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Teacup Pigs: History, Characteristics, Diet, Grooming and Shipping to Alabama

Being a household pet is nothing new with pigs. They have been held in high status in China and other East Asian nations for centuries. Across the homes from America, people have already been having pig pets as part of their families. And with the onset of celebrities making mini pigs and pot bellied pigs their personal pet, there has been a great increase in the interest of having them as pets among the mainstream too. This is not really surprising because pigs, whether teacup sized or not, makes a wonderful addition to a home. With the proper training and care, they can perform the same feats as most dogs breeds that are popular today.

Contrary to well-known beliefs, pigs, in general, do not have an odor but instead, they have a lot of desirable qualities. Be it mini pigs or pot-bellied ones, these animals are classified as the fourth most intelligent creatures following whales, primates and humans. As such, they are curious, playful, loving, clean, relatively quiet (compared to the barking of dogs), odor-free typically non-allergic and most of all, can be trained successfully. So are teacup pigs the right pet for you and your family? Learn more about these lovely fellows as we discuss their characters in-depth along with information on how shipping to Alabama can be made safe and secure for you and your teacup pigs.

A Quick Look of Teacup Pig History

Let’s take a quick look at the history of miniature pigs for the last 50 years or so. They have already been enjoying a bit of popularity back then when the Vietnamese potbelly pigs were utilized for research in the fields of pharmacology, toxicology, organ transplants and aging. Preference was given to these miniature pigs because they are easier to handle compared to the bigger farm pigs which can reach up to 1000 pounds. Due to its smaller size, they have also been shown through animal parks where their sway backs and potbellies garnered the attention of visitors. When some animal lovers took it to themselves to bring these mini pigs to their homes as a pet, a new trend in adopting little pigs as pets began. While most of these select few belong to more affluent neighborhoods, there were also some mid-income earners who liked the piglets that they adapted one or two as well.

As the new wave of pop music ushered in the 1980’s, people from different walks of life started to adapt to this new type of pet. Accordingly, mini pigs were popping out everywhere in city apartments and rural farms alike. There was a big drawback, however, as pigs no matter how small are still farm animals, and there was no assurance on how big they can get. Thus, city ordinances forbid individuals to bring these animals within city limits because 160 pounds or so is certainly too much weight to handle in most housing conditions. So the trend somewhat stopped abruptly, and it was not until Chris Murray from Devon, England cross bred farm pigs for 9 years that interest in miniature and micro pigs was revived. In order to create a small, miniature version of a farm pig, he crossed bred the following:
•Vietnamese Potbelly
•Gloucester Old Spots

Afterwards, he also bred the offspring of these breeds to come up with the most suitable mini pig to make as a pet. He was not content though as he intermixed these breeds for 24 generations until he was able to produce the tiniest breed of pigs. He originally named this version Pennywell after the farm he stayed in Devon but eventually changed it to teacup upon discovering that these little piglets also love tea, the same as him.

The Rise to Celebrity Status of Mini Pigs

Compared to full-grown pigs in the farm, these breeds from Chris Murray were indeed very small with only 9 ounces of weight at birth. The teacup pig will then reach the height from 12 inches to 16 inches and grow up to 30-65 pounds. He then unveiled his new teacup pigs during a gathering and sold them in pairs to anybody who gets interested. Even if it was offered at a hefty price, there were still several people who got so interested with the new breed of pigs and decided to buy. One of them was Jane Croft, who was an English woman that decided to breed them too. She set the popularity of these micro pigs up to a point that a lot of celebrities in England popularized them too. The found teacup pigs to be exciting and interesting as pets and soon, business for Jane Croft soared high, landing her to quite her own share of celebrity status as she appeared in many talk shows on the telly. With her love of mini pigs, the cute little darlings also got well-known as intelligent and affectionate creatures.

It started in the United Kingdom as the only place that micro pigs were bred but it was not very long that breeders in the US also got their hands busy producing their own teacup pigs. Originally, they were sold in pairs and the cost started at $1000 with shipping not included. However, there are now breeders around the country which can ship teacup pigs cheaply and sometimes even for free. If you are a buyer from Alabama for instance, you can easily order them online with the same security when you pick them up yourself from the farm. In addition, teacup pigs do not necessarily have to be bought in pairs these days, you can conveniently pick one as a starter then grow your family whenever you think you are already well prepared.

Shipping Teacup Pigs to Alabama

At Pampered Piglets, we endeavor to make every teacup pig as comfortable as possible when they are shipped to Alabama. We are currently based in Fairview, Utah and even if you live in another state, we can easily ship any of our teacup pigs of your liking safe and sound. Our shipping partner ensures that the mini pigs are comfortable and properly secured while in transit. They are placed in an area where there is sufficient warmth so you do not have to worry that your nano pig will arrive in your arms sickly or tired. They are given maximum care while on the plane and not just tossed around anywhere. With Pampered Piglets, you can be sure that the micro piggies you ordered will reach your arms with the same healthy state they came from – in our own breeding farm.

Now, let us proceed to their general characteristics such as the weight, size, feeding, personality and life expectancy.

Although they are called as such, most teacup pigs outgrow teacups from their birth which mostly starts at 9 ounces. When they grow fully, they can stand between 12-16 inches and weigh from 30-65 pounds. Compared to pot bellied pigs, they are relatively smaller down to almost a third of a standard farm pig. Do not be surprised if they do not stop growing until they are 2 years old as it is just natural for them. Paired with their love for eating, they may definitely continue growing to bigger sizes which contradicts to what sellers advertise in their online pages. This has already happened to a lot of online buyers so be careful when you are planning to get yourself one teacup pig. You have to do ample research on the breeder and determine if they are really breeding the right teacup pig or not.

Being Careful in Choosing Micro Pig Breeders

A red flag is when they refuse to show you the parent of their breed and claim that they can guarantee that their litter will just grow up to a certain size. This is certainly a bogus move as no one can guarantee the exact growth of mini pigs. That is why, we here at Pampered Piglets makes it a point to show pictures of the parents even if you are not aware about this concern. We want to fully inform our buyers the right information regarding our micro pigs for sale so that they can also make the best decision. We would also like to warn everyone out there to stay out of online sellers who brag about having the most miniature of teacup pigs and growing only up to a certain weight. This is simply impossible so keep your attention and money away from them no matter how you get attracted to the petite size of these micro pigs in pictures. Indeed, they are so fascinating to view compared to a small or medium dog.

Proper Grooming and Care

Speaking of which, nano pigs also need to be given walks and grooming. They have to get the same amount of physical activities such as the dog to keep them healthy and in good mood. Do not worry, as you can train them on a leash provided they are already of age. Then, you can walk around the park for twice a day while both of you gets the right exercise that you need.

Another attraction that they offer to animal lovers is their high intelligence compared to other animals. They are sweet tempered, loving and easy to train with various tricks such as dancing, rolling, standing, sitting and so much more. They can also be trained for housebreak in a little box almost immediately from the time they are born. But take note though that they have the tendency to get bored easily and as such, will be more aggressive. Thus, it is highly recommended that you as the owner should spend considerable time in playing with them and maintain a firm hand in disciplining them at the same time. What’s more, unlike most canines and felines, they do not shed and are very clean animals.

Giving Appropriate Diet and Treats

When it comes to their diet, you will not have difficulty feeding them as long as you have consulted with your vet first on what types of food to feed them. It should consist of nutrients that are required for their proper growth and the right amount as recommended by the vet or the food manufacturer should be followed. Plus, keep in mind that 25% of mini pig diets should consist of fresh vegetables like celery, carrots, peppers and other greens rich in protein. Fresh fruits are also good for them but just be careful not to overfeed them. In like manner, keep treats reserved only when it is highly needed as they contain sugar content that are not good for micro pigs. When they are about 6 months old, you should take them outdoors every day and find a patch of ground where they can graze naturally. With that said, the ground should be free from harmful chemicals and elements because the snout of teacup pigs needs to dig around. Another essential that should not run out is fresh water. Make it available to them at all times especially when the weather contributes to dehydration.

City Ordinances for Teacup Pigs

Although a mini pig is a great pet and companion, they are not for everyone. There are towns and cities that forbid the growing of farm animals through their ordinances. Thankfully, Alabama in general is a pig friendly state and you can walk around your local parks freely. Even though teacup pigs are small in size, they are still considered farm animals so if you are in the city and would like to be sure if piglets are allowed within your city, you can check out the links we have provided below for each state. Or you may directly inquire with us by calling our number posted above.

Lifespan and Companionship

As for the life span of micro pigs, they can grow old with you to as much as 15 to 20 years. It is therefore a big commitment when you decide to adapt one as your pet. You have to maintain their healthy surroundings and make sure that they get all the love and care that they need. Because of their strong capability to bond and the need for spending long hours with them, people who spend so much time at work may not find caring for teacup pigs favorable. However, if your office allows pets inside, then you can easily bring these lovable piggies along and everybody in your office would surely adore them too.

Having a Better Life with Teacup Pigs

But for those of you out there who live in areas where teacup pig rearing is allowed and who have ample time and energy to meet their special needs, then these animals will definitely make your life better. Families with small kids will also appreciate more the presence of teacup pigs as these lovable pets will teach them how to care and bond for others. If you are someone looking to get a new teacup pig, contact Pampered Piglets today and we will take care of the rest. Whether you are in Alabama or in any other state, we can ship your mini pig safely, securely and comfortably.

Teacup Pigs in Alabama