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​Revealing the Truths Behind the Myths on Teacup Pigs

Have you always wanted to own a pet that is as cuddly as a cat and as friendly as a dog but does not cause any allergy? While furry animals are undeniably cute, they can raise the occurrence of asthma, if you have the condition. In this case, your best option is to buy teacup pigs. Because they have hair rather than fur, you will be spared from asthma attacks or any fur-triggered allergies. What about hair fall? Well, what about it? It may be a normal and regular occurrence with people, but not as much with these tiny bundles.

However, concern for your health is not the only reason that you should own such charming pets, although it may be the most important. Another one is the fact that these beautiful animals are fast-becoming the most coveted pet all over the globe. If you are not in on the latest in Hollywood news, then you probably do not know that miniature pigs, as they are also called, are the newest craze for some of the biggest names in Tinseltown.

Paris Hilton already bought one, probably to give her puppy and parrot added company. Now, if you think chaos is likely to ensue because of the odd combinations, then you are mistaken. This is because cute piglets are known to be friendly and gentle.

Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in Harry Potter, has also joined in the craze when he also bought his very own teacup pig. Then, there is also David and Victoria Beckham who reportedly paid $2000 for a pair of micro piglets. Now the two pets are living with the couple in their mansion in Hertfordshire. Not bad, right?

With that much popularity, you could be wondering what makes these pets different from others. Instead of giving you a list of their unique features, we are giving some of the common myths about mini pigs. From them, you will gain a better understanding of these adorable creatures.

Myth 1: They will never grow bigger than a cup’s size.

They are aptly name teacup piglets because they can fit into a teacup when they are born, but they can grow up to more than 14 inches during their life span. They would also weigh heavier when they get older—between 15 and 50 pounds. So if you ever hear someone claiming untruths about these cute animals, then they may have been sadly misinformed. No one probably told them that the piglets will eventually grow bigger than a cup and will not remain tiny forever. Whatever outrage they are experiencing is a result of lack of research and knowledge.

Myth 2: They are a mutation of some kind.

Okay, they may be tiny when they are born but they are not a result of an experiment that has gone wrong, or a cross-breeding process that led to a mutation. They are actually a product of selective breeding between miniature potbellied pigs and Gloucester Old Spot breeds. Before they became unusual pets though, they were previously developed for medical research which probably spawned the mutant misconception.

Myth 3: They are low maintenance and require very little attention.

True, they do not have a lot of health issues and do not need to be taken out for walks. This does not mean though that you now have an excuse to neglect them. Of course, you still have to care for these piglets or they are going to smell and look unclean. You also have to train them to use a litter box so they can be self-sufficient. Only then will you be able to call yourself a proud owner of teacup pigs.

Myth 4: They do not have any diet restrictions.

This misconception may have stemmed from the term “gluttonous as a pig”. While these cute animals seem to have an unending need to feed because they tend to be hungry all the time, you still need to look after the amount and type of food they eat. Similar to any pets, mini pigs could get sick from overeating as well. They also need fresh vegetable, which should take up to 25 percent of their daily intake. They should be given two types of fruits as well.

Myth 5: They are best bought locally.

Did you hear that some of the best micro pigs are bred in Fairview, Utah? So if you want to be one of the select few who own the most adorable and high quality teacups in Canada, your best option is to have them shipped to you. This then dispels the myth that mini piglets are best sourced locally. If you are worried about their welfare during the transport, you shouldn’t be. This is because the breeder will ensure that they reach their destination safely and in good health. Keep in mind that a breeder has a reputation and name to uphold, which they cannot afford to lose. For this reason alone, you are assured that the miniature pigs you ordered will arrive safe and sound. Besides, these types of pets are amazingly gentle and well-behaved that getting them ready to be shipped out will not be a problem.

So it all boils down to responsible ownership. Just like owning a dog or cat, there are also duties that you have to fulfill when it comes to caring for piglets. As long as you do not neglect them and you make it a point to train them to be well-behaved and sociable, you can be a proud owner of these adorable animals.

Now that you know the truths about teacup pets, don’t you think it is time to test just how far your nurturing side can go? Even if you have a puppy or cat, a pair of mini pig will be able to provide you with a whole new set of challenges that you will surely enjoy overcoming.

Before you place your order though, make sure that you have a place ready for them, or that you have enough room to accommodate them. Because they are vulnerable, especially if they are still young, it is best to keep them inside the house which is why you must allocate a designated place for them. You should also familiarize the kind of feed they require, as well as the type of vegetables and fruits that they can eat. Obviously, you need to buy pig feed as cat and dog food simply would not do and are, in fact, unhealthy for them.

When it comes to produce you can feed mini pigs​ with cucumber, celery, potatoes (in limited amount), grapes, raisins, and apples. You may also want to limit grapes as these can make them urinate a lot. Other varieties of food that you can give include crackers, unflavored natural cereals, popcorn (unsweetened and unsalted), and dried fruits. Do not forget to have fresh water ready and within reach as well.

With your food list complete, it is time to search for a breeder that offers shipping mini cups in Canada. Well, you do not need to look far as we can help you with that right here and now at Pampered Piglets.

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