Teacup pigs are very trendy when it comes to keeping them as pets. These are intelligent creatures and make good pets. The main problem that the owners face is related to their size. Their name suggests that they remain small-sized forever but in actual, they grow up to be very large. These pigs have a fairly long lifespan which can extend up to 20 years and their growth rate is quite high. In a period of a few years, they can become very large sized. Therefore, the question that arises is that how big a teacup pig can actually get?

Pigs reach their actual adult size when they are 5-6 years old. A one-year-old pig can weigh up to 70 pounds on an average. People estimate their size seeing the size of the parents. In actual, the parent pigs have also not yet reached adulthood and they tend to grow even after that. The reason being pigs become sexually active at a very young age and can breed. When the pig grows up to be very large, then many owners abandon them because it comes as a shock for them too and it is definitely not an easy task to handle a large animal well within the house

There are cases where the pig acquires a weight of 200 to 300 kilograms. Having a pig so large and heavy in the house is very difficult. It requires more space and it hard to handle it efficiently since it is not possible to pick it up. If the pig then does not follow commands and tries to harm anything, it is not easy to stop it from doing so.

It may also try to bite or harm the public or private property if it becomes aggressive. Such things make it difficult for the owner to keep it at home and thus they have to be given to animal rescuers. This is tough for both the pig and the owner too because of the emotional bond formed.

Malnourished pigs do stay small and that is what most of the breeders do to make the pigs look small. Doing this is very harmful to the health of the pig and its upcoming generations because malnourished pigs do not live a long life. Most people looking for a steady companion buy a mini pig owing to its long lifespan. Malnourished pigs may stay small but incur health problems quite often. This becomes a financial burden for the owner altogether because the upbringing of a pig is in itself very costly.

Therefore, every buyer must think well before buying a teacup pig because the word teacup is only an illusion and the pig will actually grow up to be large in size in its adulthood. One must consider this fact and very well keep this in mind before purchasing a pig because rendering it homeless at a later stage is a bad thing. One must choose a pet wisely and if one is ready to handle a large-sized pet, then buying a teacup pig is a good idea because after all, they do make very good pets.

How Big a Teacup Pig can get?