Baby Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are the cutest pets to be kept at home. These are the small-sized pigs having a tiny appearance. The bright eyes pigs have something to say always and they are full of adventure. These pigs are lovable and would genuinely love their owner. If you’ve ever kept a pet at home, you’ll realize that teacup pigs are very quick in learning and understanding the things. They are much better than the dogs and cats in many ways. Baby teacup pigs are very small in size (could be adjusted in a small tea-sized cup).  They are so tiny that they would just come in your hands to get all your love.

Caring for your baby teacup pig

The primary thing to look for is that you need to find the right source for getting your baby pig. Don’t just look for any breeder to get the little pig. There are many people who are just looking for the money and don’t care about the minimum age to give the baby to owners. The reason to get a little bigger baby is that you’ll be able to take care of it in a better way. It is not possible for the house owners to take care of the newly born babies and they should be at least 15-20 days old to bring home. Once the baby pig is taken home, they should care like a human baby. The concern for your pig will matter the most for them in their early stages of life. They will understand your touch and socialize with the family members very soon.

Teacup pigs are the most intelligent pets. They will start littering at the place mentioned by you soon after you start making a routine for them. The breeder will give you guidelines about the food to give to the baby pig and you must adhere to the same routine. The pigs have a tendency to grow very soon and hence, too much of food is never good for them. The baby piglet is fragile and if it doesn’t drink its mother’s milk, it doesn’t develop the right immunity. So, make sure that the pig has got enough of mama’s milk for remaining in good health for the rest of their life. Ask your breeder about the same and also, keep a track of its vaccinations. Female pigs are neutered and male pigs are spayed before sending them to the homes for pet usage.

Pig Area

You need to have a separate area for your piglets. They will require a separate area for their bedding and it could be in your lobby, room or any other part of the house. There can be a water bowl kept near the pig bedding for drinking water and they can take a nap and night sleep at that place. The pigs require ‘me time’ and it is possible to give them a corner with blankets and bedding to feel cozy. The benefit of keeping teacup pigs is that they can accommodate even in small apartments, condos or even bigger houses.

The pigs are like small kids who need attention at every point. You can give toys to the pigs for entertainment or turn on your TV for them as these animals would require regular love from you. Your piggy will get used to the daily routine and you can give them attention after coming back from work. You can talk to them and they will understand you. There are pig products available in the marker and you can choose some old comforter or blanket for the pig to snuggle. The doggy bedding could be a nice idea and the pig would feel comfortable in the warm environment. Pigs have a natural instinct of rooting. You can make sure that the pig is given enough space to root around for a few minutes.

Litter Box

There are many animal products you can find at the stores. The litter box is a common utility of a house with pets. You can place a litter box in your apartment or backyard for your pet. It will make them habitual to remain clean and get rid of the waste. Teacup pigs are very clean animals and would use the litter box if they are taught in that way. Give a few minutes to the baby pig every day and tell them their spot for pee and poo. Some people use their washrooms for piglet use but it is possible only in a few cases.

Handling the pigs

Baby pigs are much unsecured at the beginning of their life. They will naturally get the sensation of warmth with you with the passage of time. You can get the piglet acquainted with the house rules and there has to be a fixed eating time for them to avoid any issues later on. Piglets love to get comfortable in their personalized space. The comfort bedding will relax them and make them feel good from inside. It is easy to watch TV while holding your little piglet and let them root you. They will understand your scent and bond with you in the best way. These animals are highly dependent on their owners and feel delighted to be in their company. There is nothing like a tummy-rub for them and they would love being pampered by you.

The pigs will get relaxed with your touch. If you can’t spend enough time with them, it is not advisable to keep the pet at home. You can make them comfortable in every possible way. Keep a track of the vaccination schedule of your pet and visit their doctor in case of an issue. You can plan a diet schedule for your pet and feed them only whatever is required for their good health. Teacup pigs are adorable pets and you can bring them home only if you’re sure that you can take care of them. They can be handled with care and will become your best buddies.