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For those of you who have been waiting to get a teacup pig in Delaware the wait is over! At Pampered Piglets pigs really do fly! So we will deliever your very own teacup piglet straight to you by air. Remember Shipping is always included in the price! Please go to the Available teacup piglets page to reserve your piglet today!

At Pampered Piglets Pigs really do fly!!! ‚ÄčThe Teacup pigs will be shipped in an airplane in a place that is climate controlled and noise controlled that way they can be nice and comfy and their plane trip to you!

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Is the Environment of Your Home Suitable for a Teacup Pig?

Delaware although small in area is big on their love for teacup pigs! We have many friends from the First State that we would like to say hi too and we would also like to welcome the new visitors from Delaware to our website as well. At pamperedpiglets.com we love educating our friends on the basics of owning teacup pigs. One of the aspects we find that people may sometimes overlook is making sure that the environment of their house is ready for the teacup pig when it actually gets delivered. Some people get so excited with the fact that they have finally bought one that they forget to consider the most basic aspects of almost any pet including a teacup pig. How the flooring in your house is, is it suitable for a teacup pig to get around on? You see, this is one of those things that you need to really consider that you may have not thought about. The little basic things are essentials that can really make the adjustment period longer than it has to be when you own a teacup pig.

In most modern houses there is an over abundance of wooden floors. Not that we are saying this is necessarily a bad thing, because we actually think shiny new wooden floors look great in almost any case. As it pertains to teacup pigs though they can find it very hard to get around on wooden floors as they will be slipping and sliding all over the place in most cases. An easy remedy for this problem is to just make sure those areas where you wooden floors are equipped with area rugs. This will allows your teacup pigs feet to be able to grip something as they go along and they will not have that sensation of slipping all over the place which is what we are trying to avoid. If a teacup pigs associates your entire house as being hard to get around, it can affect other areas of their behavior and may lead them to avoiding the areas where the wood floor is altogether.

Other things you can do to make the transition smoother is make sure that there are not an incredible amount of obstacles in their way as they travel around the house. Remember they are getting used to living in a new house and the opinion they have of an area the first time they walk around a certain area may be the one that sticks in their mind. Do you have an area that you want them to primarily be in? This is fine, and when they are there, make sure to reward them with healthy treats when they are in that designated area so they associate being there with that being good. That may seem basic, but it will get them where you want them to be.

Still have some environment related questions about your teacup pig? Contact us through pamperedpiglets.com and we can answer virtually any question you may ever have.

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