Micro Pigs

Micro Pigs are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of unconventional pets to have. Learn more about these cute animals and how they may be the perfect pet for your home.
Pets have always played an important part of our lives, offering companionship and friendship in a special and touching way. We continue to learn more about animals and what types of animals we can keep as pets. We also continue to breed animals to create new breeds and kinds of animals that are great as pets both inside and outside of the home. Micro Pigs highlight a new wave of micro animals that have become some of the most popular pets in society.
It is important to work to understand as much as you can about these small, puppy-like pigs before you seek one out as a pet. As with any other type of pet, you should be sure that you can handle this type of animal before actually purchasing it for you or your family.
About the Pigs
These small pigs were originally known as miniature pigs, and have recently taken the name of teacup pigs. The pigs were bred to be smaller than the average pig, and are incredibly small in size when they are young.
Originally bred for scientific research, these pigs can grow to be different sizes. Some of these pigs will see a maximum height and weight that closely resembles a puppy. Others are going to grow to be bigger, almost the size of a medium sized dog. While this is still small for a pig, it is bigger than many expect after taking home a miniature and small young pig.
Choosing a Pig
If you are going to pick up one of these miniature pigs as a pet, you need to make sure that you find a quality breeder. Many breeders in the miniature pig market are untruthful, and may not be caring for the pigs as they should. The pigs that some breeders sell have short life spans because of a lack of proper nutrition. Take the time to search for various breeders and find one that is known for providing healthy pets.
Taking the Pig Home
Those who are looking to take a small pig home as a pet must do their research prior to taking the pet home. You need to do some research to understand exactly how to take care of the pig. You need to know the proper way to feed it, contain it, and must learn about things like illnesses and house training.
Micro Pigs are some of the most fun and interesting pets in the world because of their unique size and character. If you are looking for a fun pet that is going to provide your family with companionship and laughs, the small pig is the way to go. While it may be unique and it may be different, it can offer you everything that a normal and conventional pet can.

Characteristics of Micro Pigs

Your pets are like humans too. They can be sweet, cool, aggressive and curious at times. Micro pigs for example comes in different breeds and thus, having variations of characteristics or temperaments there are several genetic traits that are present among them. Yes they are intelligent and loving. However, they can suffer from stress and later turns nasty especially if left with children and has no porcine company. It is best to understand the behavior of your pet pig. It will make you prepared and ready on what to do and how to control it whenever their mood swings strikes.
Pigs are sociable
They have that sociable attitude by nature. They want to live in group in their natural habitat. They can all communicate and understand each other with their pig language. Fences are actually created in farms to prevent them from escaping yet they still do and usually they work in pairs. They also come to their ‘teenage years’ and this is the stage where you need to institute that you are the boss. They can get bored too, particularly when they notice they are spending excessive time with you or with other animals. So make sure to keep up with your entertaining tricks.
Pigs are clean
Pigs stink. You most likely heard that pigs have foul odor. Well, it is not likely true. They do roll in the mud, but it’s one way to keep them off from parasites, fungus and bugs and as sun block for their sensitive skin. If they are in farm, they will only choose one corner of their pen where they use it as their toilette area. Unlike, chickens and goats that leave their dirt anywhere they are standing. Mostly, it is far from where they eat, drink and sleep.
Pigs are Intelligent
This explains why pigs are curious by nature, because they are intelligent. Like humans, they are often curious with the things around them and would definitely spend hours rooting in your garden. Or even seek tidbits of foods in your carpet. Their level of attention becomes high during trainings. It is a chance for you to kindle new tricks and exercises, especially if you have an ultimate reward for them, food. Train your mini pig to jump, but it’s going to be slightly low.
As the pigs are fifth for the most intelligent animal, it’s because of their memory, instinct and intuition. Though they do not have conscience and can’t distinguish between right or wrong, still they are fast learners and master what they have learned.
Pigs are Loving
They are affectionate and want to have close body contact. Nowadays, mini pig owners allow their pet pig to sleep with them in the same bed. Don’t worry, they neither hog nor squirm. They seek for loving companionship and it’s for long term.
Pigs eat a lot
Your miniature pig can be unsatisfied of what you feed to it. If it happens that their appetite are not well-met, you’ll discover their rambling actions. For this matter, discipline must come in and proper feeding should be observed. If you allow your micro pig to graze on grass, don’t spray any chemicals or pesticides.
These are five among the characteristics that you can find from all pigs, either miniature pigs or the commercial pigs served in your dining table. You might be excited by now to have one. Go ahead and check your local pet shop for available micro pigs.
Tea cup pigs, micro mini pigs, micro pigs, mini pigs, and miniature pigs, all of these are only referring to one thing, a piglet which weighs about 15lbs to 100 lbs. if you want to know where they originally came from, you will not believe it came from a pig that weighs almost 200lbs.
Tea cup pigs are about the size of a tea cup. The famous is the pot-bellied pig which is the first breed of pig used by Chris Murray for medical research. Together with him is his wife, Nicky Murray. The pets are originally named as Pennywell miniatures. It is the name of the farm where the first mini pig was born. Later, Chris realized that the little pigs also love coffees. He then renamed them with Tea cup pigs. They are not pigs in teacup but at birth, they do fit in a teacup in about 9 ounces.
The first teacup pig is named Tetley, because it exactly fitted of Chris’s teacup. It was hard work for nine years until they have finally brought the miniature pigs to existence. They have had errors and failures with their research. They first tried Iron Age pigs and wild boar, also English breeds such as Middle White, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Tamworths and Berkshire. Until the top cross, Kune kune, became successful. He has had prior knowledge with pig breeding but it was only all about rapid growth rate and good food conversion ratio. When the little pigs came, he decided to have them on his farm too. Visitors, especially adults, usually place the pigs in their laps for hours. The normal pig is a heavy creature to be placed on their laps. After being featured in different magazines and news, they had a waiting list of around two years from people around the world who want to own a miniature pig.
Fully grown little pigs of about 2 years can weigh an average of 15-40 lbs. They are expensive because of their high demand and are usually sold in pairs. More people are getting interested of buying one. The pigs are intelligent and affectionate animals. Pet lovers who are allergic to fur have a choice to keep a pet pig since it has no hair. They do not have fleas and are clean. However, naïve owners are not sure how big they can grow and vicious they can be. This is the reason for the increase of abandoned pigs. Breeders and sellers usually have commitment plans to prevent this event to happen.
Micro mini pig is the result of medical research and was lately developed as a pet pig. Mini pigs for sale are now available on line either for breed or as a pet. More and more individuals are interested to own at least a piglet. Chris Murray is the known to be the original breeder and the miniature pig has not just made their farm distinctive but became famous all over the world.
Micro mini pig can be easily trained as long as you are patient. They can be your companion and can play with them. However, they are not like your cats and dogs. So they way you care for your other pets must be different from they way you need to care for them. What is your micro pig by the way? Have you chosen one? Here is the list for you to choose from.

Different micro mini pig breeds

Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs – this is the first breed that has undergone the medical research. This is frequently chosen as a pet. They have straight tail, upright ears, short legs, and a pot-belly. Pot-bellied pigs eat a wide range of foods but they should be fed a balanced diet as they are pets. They weigh from 60 lbs. and up.
Juliani Pig – this are also known as Miniature Painted Pig because of the few spots on their skins. It is a rare breed of tiny pig and was reportedly endangered. However, due to breeders they can still be found today. They have different colors; silver with black spots, rust with black spots and white with black spots. Their legs are longer compared with Pot-bellied. They can weigh 50 lbs and up.
African Pygmy – also referred to as Guinea Hogs. They arrived from Africa and are in historic journals with descriptions as huge, hairy and red pigs. The tail is curl and has straight backs, with non-wrinkled skin, bristly hair and short legs. They weigh 60 lbs and up.
Yucatan Pig – this miniature pig originally came from Mexico. They are very gentle and are usually black in color. Their skin color is almost like humans that is why it is often used in laboratories. Medical research for a mini Yucatan Pig has produced one weighing up to 100 lbs.
Ossabaw Island Pig – this breed of pig is categorized as ‘Feral’ or wild, untamed, uncultivated and undomesticated. They are believed to be living since primitive time of Medieval Europe. The name Ossabaw is coined from the island in Georgia’s coast where the colonists settled. They have heavy coats, prick ears and long snouts. They come in solid colors gray, blue and red .They can live up to 25 years and weighs about 40 – 90 lbs.
Kunekune Pig – weighs about 70lbs and up. They have tassels hanging from their lower jaw which is about 4 cm long. Their bodies are short and round as well as their legs. They come in 6 colors; tan, brown, black and white, white, black and gold.
You can choose whatever breed you would like to buy but be sure that they are not restricted in your area. Once you are already an owner of this little creature, make sure you will be committed to do your duties and responsibilities in taking care and feeding them. Micro mini pig
Chris is delighted for the success they have achieved, thanks to Tetley. Their farm was given a big boost of visitors after he and Tetley was featured in television. He has achieved the key for any tourist attraction, to stand out from the rest. Now you know where the little pigs came from, why not try adding a new pet at home with a little creature like a mini pig? Tea cup pigs are cute and tiny at birth but bear in mind that they do grow big.
​Miniature pig, a breed developed and used for medical research or as a pet. It is also known as a teacup pig, mini pig, or micro pigs. It was first used for medical research in Europe during 1980’s before it was introduced as a pet in the United States of America in the form of the Vietnamese Potbellied Pig.
Miniature pig usually weighs only less than 150 pounds compared with the usual pigs that weigh as large as 1000 pounds. At birth, the little pigs weigh just over half a pound and grow 12 to 16 inches high. It can live typically between five to fifteen years with correct care and proper nutrition.
Miniature pigs have increased in popularity. Animal lovers are going crazy over this new breed of pet. They can be trained and can keep themselves clean, although most of the people believe that pigs are dirty creatures. In the UK, a micro mini pig is not only found in zoos or farms but also at home that is kept as a pet pig.
They become more domesticated and adapting the new surroundings very quick. Compared with pedigree dogs, it has very few ailments. They do not have fleas as well like other household pets. Pigs are the fourth smartest animal on Earth and that makes them the smartest pet that you own.
The piglets do like to eat, a lot. You can’t let your pig eats whatever it wants. The crucial part in having a mini pig as a pet is planning the healthy diet. Since it is smart, you can use food as a special treat. Train your pig with different tricks in exchange of a snack.
Whatever we call the small creature, having it as a pet is not only a lavishness. Consider everything that you need to consider before jumping into the decision of owning one or a pair of piglets. It is an option and privilege to be accountable in taking care of a valuable life.
Mini pigs for sale online have been available since early 2000’s. They were not intended to be for sale and as a pet pig. It all started only with a single pig that was undergone for medical research and later on became a pet pig of everyone. The Vietnamese Potbellied pig first came out. New breeds followed like Juliani Pig, African Pygmy, Yucatan Pig and Ossabaw Island Pig. They are also called teacup pigs, especially if they are small just like a teacup. A miniature pig weigh can weigh 100 lbs or about 9 lbs at birth. On the other hand, they do grow bigger.
Mini pigs for sale are still trending in the Internet until today. More and more people are looking forward to own one of the micro mini pig. Yes, there are
mini pigs for sale
online. There are breeders and sellers posting the pictures of their well bred pigs. They are for sale all over the world. They provide description and their original breed. Other breeders are investing a lot just for a show. When it comes with the prices, you can have a negotiation. There are factors they look up with to determine how much they can offer.
Do you want to know why the piglets are big crushes among people mainly with British and American celebrities? Their popularity has increases so much. They are sociable and intelligent and not to mention that they are low maintenance. They do not make a lot of noises and very few health issues. Those who are allergic to fur or hair of cats and dogs, they have the advantage on becoming their pets.
When you have the seen
Mini pigs for sale
, you will then look at the prices. As mentioned earlier, the prices for each pig vary. Factors like the gender, the color, breed, the parents and the weight. Usually, the lighter the pig weighs the more expensive it cost. The standard micro pig is around $1500. Much lighter pigs are $2000 and above. Pure breeds are usually not sold as pet stock but rather for breeding only. Juliani purebred starts at $3500. There are payment plans available and a contract that states you will be committed to do your part as pet pig owner.
Having a pig as a pet can be fun. Make sure that you have the time to give for them and be careful when you feed them. They have intrusive nature and that makes them getting into trouble once they are unsupervised. If you have other pets like cats and dogs, they will attack them. Think first of the reason why you would like to have one before buying it. Are the pigs allowed in your area? Do you have a place where it can stay and sleep? After you are decided, you have the direction on which breed of pig would fit your needs. Mini pigs for sale have helped entrepreneurs in expanding their business and the pigs have helped their owners in giving them comfort and pleasure when stress strikes them.

​How to Breed Micro Pigs?
Mini pigs are famous exotic pets. More individuals are crazy about having a pet pig. They look for micro pig breeders or mini pigs for sale online. If you have prior knowledge with breeding, you can actually do it on your end. However, there are certain things to consider and important details to bear in mind.
You will need the following:
Heat lamps
Bedding or straw
Breeding cycle calendar
Gilt female pig
Pen for gestation
If needed, insemination supplies
Here is how to breed micro pigs
  Get hold of pigs that are eligible to breed. A veterinarian can check your pigs if they are suitable or not.
  Wait for the female pig to come into heat. Inseminate the female pig from the boar or allow the boar to inseminate the female pig. 12 or 24 hours later, allow the boar to be with the female again. The mating process can take up to 10 minutes.
  Three weeks after, check the female pig for pregnancy. Repeat the processes again if there are no signs of pregnancy. Within 21 days that the female pig is not on heat, she is most likely pregnant.
  If the pig is already pregnant, the prescribed feeding process by the veterinarian must be followed. You should not forget the regular checkups as the pig might have some trouble with its pregnancy.
  During the delivery time, help the pig to give birth. They can become stress and can lead to difficulty in giving birth to all of its piglets. Call the veterinarian for any emergency as it may require a caesarian delivery for the piglets to be safe.
  Have the piglets socialize with other pigs and transfer to another pig pen those pigs that are not suitable for breeding.
  Continue the breeding process with the smaller piglets once they reach the appropriate age and passed the health checks.
It is important to consider the following:
  Make sure that in your area, you are allowed to own pigs. Number of municipalities will not allow livestock such as pigs.
  Choose gilt, which is in good health and registered.
  A female pig may be bred at the age of 6 – 8 months. The second or the third heat is recommended to breed the pig.
  With the breeding cycle calendar, mark the first breeding.
  Upon the delivery process, heat lamps or fan is needed to regulate the temperature.
  Avoid the female pig to be in contact with other animals or even with people. This can prevent from the spread of any diseases.
Remember, you are breeding for a micro pig. You will need to produce a smaller size version of the usual livestock. So when you breed, choose only the smaller but healthier pigs from the litters. Continuously following the process through generations, you will achieve to produce a micro size pigs and notice that the piglets are not healthy, discontinue that line.
Miniature Pigs Diet
Every pet requires a care that they deserve. A dog needs a dog food in order to live longer and the dog food to be provided has vitamins and minerals to keep it fit and strong. A miniature pig needs the same treatment. They also need to be fed with enough food to prevent any illness or diseases. However, mini pigs are ravenous at times. They will eat anything that they can see on their way and whatever you offer them. That should not be allowed, due to complications or health problems. On the other hand, you must not underfeed them. It is not the right way to take of your pet pig. There are breeders and owners who underfed their pigs to maintain their size. Yet, it is not true and can only make them ill. Follow any feeding program or the diet that your mini pig must undergo.
Micro Pigs Diet
  Soil and Grass Grazing – Time to time, allow your pet pig to visit your garden. This gives the little creature an opportunity to root in soil and grazing on grasses. Make sure that the grasses are not treated with chemicals or fertilizer.
  Feeds for Dog food and cat food are usually fed for mini pigs. However, they do not meet the nutritional requirements that the pigs need. It must be high in fiber and low in calories. Providing those feeds for commercial pigs will promote weight gain and suffer from health complications due to overweight.
  Grass Hay – Grass hay is part of the pigs’ diet. This should be their main diet. You can purchase this from the nearest farm in your area or from an animal shop, if available.
  Fresh Water – Water should be available for your mini pig at all times. A pail, a bucket or a bowl of water would do.
  Fruits and Vegetables – Mini pigs can be taught of tricks. You can give them with fruits and vegetables as a reward or a treat.
  Feed Supplements – They can also be anemic at some times. That is why it is required to have your micro pig brought to a vet for some shots to track their health. Your veterinarian can offer an iron tablet that could help with the said condition.
Make sure you prepare a high quality feed for your miniature pig. If underfeeding is not advised, so is overfeeding. Mini pig food must be low in protein and as much as possible set a schedule. Feed them in the morning then after 12 hours, you can feed them again.
​What You Need to Know Before Buying a Mini Or Micro Pig
Mini pigs are available in few countries with mini pig breeders. You can have one too by breeding mini pigs. To be successful in breeding micro pigs, you need to follow the appropriate procedure. If you are not into breeding, you can look for a reputable breeder to whom you can buy a pet pig. You would be able to contact them directly and even get to visit the parents of the piglets. It sounds so easy to have a mini pig. However, there are considerations before you can have one. Breeders will not sell out their pigs, unless you are familiar on taking care of them.
When your pocket is ready to hand out the cash needed to take home a new pet, find out first if you yourself is ready with the things you need to have it. Have you asked yourself first what you need to have a mini pig?
  Are pigs allowed in your area?
Visit your municipal office and verify whether pigs are allowed. City zoning does not allow pigs even they are mini, they do not consider them as pets. Your neighbor might report it to the authorities when they discover you are keeping a pig in your house.
  Do you have the loyalty to be an owner of a mini pig?
Your commitment is needed to own one. Naïve buyers tend to abandon their pet pigs once they reach their mature weight of about 150 to 200 pounds. A lifespan of pig is within 12 – 15 years, while some last for 20 years. It means, adopting or taking care of a pig is not a short-term commitment.
  Do you go out for a walk, or exercise?
Pigs are lazy most of the time. If they are not doing any activities that can interest them, they can be aggressive. So, consider yourself a qualified owner of a micro pig if you like to go out for a walk or exercise. Bring your pet with you for a daily leash-led walk. These can prevent them from gaining excessive weight.
  Any other pets at home?
They are one of the pets that you should not left alone at home. They need company to play with. If you have a small garden, that would be perfect. Your pet pig can go along with your other pets and can have fun together in there. On contrary, you should be protective for any dog attacks.
  Do you know how to take care of a pig?
Pigs are also considered one of the cleanest pet. The same as dogs, they need to be groomed too. They can stumble on mud, graze and root the grass in your garden. A micro pig’s must have their ears cleaned, tusk cut, and trimmed hooves. Your pet also needs to visit a veterinarian for its regular shots. Proper diet is a must. Neither human food nor dog food is allowed to be fed for pigs. Choose from miniature pig food available in the market nowadays. Do not over feed your pig, as there are owners who want to keep them miniature, it isn’t true. It will only result to illness or a disease of your pig.
  Is your home secured?
Yes they are clean. They will not leave any mess on where they sleep. Pigs can be checking on your trash sometimes. So, ensure the trash cans and the cabinets locked. With children at home, let them know your rules and regulations especially not to play too rough with the micro pig.
Just like owning a dog and a cat or any other pet, there always considerations. A micro pig was purposely bred to have a smaller size of it as a pet. Remember, pigs are also animals and they need a loving owner to take care with them while they are living.
What is a micro pig?
A micro pig is miniature size of pig about knee length or smaller than that. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs or DEFRA of UK defines it as a pig developed through selective breeding to produce smaller version than those produced for commercial use.
What is the difference between micro pig and mini pig?
There is no difference between the two. Micro pig, mini pig, teacup pig, micro mini and pint size pig, are different names that refers to miniature pig.
Where the micro pigs did came from?
The medical research started in Europe and was later introduced as pets in the United States during the 80’s.
Who was the first person to produce a micro pig?
Chris Murray from Europe is the original breeder. It took him and his wife at least 9 years to successfully produce miniature pigs.
Do micro pigs grow?
Yes, they do. Some suggests they should be underfed to maintain their smaller size, but they were bred to produce a healthy and good nature pig.
How tall does a micro pig grow?
There is no specific length on how tall they grow, but they are around knee height at maturity or even higher or smaller possibly. It varies with their breed and by taking at look at their parents. Do not be persuaded with pictures and sayings their pigs do not grow any bigger.
How long do they live?
Miniature pigs projected lifespan is between 15 – 20 years, especially if they are fed and cared very well.
Are there different breeds I could choose from?
Yes. The first ever produced was the Vietnamese Pot Belly pig. However in the later years, more breeds were bred. Kunekune, Juliani, African Pygmy, Ossabaw Island and Yucatan Pig, just to name a few.
Can I own a micro pig?
You can, but it is not that simple. There are strict requirements you need to adhere to before the sellers can consider selling one for you. A Pig Herd Number or a County Parish Holding number is needed. Whenever you do not have one, you can ask the breeder if they can help you.
How much does it cost to buy a micro pig?
It depends with the chosen breed. Usually they start at $350 – up and the lighter the weight makes it more expensive. There are breeders who sells mini pigs in pair too.
Where can I buy a mini pig?
You need to look for a reputable breeder. Find websites that are approved and where you can see the parents of the piglets. It is best to directly contact the breeder. If possible you can visit their place, set an appointment with them.
What should I feed my micro pigs with?
Micro pigs follow a strict diet. You should not provide them a scrap foods or leftovers. Serve them with fruit and vegetables and constant supply of water.
Are they clean to be kept indoors?
Yes, pigs are clean. Provide them an access to go outside and choose a place for toilet. They do not mess around their sleeping area.
Micro Pigs: The New Trends for Celebrities
Micro pigs are famous, but that is not all that. They have become more famous when Hollywood celebrities and British personalities were seen on down town carrying a piglet, not just one but a pair of mini pigs. It has attracted more naïve buyers to get one too. You really can’t blame them for the first look of the little pigs, they are cute.
As the pigs are the most preferred animal for medical research, the mini pigs have become the must-have accessories among celebrities.
Rupert Grint, known as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter movie, treated his sister with a pair of mini pigs for her birthday. One is color ginger and the other is black. He bought the two piglets from Jane Croft, one of the famous breeders in England. Unfortunately, one of his pet pigs named Oscar died before he turned 22.
Paris Hilton, the multi-million heiress does not want to be left behind. She has Chihuahua, ferrets, bunnies, and a parrot on her home and added a pot belly pig. PETA has even criticized Paris for her collection of animals, yet it did not stop her. She announced on her Twitter account when she purchased a micro pig that she named as Miss Pigelette. She was invited to be a guest in Ellen’s TV show and brought her pet pig for everyone to see. She spent around $4500 to have one of the designer’s pet pigs that she got from a breeder in Oregon
George Clooney bought Max, the name of his pot-bellied pig, for his girlfriend Kelly Preston last 1998. When her girlfriend left, Max sleeps beside him on his bed. Max grew bigger and had an average weight of 300 pounds and lived for 18 years together with him. Sadly, Max died last 2006.
Other TV personalities like Victoria Beckham, who bought a pair of the mini pigs amounting $2,266 for her husband as a Christmas present; Charlotte Church has also a pair, and Jessica Simpson. Mini pigs are new trends for celebrities. It is not a surprise since the little creatures are intelligent and clean.

Why Owning Micro Pigs is Fun and Totally Worth It

When you heard of the word pig, people would normally imagine an exotic animal rolling in the mud. But, with the arrival of micro pigs, this notion has changed. Over recent years, keeping small pigs as pets have become hugely popular. And these tiny creatures have become a craze for pet lovers across the globe.

Micro pigs have been popular for the last 50 years when Vietnamese pot bellied pigs were used in medical research specifically in the fields of pharmacology, aging and toxicology. With their size, these mini pigs are easier to work with compared to larger farm pigs who usually weigh around 1000 pounds. Way back, these exotic tiny creates became zoological attraction because of their unusual appearance. Since then, the trend in pet pigs started.
Today, micro pigs are one of the “in” pets to own. Like cats and dogs, micro pigs are affectionate and can quickly adapt to new surroundings. In addition, they are easy to maintain. If you are thinking of getting a new member to the family, below is detailed information that will help you in your quest to acquiring this cute companion.
Micro piglets are the product of cross breeding between Gloucester Old Spot and Miniature Pot Bellied. Genetically bred to be small, they are bred generation by generation to select the smallest of the litter.

Micro Pig Facts:


-Micro pigs or teacup piglets weigh only 9 ounces at birth.
-Micro piglets stand 12 to 16 inches tall when full grown.


-They weigh between 30 and 65 pounds when full grown.

Apart from their small stature, micro pigs make popular pets because:
•They are intelligent, loyal and affectionate.
•They are simply adorable.
•Micro pigs are sociable and friendly.
•They are low maintenance.
•Micro pigs don’t make much noise.
•They can be house trained.
•Contrary to belief, micro pigs are very clean and never mess in their bedding.
•Micro pigs are great alternative pets for people with allergies.
•They do not carry fleas.

How to take care of your micro pigs:

Micro pigs have a lifespan between 15 to 20 years. Like human beings, they need food, shelter, love and care to survive. Before bringing home your new pet, it is important to piggy proof your house. Remove breakable objects and electric cords because pigs are curious by nature that they tend to get into anything within their reach.


-Provide your micro pig a basket with blanket for comfort and protection. Also, prepare a safe outdoor area for fresh air and sunlight.

-A shady place is required for your pig to cool down should the weather gets hot.
-Do not forget to clean your pig’s own space on a daily basis.


-Use an appropriate feed for your micro pig. Since micro pigs skyrocketed as household pet, food specially formulated for them grow in abundance too. Feed your micro piglet the appropriate food to ensure your micro pig gets the proper nutrition it needs. In addition, observe proper diet as micro pigs are prone to obesity which can cause serious health problems. Special pig feeds can be bought online and from your local pet shops.

-A standard micro pig should be fed 1/2 cup of pig feed for every 25 pounds of body its weight.
-Supply your micro pig’s daily diet with fresh vegetables like potato, carrots, celery and cucumber.
-You can also give your micro pet treats such as apples, pears, or grapes. However, fruits should be limited due to its high calorie content.
-Avoid feeding your micro pig foods with high salt content.
-Provide your micro pig a bowl of clean water every day.


-Take your micro pig outside for a walk at least once or twice daily to stay healthy and fit. Daily exercise prevents your pet from becoming lazy and aggressive.
-Be sure to provide your micro piglet a designated area to dig and root.

Skin Care

-Use baby oil, cream oils, or baby lotion to moisturize your micro pig’s skin.


-Your micro piglet needs a regular bath especially during hot weather. Use a mild soap and shampoo to avoid irritating its skin and eyes.

Vet visit and check up

-Like any pet, your micro pig needs a thorough and regular check up for vaccinations, or neutering. Look for and arrange an appointment with a certified veterinarian who has proven experience with pigs.

-Iron injections should be given as micro piglets are prone to becoming anemic. Consult your vet on the proper amount that should be administered.

-Have your micro piglet de-wormed once every 4 to 6 months.
– Regular visit to an animal doctor is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about your micro pig’s proper care, training and diet.


-It is a good idea to give your micro piglet an array of toys as they are the happiest when in an enriched environment with toys to play with.

Things to consider before buying your micro piglet:

1.Check first the zoning in your neighborhood if a pig is allowed. Or, you may check with your cities’ zoning board to know if you are allowed to keep a micro pig in your area.

2.Find a reputable breeder to provide you all the after sales advice and information including the history of the micro pig’s breeding, vaccination and worming record and care information sheet.

3.Cost of raising your micro piglet; micro piglet price, food, maintenance and medical care (vaccinations and shots)

4.Willingness to commit. If you are one of those with busy work schedule or limited time, owning a micro piglet is not for you. This lovely pet needs a lot of attention. In addition, a micro pig has a life span of 15 to 20 years, so your commitment to take care of tiny piglet is a must for your pet to remain healthy and fit.

Even Holywood celebrities cannot resist the charm of micro pigs. From its humble beginning as an ordinary scientific research animal, micro pigs are the newest craze to hit United Kingdom and America. Paris Hilton, Rupert Grint, Charlotte Church, David Beckham and Gavin Henson are just a few of the micro pig pet owners.

If you are considering buying a micro teacup pig, do your own research. Likewise, be prepared for the attention and time that your pet will need. Given proper care and love, you are guaranteed of an intelligent, loving and loyal pet.

Micro Pigs- the new popular pet