Bringing a teacup pig home sounds very fascinating and these pigs do make lovely pets. There are certain laws associated with them about which one needs to be well aware of before adopting a miniature pig. There are zonal, corporate and travel laws which must be followed by the owner to avoid any complications. These laws are mentioned in detail below:


  • Zonal Laws

There are many cities in the United States which do not allow keeping pigs as pets. Pigs are not permissible within the limits of the city. It is very important to follow these laws. A pet pig must have full permission by the authorities so that it can be domesticated. In many cities, people protested and became successful in making pigs legal as pets. Pet is such a creature that cannot be hidden from the eyes of people for too long. Therefore, it is better not to bring a pig home unless one is utterly sure that the animal’s arrival would not bring any legal issues.


  • Laws Related to Travel of Pigs

Not all states allow the pigs to cross the lines of that state just like that. Some state laws require the blood test or other identifications to be done before allowing the animal to enter the state. Also, it is important for the owner to follow the CVI, i.e. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Pigs are believed to carry diseases and all these are the protection measures taken to avoid the residents from catching any sort of ailment.


  • Corporation Related Laws

These laws protect domestic animals against any sort of violence. Pigs are not allowed to be tortured under any circumstances because pet animals are to be treated way differently from farm animals. Causing any harm to the pet can lead to severe penalization. Many groups and organizations run throughout the United States against animal cruelty which must be stopped at all costs.


  • Law of Personal Injury

The owner has to take all charges if in any case the pig bites a person or harms any other public or private property. If any such case arises, legal actions can be taken against the owner. To avoid any such complications, one must get the pig well vaccinated. If the pig catches a disease, it must be immediately treated so that it does not spread. The owner may have to bear the expenses if any public property or someone’s private property is damaged.


Therefore, these are some essentially important laws that one must definitely be aware of before getting the mini pig home. They are still resented in certain areas and problems can be caused due to the same. These laws have been made keeping in mind the safety of both; the citizens and the animal. These laws also help to prevent unjustified crimes against animals. The owners should abide by these laws to keep themselves and their pets safe and away from any kind of hurdle.

Laws Linked with Teacup Pigs