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Do I Need to Pig Proof My Home?

People from Massachusetts are increasingly becoming more interested in having teacup pigs as pets. With the increased interest in teacup pigs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts comes questions about owning them as a whole. We use these articles as well as to clear up some general issues that can affect owners of teacup pigs. Many of the same issues that come up when you own any other kind of pet comes up when we talk about teacup pigs as household pets as well. Have you ever had to dog proof your place? If so, you know the importance of doing so because your dog can get into certain things that could potentially harm them or others. Well, you will need to take similar steps to pig proof your hose as well.

You will basically want to take similar steps you took to baby proof your house when you are pig proofing your house. The first area you will want to take care of are any cupboards that are close to the ground where the teacup pig can reach. They sell locks that will go right on the cupboard and it will be impossible for your teacup pig to get into anything they shouldn’t be into. Most of the time we tend to keep cleaning supplies in the cabinets below our sink. Think of the damage any animal would be able to do to themselves or others if they gained access to that area. After you take care of the cabinets you will want to make sure that any windows they could have access to are locked as well. Don’t laugh, but we have heard stories of household pets going right through screens and sometimes that can result in broken bones. Do you have a small teacup pig that is basically like an infant? If so, it may be a good thing to put up gates in areas of the house that you do not want them to access. This will be like a way to train them. They will eventually figure out that the areas where the gates are are places they should not be.

Do you let your pig roam outside? Most of us do, as it is really their natural habitat if you think about it. During times when you do not have you eyes on them you want to be sure that they do not run away and get lost. If you are having trouble with your pig in this respect, it may be time to put some kind of electric fence in. Once your teacup pig gets shocked one time, odds are they will learn their lesson and not be a problem again. Does that sound harsh? Well, the shock will not hurt them and it will definitely be a learning lesson for them.

This was meant to give you a little background on how to set up your house upon the arrival of your new pet. People of Massachusetts, please do not hesitate contacting us for any other teacup pig related issues through our website at

Teacup Pigs in Massachusetts

Wondering why the whole world of pet lovers and the media is crazy about teacup pigs? Or perhaps you barely know much about them and are looking for information on how to buy or rear them? We have been doing this for years and will provide you with useful information regarding these tiny and gorgeous little piggies and why they have become the hottest trends on the pet planet. breeds and sells these miniature pigs throughout the United States including Massachusetts. As a top teacup pig breeder, we also feel we have the obligation to teach the public as much as possible about these little wonder pigs. So we will provide you with as much information as possible regarding these little companions both before and after you have made your purchase.
Teacup pigs are a fairly new arrival and have emerged from the cross breeding of various pig breeds. The resulting pigs are fairly tiny, typically weighing between 20 and 50 pounds and can grow up to a height of 14inches. The young ones are about the size of a teacup, from which they derive their names. At, we have specialized in doing highly professional and standardized breeding that ensures your little piglets will remain in your house and not in an orphanage.

If you are worried about house training your pets, then stop worrying because these are some of the most intelligent pets that you will ever find. They are quick and adaptable and will learn all the new tricks that you will teach them really fast. At, it takes us merely a week to toilet train them. Can you imagine doing that with your ordinary pets? This is because our pampered pigs, like many pigs, are the fourth most intelligent species on our planet. They are even more intelligent than dogs.

The teacup pigs are also remarkably clean, unlike the standard farm pigs that are infamous for their messy behavior. They keep clean throughout and you can easily cuddle them and hold them with you all the time. Unlike dogs, they are also flea free.

These miniature pigs love a great deal of attention. Pet owners who have their eyes set on these Nano piggies must be prepared to spend a great deal of time with them and give them the attention that they crave. They hate loneliness and if you leave them alone for a long time, you will notice the boredom written all over their faces. When feeding them, ensure that you give them a balanced diet of proteins and vegetables. Our specialists at will after all advise you accordingly on how to give these mini piggies the best balanced diet.

Those allergic to fur can also relish the fact that the teacup pigs are non allergenic. They have skin and hair so you can now be a proud owner of a gorgeous tiny pet that does not trigger an allergic reaction in your body.

Shipping of Teacup Piglets to Massachusetts

Take a look at our teacup pigs for sale and you will find the various miniature pigs that are currently available. All the prices listed are inclusive of shipping and we will provide you with a professional shipping service to your Massachusetts house once you have made your purchase. Our teacup pigs are properly bread and are definitely ready to blend in as the newest member of your family in Massachusetts!

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Teacup Pigs in Massachusetts