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Raising a Teacup Pig Takes Commitment

Some of the very best questions we get at revolve around the most basic concepts of teacup pig ownership. We recently received a question from one of our many friends from the great state of North Carolina and we thought that the question was so relevant that it earned its own post. The inquiry revolved around an overview of what it took to raise a teacup pig and information on the commitment involved. We were very impressed that this particular North Carolina native was asking these insightful questions in advance rather then learning and getting things cleared up on the fly which is common with all types of pet ownership not just teacup pigs. Whenever we raise anything from an early age it does require a level of commitment. More of the work involved will have to be done upfront so that precedent and boundaries are set for the future. If you think that teacup pigs will require no work in order to get them assimilated to your house then it is probably best that you are mature enough to know that owning one probably isn’t for you. If you are up to the responsibility then the rest of the piece will definitely be of value to you.

Most people who end up buying teacup pigs are initially drawn in with how cute they are. What you want to avoid is buying one of them based on emotion. Please make sure you take the time to research what it will take to actually raise one. Training the teacup pig, picking up after it and feeding the teacup pig are just some of the general things that come with owning any pet and a teacup pig is no different. When you get that teacup pig delivered that is when the real world kicks in. The faster you can get them used to living in your house and according to your lifestyle the sooner you can really enjoy all of those cute features about their personality that initially drew them to you. All of the work you do up front to train the teacup pig will be worth it in the long run. We can promise you that.

Make sure that you are also clear with the fact that when you first get the teacup pig in your house that it needs affection and attention at first at the same level you would give attention to a dog or cat. The last thing you will want to do in the initial stages is leave it alone for days at a time. You want to develop the companionship aspect of your relationship and that can only be achieved over time of direct contact and cannot be manufactured. This may go without saying for a lot of you, but you would be surprised at how many people gloss over this factor and start off so far behind the eight ball in this respect that it is hard to ever recover.

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