books published for the pig owners to know more about them. For example, the book by Pat Storer named ‘Potbellies and other Miniature Pigs (Complete Pet Owners Manual) is the most useful to get information regarding nutrition and other needs. There are many other recommended books also which could give you an illustration about pigs and their behavior. It is essential to go through these books before bringing a pet home. A discussion with the people owning pigs would also help in the same way.


7 Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Mini Pig


Mini pigs are the cutest pets you can bring home. They are the pets with unique needs and behaviors and come to your home with a big surprise with love. You can fall in love with your pig only if you know about keeping them at home and bringing them up with all they need from you. You can still go on the right track and follow these eight important steps before adopting a teacup pig:

  • The minipig would grow up: You are certainly under a misconception if you think that the minipig would remain too tiny. It is not easy to determine the exact size of your pig by their childhood health stats as the growth of the pigs goes on for three years of their life. There are about 20 breeds of teacup pigs and they have an average weight of 150 pounds. It means that the pigs have an appearance similar to a mid-sized dog. The best way is to check out the parents of the pig to get an approximate idea about their health and growth.
  • Rescuer or breeder: It is an important thing to consider while bringing your baby pig home. Sadly, many owners can’t handle the pigs and after spending a considerable amount, they just have to drop them to the sanctuaries or adoption centers. You can adopt the pigs from many platforms and it will help you in getting a bigger version of the pig instead of a newborn. It is easy to care for an older pig than a newborn. Moreover, the abandoned pigs will get their new homes with your support. The pigs tend to grow till the age of 3 years and they can reproduce even at an age of 3 months. The pigs should be purchased from a right source.
  • Taking full charge: Pigs demand your love and care in the beginning phases. They can get aggressive if not carefully handled. It is important to bring them close and make them feel pampered. Pigs respond well to the affection and would respond in a much deeper way. The process of bonding with your pig requires time and they might not like you at the first. It is not similar to bringing a cat or dog home. These pets are different and require all your attention.
  • Love for food: Pigs love food endlessly and they will stand by it with curiosity. They are easy to train and the food is the biggest motivator for the same. It is important to fix a routine for the pig to avoid obesity and other health situations for them. If the pig is given a piece of food, it will run to you and follow your instructions. It could be a motivator in making them understand the basic manners.
  • Rooting: Don’t forget that the pigs have a basic instinct to root. These animals are smaller but have the nature similar to the farm pigs. They need to be alone but need their separate space to root and enjoy. Their separate bedding, water bowl, and blankets would make them feel great with the purpose of fulfilling their desire to root and play around.
  • Earn their affection and loyalty: Pigs are very loyal and have affection for their owners. They can show you all the love with their gestures. They will love to do some quirky stuff with you and get all the mischievous reactions in return.
  • Mini pigs need your time: It is essential for you to give your time to the pig as they actually want it. You can give them the support and make them realize how important they are to you.

Pigs are very cute creatures and would love you in all the way. It is feasible to attract them towards you by giving them food rewards and cuddles. They are the best friends and would love to get pampered. Find a vet in your city to give them all healthcare support, the regular dosage of vaccinations, food suggestions and much more. Your pig will be your buddy for about 13-15 years and you can train them in your way to make them your best friend.

Things to consider before adopting a teacup pig

  • Is it allowed by your municipality to keep pet pigs?

This is the primary consideration to follow as keeping the farm animals within city limits is not permitted in many regions. Micro pigs are smaller versions of the farm pigs but you must check if they’re allowed to be kept in houses in your area. It will assure you that the pig can stay with you without any interruption.

  • Understand their growth cycle

The pet owners must know that pigs are prone to getting bigger due to its basic growth cycle. Micro pigs will remain too tiny only till a particular stage of their life. ‘Teacup pigs’ could be a misleading term and the growth of the pigs is unpredictable in all the aspects. Not many homes would be able to accommodate the size of pigs, as they grow up. The pigs might become too hefty with undue feeding or improper caring. The genuine size of the pig should reach a level of 150 pounds (maximum). Make sure that you check the pictures of the parents of the pig or meet them directly to get an idea about the ultimate size of the pet.

  • Compatibility with other pets

Pigs are highly adjustable creatures and generally, bond well with cats or dogs living in the house. These can be kept in combination or alone in the house and supervised by the owner. The interaction between the pig and the other pets should be carefully observed in the initial phases to ensure that they are comfortable in each other’s company. They generally keep well with other pig(s) at home.

  • Housing requirements

Some people expect the pigs to behave like dogs, which is not feasible in real terms. They have some needs which are difficult to meet, like rooting. The pigs love to root around, explore and get their own personal space in the home. They can be accommodated in their personal bed setting (usually in a corner or a small area) and they will keep well and satisfied in their own area. They quickly get bored and that is a trouble. The pigs are well suited for the outdoor environment and could be carried to their own space. Outdoors with a shelter will also suit them. Pigs can be kept in apartments, big houses or even small areas.

  • Nutritional needs

Pigs are basically omnivores and require a perfect balance of vitamins, proteins, carbs, and minerals in their diet. They have a certain specified food which can be purchased from the pet store with the recommendation of their veterinary expert. Train your pet in such a way that it doesn’t eat anything coming on its way. Pigs love seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is essential for you to get the suggestion of the vet of your pig to make the right decision. Don’t give the pigs any dog or cat food as it might be inappropriate for them.

  • Veterinary care

The lifespan of pigs is approximately 15 years. They require vet visits like other pets or farm animals. You must understand some symptoms of disease or injury for the pigs to ensure that they remain safe under your custody. The animals require vaccinations and could get sick with flu, overfeeding and other reasons.

  • Spaying or neutering

Pigs grow very large and could become aggressive. Male pigs are neutered (castrated) in the early stages to avoid getting smelly or aggressive. Female pigs are spayed for the same reason. The pigs generally become sexually active at the age of three months or above. Hence, for keeping a pet, it is important to get them spayed or neutered for the easy handling.

  • Trimming hoof and tusk

Tusks are common features of a pig and it could be difficult to handle for human beings. The farm pigs have their tusks clipped at the birth time and the pigs at home also get this feature. Pigs have cloven hooves and they are handled by the veterinary expert of your micro pigs.

  • Transporting a pig

This is a major step in bringing the teacup pig home. If you’re living a few miles away from the location of the breeder, the pig is transported via road. However, long-distance transport is done by air transport. The transportation of the pig has to be done in a careful way. There are proper measures taken by the breeder for transportation in a secured way. Pigs are prone to sickness and might because nauseous in the vehicle. So, it has to be very safe for the pig to make them feel comfortable. Transportation of pig in the car or pickup vehicle could be dangerous as the pig could create a problem in the moving vehicle.

  • Potty training your pet

Pigs consume more food than dogs, cats or other pets. The pigs could be very stubborn for food consumption and could ask for much more than you give them. The nutritional needs of the pig are different and so would be the potty-training schedule. Pigs are very intelligent in all the ways and you can follow the right ways to make them feel comfortable. You can easily potty train them by showing them the right way where it is to be done.

  • Cost of maintenance

The pigs usually cost between $600-4000, depending on their breed, color, and other options. There are many treatments, vaccinations, check-ups, illnesses, trimmings, Spaying/Neutering, pet food, vitamins, and other things required for the pigs. The cost of care is different at all the places. The other costs like bedding, fencing and housing are also included in the maintenance cost.

  • Unwanted & abandoned pigs

In the end, it is important to know that there are many unwanted and abandoned pigs who are not accepted by the pig owners at some stage in their life. Pet pigs are hard to rehome and hence, it is always preferred to adopt or buy them only if you are sure about keeping them home. The animals are living creatures which should be brought in lives only if the owners are sure about taking care of them for the long run.


Teacup pigs gaining popularity among celebrities

The growing trend of teacup pigs would certainly make you feel like adopting these pets and bringing them home to give them all your love. The foremost thing is to make the wise decision and think about reading about these pigs and then making a decision about choosing them for your home. The primary thing to look for is to find out the legalities of your place of living and see if these dogs are permitted in your area. The baby pig will be very tiny in the beginning and soon will start growing up to a level which can’t be exactly determined without their actual growth.

In recent years, many celebrities have made public appearances with the mini pigs and have gracefully accepted them as their family member. Paris Hilton named her potbelly pig as ‘Princess Pigelette’ and this became trendy in the celebrity frames. George Clooney was among the very first people who chose teacup pig for his home. Pigs can stay small but the fact is that when you’re purchasing them small, it doesn’t guarantee that they will remain tiny for the rest of their lives.

In the year 2009, David Beckham was gifted two teacup piggies as Christmas gift by his wife Victoria Beckham. Alana Thompson (child reality TV star and known as Honey Boo Boo) termed her mini pig as a good-luck charm for her life. In 2015, the image of Miley Cyrus with her pig pet was revealed on the magazine cover. People usually follow the trends of their favorite celebrities and even name their pig pets as the name of the pet of their favorite celebrity.

The growth of baby pigs belonging to celebrities was seen in a way that their babies remained in a mini-state even after becoming adults. With this trend, many agencies, breeders and sanctuaries made it a point to promote baby pigs for adoption. Keeping the celebrity trend apart, there have been many cases in actual in which the rescue groups got so many abandoned pigs. People took them for the sake of getting them home as their favorite celebrity owned it and when they were unable to handle them, the pigs were left as such. It is the worst thing which could have happened to the pigs or any other living being.

The decision to own a teacup pig should be well informed. You must not just take anybody’s advice or get attracted to the pigs by their unique appearance. Instead, it is essential to read about them, talk to the people who own them or interact with a reputed breeder to know more about the pigs and their handling. The minipigs are famous on TV, internet and other sources. Bringing a pet home should be done in a way to take care of a living being in the most promising way. It is a responsibility and you should think about undertaking it, only if you are sure about how to deal with it. A well-informed owner will handle the pig in the best way.


Getting the best teacup pig

Teacup pigs are the lovely creatures having the most joyful nature. The owner needs to provide a safe and secure environment for the pigs to keep them happy inside the house. These animals are basically ‘opportunistic searchers’ who love to root and seek for food. It is their natural behavior which doesn’t go away when the pigs are kept indoors. They will skip towards your own bed or couch if you’re not giving them their personal space. A small bedding with a blanket is necessary for the pig to get into their comfort zone.

The pigs need to remain entertained and you can play TV or give them toys while going out for a job or daily tasks. A frustrated pig can be furious and the mental stimulation has to be done for them for the right move. It is essential to understand that these social creatures can be very wild if they’re not given proper training or time. A newborn pig requires a lot of care and affection from the owner and they need to start giving them training from the very first day. Some people prefer keeping a pair of pigs to keep them engaged and playful. The trained pigs develop fewer chances to get behavioral issues.

Proper feeding is another integral part of your pet’s good health. Breeders prescribe a restrictive diet plan for teacup piglets for ensuring that it remains appropriate in size and weight. These diets are designed in a way to keep the pigs as tiny as possible. There are single food items preferred for the pigs and they are often given small meals to avoid obesity. The poor feeding practices could lead to underfeeding of the pet which is not even a right option. The prescribed meals have every nutrient added to the meal without affecting the actual needs of the pigs.

There are some breeders following bad breeding practices due to which the miniature pig might develop lifelong health issues. There are several adoptable pigs available for the owners who really want these animals to be a part of their family. The parents of the dogs are also available to have a glance at. Selection of the right male and female is necessary for the breeder to get the right attributes of their offspring. The parent pigs give an idea about the color, spotting and ultimate appearance of the pig. It is essential for every owner to understand these pigs and the new owners. There are regular veterinary visits required for the breeders to produce the healthy babies of the mother pig.

There are some of the finest pigs available with the breeders and the idea of getting the best pigs is to breed them well. The height, length, and overall health stats have to be measured well. These animals are basically smart and understand the things very quickly. Teacup pigs are very intelligent creatures having a great love for their owners. These animals are odor-free, flea-free and anti-allergic and are best suitable for small homes, big homes or even apartments.

Teacup pigs do exist

Teacup pigs are small creatures with a maximum weight of 100 pounds. Some people think that the weight up to 200 pounds is also fine but it goes towards the higher range. If you’ve been promised a weight of 100 pounds of your piggy, then make sure that it reaches up to that level only. Tiny pigs are the cute creatures having the size of a medium leveled dog. If the size and the weight of the dog exceeds, it will no longer look like the pretty creature you’ve seen in the pictures or YouTube videos.

Breeders usually send instructions to the pigs for sending them to the new homes. The food has to be given in accordance with the permitted levels as pigs are prone to becoming obese with overeating. There are some pet owners who misguide people for the real growth of these pigs. They claim that the teacup pig will grow up to a size of 12-15 pounds which is absolutely false. Whenever you feel that the breeders are giving you wrong information regarding their growth, just get away from the thought of getting the pet from that particular source. The piggy pets are very tiny in the beginning but grow to an adequate level with the increase in size and weight.

Teacup pigs can breed as young as an age of 3 months which means that the parents of the baby piglets will be a little grown-up piglet themselves. The pig parent sizes are not an accurate measure of how they will grow up in adulthood. It can give an idea but exact measurement can’t be done in any way. The pigs keep on growing up to 5 years of their age which isn’t a great way to determine their overall size. Those who are taking the pig to their small home or an apartment would have to be very careful in every way.

Pigs are highly in demand as pets in America and other parts of the world. These are awesome creatures to keep at home but you will have to take care of them like a pig. They are quite intelligent and attractive in their own way. They can be trained to learn basic tricks and cues. They have a surprising wit and can please people with their unique personality. Living with this small animal is very easy as they can adjust well into your environment. Some pigs don’t meet the expectations of their masters and that could be just because they are not given proper time and are not trained well during their childhood. The initial stages are very important to handle for the pigs.

The owners must check the pig information and laws of the state in which they are residing to make sure that the pigs can actually live with you without worries. There are some places which don’t allow pigs as they are considered as farm animals. It is mandatory to check the laws beforehand to avoid any hassles later on.


Teacup Pigs: Think before bringing them home

Teacup pigs are very adorable creatures but there are a lot of considerations to make while thinking about bringing any pet into your house. We’ve outlined here that why you must think twice before getting the little pigs to your home.

Teacup pigs are highly trainable and have a great wit. These are like small children at home having mischievous, curious and intelligent nature. They are sensitive but highly manipulative due to their humorous nature. It is indeed easy to train a teacup pig than a human baby. They learn easily and understand every command given by their owner.

Another thing is that these animals don’t have fur on their body and it keeps them away from the mites and insects. They have fewer chances of spreading allergies around and are cleaner than many other animals. Pigs are socially very active and bond well with humans and even other pets at home. They are odor-free and flea-free animals having a loving nature. They love to snuggle and roll over you which is, in fact, their basic instinct. Teacup pigs are motivated by food and require positive reinforcement to learn the daily activities and general etiquettes. In comparison to dog drops, the pig littler is easier to clean up and they don’t spread it all over. You can take them for walks and adorn them with little accessories to make them look attractive.

Teacup pigs are special and those who understand their psychology would create a closer bond with them. Many owners share every important thing with pigs and snuggle them to make the pet feel great. These animals don’t have sweat glands on their body and hence, there will be no odor issues. Males are neutered to avoid the development of scent glands producing a foul smell. Teacup pigs are social animals and get along well with the people who love them. They love to roll around in blankets and love their own space.

Teacup pigs can be trained faster than the other animals. They can please their master with entertaining tricks and cooperate with the family members as well. These animals are basically having a tendency to live in herds and hence, there are chances for them to get spoiled by not following the right track. The owner has to make sure that they train their pet in a way to respect everyone and behave in a good way with them. The word ‘NO’ must be taught to them in a soft tone. The breeders usually give information to the pig owners regarding their behavior towards the tiny pigs. New owners receive educational handouts for pig topics, training, and well-being.

Pigs enjoy outdoor activities and times. Rooting is a general phenomenon of pigs and they need their own space to do it. These are the best pets for the people allergic to pet fleas. You can get the wonderful companionship of the baby pig by being a nice parent to them. You will love them and their company.

Different types of teacup pigs

Teacup pigs are the beautiful creatures and you’ll love them in your life. The minipigs are available in different colors and with special patterns. There are many breeders who charge extra for blue eyes or special patterns on the body of mini dogs. The price of pet ranges from $700-$2500 depending on the quality of the pet. However, apart from the outer appearance, the real adult picture of the piglets can be estimated with the picture of their parents. Many breeders keep the parents of the baby pigs nearby to give their real appearance to the new parents who are willing to get the little piggy home.

The animals are treated with a lot of care under the breeder’s supervision and they are given whole organic feed in the beginning years. The pigs are socialized and handled from the very beginning and they are given all the love. These pigs are very intelligent and understand the respect and care you’re showing them. The owners will love the experience of seeing their pigs grow. You can expect a little training from the end of the breeder as it is not wise to train the very little pigs. When the pigs will reach your home, it is easy to train them and teach them basic manners.

There are litter boxes available for the pigs who have to be kept inside an apartment. It is to make sure that the pigs remain clean and don’t spread the litter around. These tiny pigs are dewormed and weaned to solid foods after a period of time. Cleanliness matters a lot for the pigs as they are basically not prone to mites. Unlike dogs, pigs have hair on their body and are easier to manage. Males are neutered and females are spayed before going to a new home. The breeders give informational packet, pig vaccine records and other necessary documents to the new parents. You can ask your breeder for any queries or concerns about the pet.

There is a waiting time for choosing your newborn and the customer service desk of the company can let you know the exact time to wait until the arrival of baby pigs for your home. The pigs are very loving and would expect cuddling and love from their new parent. They will be attached more to one family member in the house and remain in touch with them for the maximum time. Once you give them proper time and training, these pets will get associated with you in a better way and love you even more. The pigs need a bedding and proper space for them to sleep, rest and root on their blankets. These interesting animals are very exciting and you’ll love them for everything they do. Give them appropriate food as the excess of food can make them sick and obese. Teacup pigs are very impressive in their own way. They will become very special to you and love you unconditionally for everything you do for them.


Teacup Pigs: Best gift for Birthdays

Teacup pigs are trendy and the most beautiful pets you could have ever thought of. If you have children at home and they are quite interested to bring a pet, or love pets anyway, it is highly preferable to bring teacup pigs home. These are the ultimately cute creatures adding to a feeling of love and affection at home. The child’s birthday party could be the best one by including a new member in the family who is especially meant for their companionship.

It could be fascinating for your child to get a teacup buddy on their birthday. You can plan a surprise for them or ask them their personal opinion about the pet. There are very cute baskets available for presenting the baby pig to guests. The focus is kept on the safety of pet while packing them for the party. There are educational presentations made by some of the teacup pig companies to give the fun-facts and care tips to kids for their little buddy at home. It is a gift they will never forget. There are some of the specialized parties designed for the exclusive teacup pig enjoyment but that is only available at some places. In such outdoor sessions, the teacup pigs are provided for the enjoyment of kids. These pigs are given training for performing tricks and enjoy in the company of kids. Some outdoor restaurants and kid spots also provide the exclusive area for kids to enjoy with their tiny pigs.

It is important to make your children aware of these miniature pigs when you are bringing them home. If the pig is too young, they will demand your attention and care. Make sure that you tell your kids about the ways to handle the baby pig and the necessary precautions to undertake. Pigs are quite intelligent and would understand your training tips very soon. It is important to assure that the baby pigs are given proper food at the prescribed times by your veterinary doctor. Don’t give them too much as it will spoil their habit and instruct your children not to give the pigs unnecessary things to avoid health issues for them.

Pigs love their own place and you need to allow a personal place for them at your home to make sure that they remain comfortable and cozy in their own environment. There can be a bowl of water kept near their bedding and a cozy blanket on their bed area to make sure that the baby can keep warm with their own body heat. The baby animals need protection in the beginning and once they get used to your home, they will become an integral part of your family.

The birthday gift idea of giving away a teacup bunny can be a great move in bringing the little bundle of joy to your home. These animals are loving, loyal and interesting to play and spend time. Your children will certainly enjoy their company and it would be an exclusive birthday gift for them.