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Choosing the Proper Kennel for Your Teacup Pig

Hello, New Hampshire! We had someone from Nashua contact us with a question we thought we would address in article form because it is not the first time we have gotten a question regarding this topic.

At we get a good amount of questions in regards to how to care for teacup pigs. We are always happy to educate people on teacup pigs as much as possible by the way.

Question for you: Where will you put your teacup pig when you go on vacation?

This is something that unfortunately people do not ask until they are at the point where they are about to go away. Just like any other pet you will need to find a kennel in New Hampshire to keep your teacup pig. Either that or you can have someone babysit your teacup pig. This article though will give you some guidance on how to find a kennel in your area to watch for your prized possession while you are enjoying a vacation or time away from house.

First, you want to search for kennels in your local area. After you get a list of kennels that look good to you that is only the first part of the process. When dealing with kennels, it is important for you to go visit them in person before you ever leave your pet with them. Think of how bad you will feel if you end up leaving your beloved pet somewhere where he is miserable. They could also have long lasting effects mentally from a place you sent them that was less than desirable. These are all situations that you obviously want to avoid at all costs. When you visit the kennel facility, take a walk around and take notice of the cleanliness and the overall happiness of the animals that are already staying there. If you are visiting a kennel that is empty that may be a red flag that you may want to look elsewhere for a place to keep your pet. Make sure you get it clearly outlined and cover how they will take care of your teacup pig in particular.

Do not just assume that every kennel will know how to care for teacup pigs. While they are becoming more popular they are by no means commonplace. Most kennel owners will be upfront with you if they can’t provide adequate care for any animal because they all generally have a love for animals and would never want to even risk mistreating them.

After you are satisfied from an overall quality point of view you will want to get an overview from the kennel as to their charges and the minimum occupancy that is required. Have more questions in regards to kennels and teacup pigs? We can provide you with more detailed information on the topic or on any other topic related to teacup pigs. Contact us at, we love to hear from people from New Hampshire!

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