Teacup Pigs in Mississippi

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Pamperedpiglets.com is one of the major teacup pig breeders for pet lovers in Mississippi. Pet lovers love us not just because of our cute and gorgeous mini pigs but for our knowledge and experience in breeding, training and delivering these little beauties in the 50 states in the US. Teacup pigs are something of a global craze today because they have such admirable qualities that many pet lovers just can’t resist. They are a fairly new addition to our favorite pets list. There are many reasons why adding a teacup pig to your pet family will be such a good idea. At pamperedpiglets.com, we will not only sell the best pampered piglets to you but also provide you with some great information on how to care of these fantastic little piggies.

These tiny nippy little piggies emerged thanks to the efforts of several breeders in the UK and then in the US. The Kune Kune, Tamworth, pot bellied and the Gloucester pigs were bred over a few generations to produce the famous teacup pigs. Unlike the standard farm pigs, they are very tiny. The litters weigh just 9oz and are only 5inches tall. When fully grown, they weigh no more than 20 pounds and no taller than 14 inches. We breed some of the tiniest micro nano and micro Juliana pigs, thanks to our boars that weigh no more than 9lbs. When you buy teacup pigs from Pamperedpiglets.com, you can be assured you are buying a miniature pig that will remain a pet for many years to come. You don’t have to worry about dropping them at an orphanage because it is no longer practical to keep them as pets. Teacup pigs have tiny cute little snouts that will just blow you away. They also have big ears and beautiful eyes and they generally keep very clean.

You will be amazed at the ease with which you can train them because they are very intelligent. Don’t shy away from teaching them new tricks whether it is curtsying, golfing, sitting, rolling, playing dead or fetching. It is also very easy to potty train them. It takes just us just a few days to potty litter box train them. If you can imagine the pain of training your dog, then you can understand why we all love the teacup pigs.

Their acute intelligence also means that they love a lot of attention. They are attention freaks and love being entertained and cuddled and played with. If you leave them alone for long, then they will get bored and they can get somewhat antisocial when bored. So if you are buying one of our miniature pampered piglets, ensure that you can spare some time to play with them and show them tricks. Keeping a teacup pig is a commitment. Since they live very long lives, it is important to understand that this will be a long term commitment that will give you and your family lot of joy and happiness.

If you are worried about being allergic, then the teacup pigs are the perfect pets since they are hypoallergenic. They are non-shedding and have hair instead of fur. This makes them a perfect choice if you are asthmatic or have allergic reactions related to our furry companions like dogs, rabbits and cats.

Visit our available teacup pigs for sale in Mississippi and learn why everyone in the state is talking about these fantastic miniature pigs. The shipping fee has been accounted on the prices listed. All you have to do is choose your tiny companion and we will be rushing to the airport to deliver him/her to your Mississippi house in great condition and in the shortest time possible.

Teacup Pigs in Mississippi