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We have the smallest teacup piglets in the World! Currently Washington does not have any real teacup pig breeders. The good news is, we are able to ship a piglet to your home safe and sound. We have been helping united families to their new teacup piglets for over 15 years! At Pampered Piglets we have selectively bred the smallest teacup pigs in the world, and they have gotten smaller and smaller each generation!

Don’t be fooled by cheap “mini pigs”. If you are seeing websites or advertisers selling pigs for under one thousand you will get stuck with a large pig!


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Please call or text Karen at 801-376-5785 to ask about available teacup pigs. From time to time we will have older piglets available at a discount.

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Socializing Your Teacup Pig

Welcome, residents of the Keystone State. The people of Pennsylvania have been frequent visitors to our site ever since we started it. Most teacup pig owners in the state know the importance of socializing their pig into their new environment. Apart of the training process for a pig will be teaching them how to be social in almost any environment. You have to remember to start off slow though and always keep in mind that socializing your pig is a process that will not happen overnight. Eventually your pig will get to the place you want it to be from a social perspective, but it will take some time and effort on both your part and your teacup pigs as well. In the end though you will see that your pig will fit seamlessly into any social situation and those who interact with it will be pleasantly surprised by the progress they have made.

It may be a surprise to you but at first in almost all cases teacup pigs will be shy by nature. At first they will be learning to become social around you so you may want to ease them into being around people who are not apart of your natural family. One thing you do not want to do initially is keep the teacup pig alone for long periods of time. If they are used to being isolated for long periods at time at first it may be hard to shake them from that mentality as you try and get it up to speed socially. The amount of time you spend at work is probably the max amount of time you want to leave them alone. If for the first couple of months you can limit their gap without being around members of the family that would be ideal. However, this may not be feasible and that is okay, you just want to avoid going away on a vacation for instance.

As your pig becomes acclimated from a social perspective to you and the members of your family, it is now time to introduce them to other people. When this happens you may notice some strange behavior in your teacup pig. Just like other kinds of pets they may actually become protective of their owners at first when they are around other people they are not familiar with. They will not be violent in any way, but just giving them a good look over. They look at people as infringing on their territory and they are not comfortable with it to say the least. That can actually be a good feeling for an owner who can feel at that point that he has truly related with his teacup pig.

Once your teacup pig becomes acclimated socially you will feel more comfortable bringing it around in public throughout not only the state of Pennsylvania, but around any state in general. If you have any other questions regarding how to bring your pigs up to speed socially we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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