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Teacup Pigs for sale in Nevada

Welcome to We are one of the top teacup pigs breeders in the US and supply our piglets throughout the United States and Canada from our base in Utah. Customers come to us looking for micro nano pigs and micro Juliana pigs and we never disappoint them thanks to the quality of our breeding. If you are looking for teacup pigs for sale in Nevada, then you have come to the right place. We have deep knowledge in breeding the tiniest of miniature pigs and selling them to clients throughout the US. If you still unsure on whether to invest to these gorgeous micro pigs and are just interested in learning more information about our pampered piglets, then you can just read on and discover why teacup pigs are so trendy and popular with many pet lovers.

So what are teacup pigs? Why are they so popular? Will you derive some benefits from keeping teacup pigs as pets? We will answer all your questions and let you understand why teacup pigs are such amazing pets. They have come from the cross breeding of four pig breeds including the pot bellied, the Tamworth, the Kune Kune and the Gloucester pig breeds. Their popularity has no less been a result of their miniature sizes. Having tiny pets has always been every pet owner’s dream but the love affair often dissipates as soon as the pet grows too big. has a miniature boar that is used for breeding our top quality teacup pigs. We can almost guarantee that our pigs will grow no more than 14 inches and weigh no more than 18-20 pounds. They are gorgeous creatures with tiny little snouts and intelligent kind looking eyes.

We all love them for their intelligence. They are easy to potty litter box train. At, it takes just a few weeks to do that. If you imagine the pain it takes to train your dog, then you can understand why our teacup pigs will be a big boon to you as a companion. They are also quite clean. Well when you think of a pig, you are probably imagining the picture of a messy pig that rolls in the mud for fun. Micro pigs are not quite as messy. They are also flea-free, unlike dogs. So you can cuddle them and keep them close without much risk.

Because they love so much attention, you will have to give them attention. They need companions. They are also attention freaks and you have to give them a good deal loving care. You can cuddle and pet them. You can also teach them new skills which they love learning. In a nutshell, if you want to have one of these miniature pigs as your companion, you must be prepared to devote some of your time to taking good care of them. They hate loneliness.
Teacup pigs are perfect for people who are allergic to furry animals. Because they are non shedding and hypoallergenic, you can keep them without worrying about any complications. They have very long life expectancy and with our quality of breeding, our macro nano or micro Juliana teacup pigs can live as long as 18 or 20 years. You therefore don’t have to worry about losing one too soon. So prepare yourself for some long term commitments with our well bred teacup pigs.

Shipping of Teacup Pigs to Nevada will ship your teacup pigs for free. Browse through our available teacup pigs for sale and choose your favorite as your pet. We have both competitive pricing and professional shipping services to ensure our teacup pigs arrive to your house in Nevada in perfect shape ready to enjoy life in your house as the newest member in your family.

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Teacup Pigs in Nevada