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Teaching Your Teacup Pig Some Manners

As people in Vermont become more and more aware of having teacup pigs as pets we see an influx on how to handle them as household pets. From Rutland to Burlington we know people who have contacted us through our website at with general questions regarding their teacup pigs. One thing to keep in mind about a teacup pig in general is the fact that from day one you need to treat a teacup pig like a normal pet. Why would you treat them any different? They are pets that become members of your family just like more conventional household pets such as dogs or cats. The thing to remember about pigs and more specifically teacup pigs is that they are very intelligent animals. Just like people who become bored when teacup pigs become bored they will generally look for something to do. The difference with teacup pigs is that when they look for something else to do it can involve them getting into a little bit of mischief. This is why it is best to engage them in activities whenever possible.

If you give your teacup pig to much freedom and just let them run all over the place then they will likely do so. You need to set boundaries with them just like you would do with a dog. Although it may be challenging at first you will be surprised at how quick teacup pigs in particular will respond to you. They will respect your wishes as an owner and will be obedient once they know exactly what you expect from them. It is all about first setting those ground rules though. You may not like the idea of reprimanding your pet, but hey if it comes to it, you have to do it. You will likely only have to do it once and your teacup will absorb the info and move on.

You will also want to give those toys and other things so they can focus their energy on something other than the valuable things around your house. All pets have energy at times and teacup pigs are no different. Teacup pigs can become enamored with small to medium size balls and can spend hours innocently playing with them. For times they get a bit more aggressive you can give them old newspapers and magazines which can be a great way for them to get out all of that negative energy without destructing anything that is of any importance to you.

At we raise well behaved teacup pigs, but it is common for there to be a bit of an adjustment period when their environment changes. Teacup pigs are very resilient, intelligent, and have the ability to adapt in all different kinds of environments. You will be pleasantly surprised at the lack of time it takes for them to get up to speed. We encourage all Vermont residents to check out our teacup pigs and please keep in mind we safely deliver to the great state of Vermont as well.

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