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Your Teacup Pig

At we have customers from Arizona as well as all of the other 49 states. In addition to raising teacup pigs we also educate people who may have specific questions dealing with them. If there is a common subject of questions we either get from people who are looking into buying a teacup pig or who are new owners of one it revolves around how to relate to the pig. A report with you teacup pig is obviously very important to develop very early on and will require some effort on your part just as it would with any other household pet getting used to a new environment. The first thing that is important to know is that these teacup pigs can live very full lives and compared to other household pets. Putting in the time to train them will serve you and them very well as they can live to be 19 years old.

One of the main reasons it will be pretty easy to relate to your teacup pig eventually is because they are very intelligent animals. Yeah, we know everyone says their pet is smart, but you will see that teacup pigs are even at a different level of intelligence than a dog or cat for instance. This makes training them easier on almost every level. If there is any frustration that sets in for owners of animals it is the fact that it takes them so long to get their message across to the pet. Potty training a teacup pig for instance can take just a week or two. When you compare that to other household pets, there is really no comparison. Another way their intelligence will help you relate to them is that you will be able to teach them tricks easily. Playing with a pet is often the reason why most people get one in the first place. If your pet is not able to play with you, what good are they on a certain level? You will not be able to develop a relationship with them or a devoted companionship if they are so dense that they cannot even play with you.

On a more fundamental level you will be able to relate to your teacup pig because you will not have to buy them all kinds of exotic foods. A pig eats meats and vegetables just like you do. One thing about their diet you want to consider is that it is healthy. It is pretty easy for teacup pigs to fall out of shape just like their human counterparts if they are not watching what they eat. Since they cannot pick out what they are going to eat, you are going to have to watch their diet for them.

Are you interested in buying a teacup pig after seeing how normal they are to relate to? If you have more questions you can contact us through Before we forget, please know that we take special care of our friends in Arizona Shipping is included in the price of your piglet.
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