There are healthy and nutritional choices available for mini pig food. These little pigs are always hungry. You will rarely see them contented with food and getting away from it unless they become sick. The animals have to be given perfect diet as overfeeding or underfeeding can shorten their lifespan. The major goal of keeping the mini pigs is to keep a check over their health stats and food consumption.

Pigs are omnivorous animals and their meals can come from different sources. Homeowners make use of the pet food pallets and the blended food to give the preferred diet for their pigs. Pigs are naturally active animals with natural dietary options for their all-round development. There is a fixed time interval for the pigs to serve them food. The pot-bellied pig pellets are manufactured by the companies including Purina Nature’s Match, Mazuri, Country Feeds, Manna Pro etc. These feeds are meant for meeting the nutritional needs of minipigs. The recommended serving size of the pig food varies according to their age, weight, and breed. The food can be formulated to fulfill the supplemental meals for vegetables, salads, grains, fruits, grazing, and other necessary elements. Each pig will have its own metabolism rate and would act differently for food items as per its choice and physical requirement.

How to feed and how much?

You need to keep a watch over the pig eyes, skin, behavior and body stats. Start with the basic recommendation (1-2 percent of the body weight pallets). You can add the supplemental meals which include leafy vegetables (cooked or raw), salads or any form of healthy food recommended by the veterinary doctor. If your pig’s shape is changing and it is becoming too fat, it would be better to keep a check over their body shape and change their diet.

Grazing is a part of the nature of the pigs and hence, they can be given an option to graze if there is good greenery or grass available. The food given to the pigs could symbolize love and could be given as a training reward. However, these pets are prone to becoming obese. The resultant excessive weight and fat can affect the overall health and there could be issues like overall health, compromised eyesight, mobility, and heart strain. Once the pig becomes obese, it is difficult to get rid of it. The extra treats can be reduced and the daily food offering can be limited if the baby pig starts becoming fat.

Underfeeding is also very dangerous for the baby pig. Mini pigs need nutrients in their body and maintain the activity levels to become healthy. The bones of piggy should never be felt and lower feeding can even cause permanent damage to organs of the pigs. This could even make the lifespan shorter and hamper the life of the pig.

A sample of the healthy mini pig daily meal plan

The recommended pellets as per the weight of the pig can be split into two or more feeds. The owners feed their pigs well and split the allowance to 3 or more feeds per day. There are feeds dispensed by the toys and even spread over the pellets into the rooting rug, sleeping area and rooting box for enriched dining. The skin of baby pigs becomes dry very soon as it forms hair on the body. The coconut oil massage can work well for the pig. The addition of a teaspoon of coconut in the diet can make their skin healthy. The consumption of yogurt can even promote the health of mini pig.

A mixture of greens and cooked/raw vegetables and fruits can work well for the pig. They require a good protein content and the portion size for the pig could be given in a way to fulfill their body needs. Training rewards and daily treats could be given in the form of vegetables, whole grains, popcorns, and almost any way. Fruits and dry fruits recommended by the vet can be given in a moderate amount.

Certain foods to avoid

Dog and cat food should never be given to the pigs. These foods have different needs and could be deadly for the pig. Pigs don’t require a lot of sodium in the diet and hence, it is never preferable to give them food designed for dogs or cats.

The high sugar content, simple or refined carbs (white bread, rolls, potatoes, chips, sugary items) should never be given to the pigs. The special occasions are acceptable and the pigs should not be given high-fatty food.

Calculate the Pig Diet amount (max 2% of body weight)

  • Determine the adequate weight for the pig. If the pig weighs 150 pounds, you can feed him according to their ideal weight of diet plan each day.
  • The correct nutritional balance: If the pig is 150 pounds, it could be given a maximum of 3 pounds which is approximately 6 cups a day.

The meal can be distributed as per the schedule of the owner to feed their pig. Pigs are very smart and would demand food very often. Whenever you are eating anything, they would be very much willing to get it. They also creep into the drawers and almirahs in the search of food. Childproofing your furniture would be very essential to keep the pigs away from upsetting your kitchen cabinets.

If you stay away from the home during the daytime, the pig could be given food once and you can give them the second meal after returning the home.  Keep a water bowl near their bedding to keep them hydrated during the day. They will love you for anything you do for them. It is essential to train your pigs, in the beginning, to keep them well-behaved. Giving them food should be in your hands and they should not make attempts to self-feed. You can discuss with your breeder and veterinary expert for their opinion on the best diet for your micro piggy.

Proper diet for Mini Pigs