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We have the smallest teacup piglets in the World! We are located in Utah; we are able to ship a piglet to your home safe and sound. We have been helping united families to their new teacup piglets for over 15 years! At Pampered Piglets we have selectively bred the smallest teacup pigs in the world, and they have gotten smaller and smaller each generation!

Don’t be fooled by cheap “mini pigs”. If you are seeing websites or advertisers selling pigs for under one thousand you will get stuck with a large pig!


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Please call or text Karen at 801-376-5785 to ask about available teacup pigs. From time to time we will have older piglets available at a discount.

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Reasons Why Teacup Pigs are Ideal Pets

You probably found yourself clicking on this article because on some level you are interested in hearing more about teacup pigs. At pamperedpiglets.com we specialize in the raising of teacup pigs as well as being an excellent source of information for everything about the teacup pigs. Residents of Utah more and more each day are coming around to the idea of owning teacup pigs as pets. For some people, when they hear the word pig they automatically associate it with them living on some kind of farm. That used to be the case, but as you will see in your internet searches they are becoming more prevalent as household pets more and more everyday. We have written this article to give you an idea of some of the ways and reasons why teacup pigs can really be the ideal household pets.

When you think of pigs do you automatically associate them with being dirty? If so, then you will probably like to know that as compared to their fully grown counterparts, teacup pigs are very easily trained and just as clean as other traditional household pets. You will actually find that teacup pigs are even easier to train than more conventional pets such as dogs or cats. It is not unheard of to fully potty train one to go outside to go to the bathroom within 2 weeks of first training them.

People want their pets to be able to play with them. Just like the pet, the owner is looking for a certain level of companionship in the relationship between pet and owner. This bonding between the two often starts during the time when the owner begins playing with the pet. Teacup pigs are great because they are overall very intelligent and can pickup on things quicker just like a dog can. It can be fun to see your pet develop right in front of you in these two areas and to see them blossom as they get older.

Are you the type of person that will be looking to bring your pet around and have them socialize with friends and family? If so, teacup pigs are known to be very endearing to visitors or when they meet new people in general. Some pets can have their guard up initially and besides for their owner they may never warm up to anyone. This can be uncomfortable for an owner of a pet and is something you do not have to worry about when raising a teacup pig.

While no pet is ideal 100% of the time, teacup pigs are probably as close as it gets for a household pets. People from Utah are taking advantage of pamperedpiglets.com to help them make informed decisions when deciding if teacup pigs are right for them. At pamperedpiglets.com we are committed to our piggies, so please do not hesitate contacting us 24 hours a day through our website.

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