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Teacup Pigs in Minnesota

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Are you one of those people who are impressed with Teacup pigs and are interested in learning more about these pretty tiny piggies? Or maybe you are interested in taking one house as your pet? breeds and sells the miniature pigs throughout the United States and Canada. We ship our teacup pigs from our base in Utah to Minnesota for free. We have good experience breeding, training and selling these little beauties. Our miniature pigs are known for their small size, typically weighing about 20 pounds when fully grown. So what is it about teacup pigs that make them so popular with many of the pet lovers in Minnesota? Where do they come from? can someone get hold of one?

If thousands of questions like these are racing through your head regarding these little adorable pigs then let help you with our teacup pigs 101. These pets are a fairly recent addition having emerged just a few years ago. They came about from the cross breeding of the pot bellied pigs, the Kune Kune, the Tamworth and the Gloucester pig breeds. They are more popular for their tiny minuscule sizes with the young ones typically the size of your ordinary teacup. Apart from their miniature size, the teacup pigs are loved for many reasons. They have tiny wrinkled snouts and “kind” looking eyes. As we will see soon, they have other admirable features that make them our all rounded favorite 21st century pets.

Pigs have always been kept at house as pets although many have ended up in orphanages having grown too big to be accommodated as pets. We love pigs for their intelligence and their gentle nature. The teacup pigs are just as intelligent and gentle but in a smaller size. We call our breed the “nano” size because they are ultra small teacup pigs weighing just 20 pounds when fully grown and with a height of not more than 14 inches. Their acute intelligence means that they can be toilet trained in a matter of one week. You can also house train them easily to adapt to their new surroundings.
Teacup pigs hate loneliness. So if you are planning to grab one from, then you must be ready for the long term commitment that comes with it. They love being pampered and cuddled. You don’t acquire teacup pig just to lock it in a cage as you go about your life. They are looking for more than a house; they are looking for companionship. They also love learning new tricks, so don’t hesitate to teach the pigs new tricks.

For those who are allergic to their furry companions, teacup pigs are non-shedding and hypoallergenic. So you don’t have to worry about fur induced allergic reactions. They have skin and hair which makes them perfect companions for those with allergic reactions.
They also have a very long life expectancy. So the special attachment that you develop with them will not be in vain as they will be with you for the long haul. Our breeding and rearing means that a healthy teacup pig from can live as long as 18 years if well taken care of.

Shipping of Teacup Pigs to Minnesota

Go through our teacup pigs for sale and determine your preferred gorgeous miniature pig. Many of them are as cute as a button so you will be spoilt for choice. We provide free shipping to Minnesota as our shipping fee has been bundled into the price of the teacup pigs. We will therefore take our time out and take the pigs to the airport to ensure your pet is delivered without any stress or injuries. We also provide lifetime support to our clients so make a point of calling us anytime you feel you need little information on how to take better care for your teacup pigs in Minnesota.

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Teacup pigs in Minnesota