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We have the smallest teacup piglets in the World! Currently Virginia does not have any real teacup pig breeders. The good news is, we are able to ship a piglet to your home safe and sound. We have been helping united families to their new teacup piglets for over 15 years! At Pampered Piglets we have selectively bred the smallest teacup pigs in the world, and they have gotten smaller and smaller each generation!

Don’t be fooled by cheap “mini pigs”. If you are seeing websites or advertisers selling pigs for under one thousand you will get stuck with a large pig!


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Will My Teacup Pig Be Susceptible to Fleas?

People all over the great state of Virginia are becoming more and more aware of the benefits to having a teacup pig as a household pet. Yes, that’s right a household pet just like you would have a pet puppy or cat. They exude a lot of the companionship qualities that we normally associate with those more common pets. Because of the nature of all of these being very similar as pets we get a lot of the same questions that first time pet owners will ask. A lot of the questions revolve around if a teacup pig will bring any diseases into the house or if they are more vulnerable to certain situations because they are livestock. The answers to these questions are not that complicated and can definitely be answered to put your mind at ease. We are often asked if teacup pigs are susceptible to fleas or any other kinds of conditions that can be associated with them not being clean. We will take the rest of this article in order to clear things up in this respect and hopefully you will have some more knowledge of this subject as a whole when you are done reading this piece.

First of all, it is important to know that teacup pigs do not carry lots of hair. There are very distinct benefits to that and the biggest one is the fact that they will not be shedding all over your house like a dog or cat will. It also pretty much eliminates the ability for them to get fleas or lice. Fleas and lice breed deep within the overgrown fur of animals and because of the teacup piglets lack of hair and fur it is not a preferred destination for fleas, ticks, and lice. The fact that teacup pigs do not have a lot of hair may not seem like a breaking new story to you, but it can play a pretty big role in the problems or lack there of you have to deal with which is important to a lot of prospective teacup pig owners.

As you become educated on teacup pigs you will see more and more that there are a lot of unique features that the teacup pig can provide you with as an owner. Before you jump to conclusions on different things regarding them we really recommend looking into the specifics on the issue similar to how you did with the issue of fleas and lice that you were probably questioning before reading this and now your mind is probably a little more at ease regarding it.

At pamperedpiglets.com we take pride in not only the teacup pigs that we breed and sell, but with the subject of teacup pigs as a whole. We would be happy to educate on any aspect of the subject we can and you can reach us through our website 24 hours a day if you have any questions.

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