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Basics of Teacup Pigs and Shipping to Arkansas

While the Beckhams over at Britain somehow started the teacup pig trend in early 2010, Paris Hilton was also seen getting around Hollywood with her own potbelly, teacup pig last year. These, along with other celebrities, turned the attention of pet lovers to this new breed of miniature pigs. Coupled with the convenience of transacting on the Internet, breeders of mini pigs are given the access to a wide market, paving way for negotiations through videos, photos and emails. Potential buyers can also view a wide range of teacup pigs through online classified listings and the websites of breeders themselves.

So what are the characteristics of teacup pigs and how would they differ from other kinds of pets? Are they safe and easy to rear? There are also breeders who are now advertising that they can ship to any state within the US by air. Is it safe to ship teacup pigs to other states including Arkansas? These questions may have entered your mind already especially if you have plans to adapt a cute nano pig of your own. To give you valuable information about mini pigs, we are going to tackle everything on this post from choosing the proper size for a teacup pig to teaching them various tricks. We would also like to give you peace of mind so we are going to include the procedures involved when transporting teacup pigs.

Getting to Know Mini Pigs

A lot of names came about to refer to the same size of small pigs- they can be micro pigs, nano pigs, teacup pigs, pixie pigs and other variations. Whatever people call it, these miniature pigs are expected to weigh from 20-40 pounds only. If they grow more than that, then they can be referred as potbellied pigs, of which most owners find it difficult to keep them as pets. But regardless of the size they will grow into, min pigs are generally intelligent although sometimes mischievous in an adorable way. They are also warm and like to have a lot of attention from the people around them so if you want to own one of them, you have to be ready to spend plenty of bonding moments with your pet piglet.

Selecting an Online Seller

When researching for an online seller, you need to carefully read the fine print of what they are offering. They may claim that their litter only grows up to an exact weight which is actually an outright lie. Nobody can really guarantee how a teacup pig grows so you have to be wary of these claims. Go for breeders who provide only a realistic estimate and request to see the parents of the litter to be sure. If you can’t personally visit the pig farm, then you may request photos to be sent to your email. At Pampered Piglets for example, they automatically offer every potential buyer to send pictures of the parents with the teacup pig that they are interested in. So even if they are located in Fairview, Utah, you will be rest assured that they are serious in informing you all the essentials before you decide to make a purchase.

Classified Ads vs. Direct Breeders

Furthermore, you have to be cautious when it comes to online classifieds displaying teacup pig advertisements. A number of these may say that they breed the nano pigs they are selling themselves but in truth, they are just actually acting as the middle man between a breeder and the buyer. They are also more likely to pretend that they have the perfect size of mini pigs in their stock but do not really understand how these animals grow and behave. Online classifieds are generally great at advertising which often leaves a thin line between empty promises and the actual products. Hence, it is doubly better to directly transact with a breeder who has a lot of experience in breeding and growing their own teacup pigs. The owners of Pampered Piglets are hands on in feeding and caring for their litter and all their stock. They absolutely understand how these lovable creatures liked to be cared for. Thus, when you order from actual breeders like them, you are not just going to have a new pet, but you are also getting good value for your money. They are also serious in giving you the appropriate information to aid in making a good purchasing decision. Their website provides specific details on the needs of the teacup pigs so that you will also get to determine if they are the type of pet that will suit your household.

Shipping to Another State like Arkansas

Another issue that may also be troubling you is, when you live in another state and you have no other choice but to get your new mini pig shipped to your home. How exactly will they be transported and would it be 100% safe for their health? That’s what sets Pampered Piglets apart compared to other online sellers because they have partnered with the most reliable courier. The airplane that will take your nano pigs to Arkansas or in any other state is equipped with the proper compartment with the right heating where the animals will not be disturbed while in transit. They have measures to avoid getting the mini pigs get tossed around whenever the plane takes off, lands or any other air disturbance. This precaution assures you that your teacup pigs will arrive at your arms safely, without feeling sick and may even be without feeling jet lagged too! Now, you can order your new micro pigs from Pampered Piglets with ease. And if you have other inquiries related to shipping teacup pigs to Arkansas, you can easily talk to them by phone.

Price and Other Considerations

Just like purebred dogs, micro pigs can be very expensive so you need to allocate a considerable budget before deciding to buy them. The basis of the price range is usually the size so the smaller the breed, the higher will be the price. The smallest, also called royal dandies, can have a whopping price range of $4,000 to $4,500 while those potbelly varieties that are sure to grow as much as 300 pounds only starts at $150. At Pampered Piglets, you will typically get a cute little teacup pig from $1,600-$3,300, depending on the colour and breed. Do not be fooled by others who are selling at $1,000 because you are more likely to buy a breed that can grow up to 150 pounds. That is not a true micro pig after all, and if you really want a pet that is easier to manage, size should be everything.

Since you are purchasing a live animal, you also have to consider the age at which the mini pig can be weaned. Plus, consider the shipping restrictions, refund policies and care instructions to ensure that the pigs will not have any health problems upon arriving at your home. You and your breeder should be clear about these considerations before you click that order button. Good luck with your choice and enjoy the wonders of having a teacup pig as a pet lover.

Teacup pigs in Arkansas

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Teacup Pigs in Arkansas