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We have the smallest teacup piglets in the World! Currently Wyoming does not have any real teacup pig breeders. The good news is, we are able to ship a piglet to your home safe and sound. We have been helping united families to their new teacup piglets for over 15 years! At Pampered Piglets we have selectively bred the smallest teacup pigs in the world, and they have gotten smaller and smaller each generation!

Don’t be fooled by cheap “mini pigs”. If you are seeing websites or advertisers selling pigs for under one thousand you will get stuck with a large pig!


Make sure you check out our teacup pigs for sale page.

Please call or text Karen at 801-376-5785 to ask about available teacup pigs. From time to time we will have older piglets available at a discount.

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Have you been trying to find teacup pigs or micro mini pigs for sale in Wyoming? Well you are in luck! Because at Pampered Piglets pigs really do fly!!! We will fly your very own teacup pig directly to you. Please go to available teacup piglets page and reserve your very own teacup piglet now! Remember at Pampered Piglets your shipping is always free!

Are you looking to learn more about Teacup Pigs, and maybe even buy one? You have come to the right place! Pamperedpiglets.com is your number one resource for all things related to Teacup Pigs. We ship to all 50 U.S. states, including the beautiful state of Wyoming. Here at pamperedpiglets.com we want to make sure each of our piglets goes to a great house with the perfect companion, which is why we would like to educate you on the proper care of Micro Pigs. There are several advantages to owning a Teacup Pig, and we are here to talk about some of them with you.
The first thing you should know about Teacup Pigs is that they require a lot of commitment if you decide to buy and raise one. Teacup Pigs have a longer life span than cats or dogs and with a lot of care, they can be your companions for 15 to 20 years. They are also very sensitive and loving creatures that need to spend plenty of time with you. If you are like many pet lovers, this will be perfect for you. There are many places in Wyoming, like State Parks, walking trails, and even camping grounds you two can visit together. You two are sure to develop a close connection over the years. Teacup Pigs do require commitment to own, but that does not mean that it is difficult to raise these tiny little beauties. Teacup Pigs are very intelligent, and are very easily trainable, just like a puppy! We know you will love having one of these adorable creatures as your very own companion.
Many people really enjoy having pigs as pets, but do not want to have one in their house, especially in more heavily populated areas. Other pigs can grow to be several hundred pounds, but the highest weight usually associated with a Teacup Pig is only twenty pounds! That means no matter where you live, from Cheyenne to Afton, a Teacup Pig is the perfect pet for a pet-owner looking for something unique! Pamperedpiglets.com is looking forward to helping you choose the perfect pig just for you.
The most frequent thing we hear back from our customers is that the Teacup Pigs are very intelligent. Some people were even able to potty train their pig in as little as a week! Dogs can take up to several weeks, and sometimes months, to potty train. Teacup Pigs can also learn their own names, just like a dog. Pamperedpiglets.com raises each of the pigs with care, ensuring we can give you a pig well on its way to becoming a mature new member of your family household.

Please check out our ‘Available Teacup Pigs for Sale’ page and you can see some of the Teacup Pigs that we currently have for sale. All of the listed prices include shipping to the gorgeous state of Wyoming, where owning a Teacup Pig is becoming more and more popular among pet lovers, even in very large towns like Cheyenne.

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Teacup Pigs in Wyoming