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Teacup pig for sale in Rhode Island

It is perfectly possible to buy teacup pigs in Rhode Island thanks to’s elaborate shipping services that now cover all the 50 states in the US including RI. We also ship our teacup pigs to Canada. If you are wondering who is, we are one of the leading breeders and sellers of teacup pigs in the US. We have been doing this for a few years now ensuring that pet owners in RI can get teacup pigs for sale in RI that are healthy and well socialized to become a great member to your family. If you are still unsure whether teacup pigs are the best pets for you, we will illustrate a few benefits of owning these micro pigs to ensure that you make the right choices when looking for a miniature pig for your family.

So where have these beauties come from all of a sudden? Teacup pigs are a relatively new addition to the pet planet. Breeding experiments began in the UK a few years ago that involved the cross breeding of four existing pig breeds-the Kune Kune, the potbellied, the Tamworth, and the Gloucester pigs. This is what produced the miniature teacup pigs. In the US, is a trusted breeder that has supplied many families throughout the nation with their little bundle of joy. Our teacup pigs are really small sized, thanks to a large extent to our use of one of the smallest boars in breeding which weighs just 9lbs. Our sows weigh just 10 to 20lbs. This has resulted in some of the smallest teacup pigs you will find anywhere. We have something for everyone, whether you are looking for micro nano or micro Juliana teacup pigs. You will love their beauty, particularly their tiny little snouts and big ears. They just look amazing.

The teacup pigs are also loved for their intelligence. They are excellent at mastering new skills. It takes us a few days to potty litter box train them. It will take you very little time to house train them and also teach them new skills like sitting, rolling, playing dead, fetching, and much more. They love a lot of love and attention because they are very smart. Don’t leave them alone for long else they will grow too bored and might develop some antisocial behavior. Caring for teacup pigs is a lifelong commitment that you must embrace wholeheartedly. Besides, they live very long lives due to their long life expectancy. With our litters, you can look forward to some 20 years of companionship.
They are also hypoallergenic since they have hair instead of fur. You don’t therefore have to worry about their shedding. This will make them a perfect companion in your house if you or a family member is allergic to fur or is asthmatic. Unlike the messy standard farm pig that loves rolling in the mud, teacup pigs generally keep very clean and are flea free.

We have several teacup pigs for sale in RI. Visit our page and look through the available pampered piglets. Since all our listed prices are also inclusive of the shipping fee, you will not have to worry about spending a fortune on shipping. Once you have made your purchase, you can look forward to our professional shipping to deliver your favorite pet to your Rhode Island house in no time and in excellent shape.

Teacup pig in Rhode Island