Teacup pigs are small creatures with a maximum weight of 100 pounds. Some people think that the weight up to 200 pounds is also fine but it goes towards the higher range. If you’ve been promised a weight of 100 pounds of your piggy, then make sure that it reaches up to that level only. Tiny pigs are the cute creatures having the size of a medium leveled dog. If the size and the weight of the dog exceeds, it will no longer look like the pretty creature you’ve seen in the pictures or YouTube videos.
Breeders usually send instructions to the pigs for sending them to the new homes. The food has to be given in accordance with the permitted levels as pigs are prone to becoming obese with overeating. There are some pet owners who misguide people for the real growth of these pigs. They claim that the teacup pig will grow up to a size of 12-15 pounds which is absolutely false. Whenever you feel that the breeders are giving you wrong information regarding their growth, just get away from the thought of getting the pet from that particular source. The piggy pets are very tiny in the beginning but grow to an adequate level with the increase in size and weight.
Teacup pigs can breed as young as an age of 3 months which means that the parents of the baby piglets will be a little grown-up piglet themselves. The pig parent sizes are not an accurate measure of how they will grow up in adulthood. It can give an idea but exact measurement can’t be done in any way. The pigs keep on growing up to 5 years of their age which isn’t a great way to determine their overall size. Those who are taking the pig to their small home or an apartment would have to be very careful in every way.
Pigs are highly in demand as pets in America and other parts of the world. These are awesome creatures to keep at home but you will have to take care of them like a pig. They are quite intelligent and attractive in their own way. They can be trained to learn basic tricks and cues. They have a surprising wit and can please people with their unique personality. Living with this small animal is very easy as they can adjust well into your environment. Some pigs don’t meet the expectations of their masters and that could be just because they are not given proper time and are not trained well during their childhood. The initial stages are very important to handle for the pigs.
The owners must check the pig information and laws of the state in which they are residing to make sure that the pigs can actually live with you without worries. There are some places which don’t allow pigs as they are considered as farm animals. It is mandatory to check the laws beforehand to avoid any hassles later on.

Teacup pigs do exist