Different types of teacup pigs

Teacup pigs are the beautiful creatures and you’ll love them in your life. The minipigs are available in different colors and with special patterns. There are many breeders who charge extra for blue eyes or special patterns on the body of mini dogs. The price of pet ranges from $700-$2500 depending on the quality of the pet. However, apart from the outer appearance, the real adult picture of the piglets can be estimated with the picture of their parents. Many breeders keep the parents of the baby pigs nearby to give their real appearance to the new parents who are willing to get the little piggy home.

The animals are treated with a lot of care under the breeder’s supervision and they are given whole organic feed in the beginning years. The pigs are socialized and handled from the very beginning and they are given all the love. These pigs are very intelligent and understand the respect and care you’re showing them. The owners will love the experience of seeing their pigs grow. You can expect a little training from the end of the breeder as it is not wise to train the very little pigs. When the pigs will reach your home, it is easy to train them and teach them basic manners.

There are litter boxes available for the pigs who have to be kept inside an apartment. It is to make sure that the pigs remain clean and don’t spread the litter around. These tiny pigs are dewormed and weaned to solid foods after a period of time. Cleanliness matters a lot for the pigs as they are basically not prone to mites. Unlike dogs, pigs have hair on their body and are easier to manage. Males are neutered and females are spayed before going to a new home. The breeders give informational packet, pig vaccine records and other necessary documents to the new parents. You can ask your breeder for any queries or concerns about the pet.

There is a waiting time for choosing your newborn and the customer service desk of the company can let you know the exact time to wait until the arrival of baby pigs for your home. The pigs are very loving and would expect cuddling and love from their new parent. They will be attached more to one family member in the house and remain in touch with them for the maximum time. Once you give them proper time and training, these pets will get associated with you in a better way and love you even more. The pigs need a bedding and proper space for them to sleep, rest and root on their blankets. These interesting animals are very exciting and you’ll love them for everything they do. Give them appropriate food as the excess of food can make them sick and obese. Teacup pigs are very impressive in their own way. They will become very special to you and love you unconditionally for everything you do for them.