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Teacup pigs are the newest and cutest, most cuddly pets that are sweeping the nation. More people are becoming teacup piglet owners, and it’s not a fad. People are learning that teacup pigs are highly intelligent and offer the same companionship that other pets offer. They don’t come with the requirement to purchase high-priced, prepackaged pet foods, and they don’t take forever to potty train. Teacup pigs make it easy on their owners to care for them, and they show off their smarts by catching on and learning quickly. now offers teacup pigs for sale in Maryland.

Because teacup piglets are so easy to get along with, training a teacup pig is a breeze. Teacup piglets can be trained in just a few days to use the litter box. In the fast paced world that we live in, it’s great to be able to enjoy a pet that doesn’t require a lot of time and energy to attend to. Teacup pigs are a load of fun and love to be cuddled and shown affection. You’ll be your teacup pig’s favorite person in no time, and he/she will be loyal to you.

An added bonus is that teacup pigs get along with other pets and they love children. A teacup pig would be a great choice for your household. Visit to view the available teacup piglets for sale. Choose your favorite teacup pig, and sit back and wait for him/her to arrive at your house. has teacup pigs for sale in Maryland and you should be the first to become an owner in your area. Give your friends something to talk about. A cute little teacup pig running around the house, will definitely be a conversation starter at the events that you host at your house.

​Teacup Pigs in Maryland

If you are looking for teacup pigs in Maryland, you have landed on the best page for information regarding these gorgeous little piggies. is a professional teacup pig breeder and seller based in Utah. Our goal is a teacup pig friendly movement to let everyone learn more about these miniature pigs that are driving pet lovers crazy. We breed the best of the piglets from our small brood and provide shipping services throughout the United States including Maryland.

So what is it about these gorgeous mini piggies that has kept every one hooked on the internet looking for information about them? Where do they come from? Do I get any benefits from having one as a pet? How can I acquire one? If you are asking one of these questions, then sit back and let our professional breeders at show you why the teacup pigs are the trendiest pets to have in your house.
The miniature pigs emerged from the breeding of the potbellied, Kune Kune, Tamworth and the Gloucester breeds of pigs and are easily distinguishable by their ultra small size. With the young litters typically weighing 9oz and no taller than 3 to 5 inches, they have been christened “teacup” pigs due to their ultra small size. This is what makes them adorable as pets. Even when fully grown, they rarely exceed 50 pounds with a height of at most 14 inches. At, our breeds are much smaller, typically weighing 20 pounds when fully grown. That is why we call them Nano pigs. They are little beauties with acute intelligence and will definitely warm your heart when you have them around you. You will also love their little cheeky, wrinkled snout and big ears on their small bodies.

The teacup pigs are highly intelligent animals. Toilet training them or house training them will take a relatively shorter time. At, it takes us just one week to accomplish that. Just imagine the pain you endured when house training your dog or cat. Well with these gorgeous miniature piggies, you don’t have to endure that anymore. They are fast learners and you will be thoroughly impressed by their commitment to learn new things and try new things every day. They crave the attention so don’t even think of locking them away in your house and going about your chores, oblivious of their presence. This will drive them into loneliness and boredom, which they are not used to. Being intelligent and sociable animals, they love a lot of . You can cuddle and pet them a lot and you can be assured of reciprocal love. They have a very long life expectancy so if you are acquiring a teacup pig; you must be prepared for the long term commitment. You don’t have to worry about your loveable pet dying early and leaving you heartbroken and grieving.

If you have not already done so, go through our website listing and check out the teacup pigs for sale. The teacup pigs prices listed are inclusive of shipping fee .Once you have made your purchase, you can be assured of an expedited delivery of your piggy in the most comfortable of conditions to your Maryland house. Choose one today and discover why everyone in Maryland is all crazy about the teacup piggies!


Teacup Pigs in Maryland