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We have the smallest teacup piglets in the World! Currently Texas does not have any real teacup pig breeders. The good news is, we are able to ship a piglet to your home safe and sound. We have been helping united families to their new teacup piglets for over 15 years! At Pampered Piglets we have selectively bred the smallest teacup pigs in the world, and they have gotten smaller and smaller each generation!

Don’t be fooled by cheap “mini pigs”. If you are seeing websites or advertisers selling pigs for under one thousand you will get stuck with a large pig!


Make sure you check out our teacup pigs for sale page.

Please call or text Karen at 801-376-5785 to ask about available teacup pigs. From time to time we will have older piglets available at a discount.

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Teacup pig

Have you been thinking about buying and raising a Teacup Pig? More and more people are choosing these adorable animals as pets, and here at pamperedpiglets.com we are the number one resource for all things related to Teacup Pigs. We ship to all 50 states, including the proud state of Texas. We don’t just breed and ship pigs to Texas; we hope to thoroughly educate people on the basics of raising and caring for Teacup Pigs the right way. There are several benefits associated with owning one of these lovable creatures and we are here to share some of them with you plain and simple. By the end you will see why owning a Teacup Pig in Delaware is such a wonderful and unique experience.
First of all, we think it’s important you know that while it isn’t hard to raise a Teacup Pig, it does take commitment and time. Teacup Pigs have a long life expectancy (raised with proper care, they can live up to 15-20 years), and they are very loving, sensitive creatures that need someone to spend time with them. If you are like many pet-owners, this will be perfect for you, and you will be glad to start bonding with your Teacup Pig right away. You can take your pig with you any place that is pet friendly, like rodeos and festivals, and even outdoor restaurants that allow your animal friends to join you! Your Teacup Pig will make you the envy of all your friends.

Another main reason people choose Teacup Pigs is their relatively smaller size. A lot of people love pigs, and they’re easy to care for in rural areas with more room, but hard to care for in bigger places like Dallas or Austin because they can grow to be several hundred pounds. Teacup Pigs usually don’t grow larger than twenty pounds, which makes it much easier to raise them, even if you live in Houston! This smaller size means that it is very easy to take your pig with you to places like the Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston, or the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin. Anywhere you want to go that is pet-friendly, you can bring your piggy to spend time with you!

Teacup Pigs are highly intelligent animals, which makes them easy to train. Our most frequent feedback comment from our customers is how easy it was to potty-train their pig. In some reports, it took as little as a week! Dogs can often take several weeks and sometimes several months to potty train! Pamperedpiglets.com raises pigs with care so we know we’re giving you a piglet well on its way to becoming a mature member of your family.
Please check out the ‘Available Teacup Pigs for Sale’ page and you can see some of the Teacup Pigs that we currently have for sale. All of our prices include shipping to the great state of Texas, where owning a Teacup Pig is becoming more and more popular among pet lovers, even in very large towns like Houston.


Teacup pigs in Texas- Worlds Smallest!