Juliana pig

Juliana Pig

Dogs are man’s best friend. Until, the pet pigs were introduced and became the latest pet craze. The very first breed acquainted by the public is the Vietnamese Potbellied pigs. Later, more and more breeds have undergone the breeding process and as a result, we have mini Juliana pigs.
A very rare breed of mini pigs is the Painted miniature pig or the mini Juliana. There is some doubt with the origin of this type of breed, but they are believed to have been from Europe and were a product of selective breeding program to achieve a small size version. This breed is usually crossbred with potbelly. There were several reports that they are endangered but thanks to breeders they can still be found today.
The average weight for micro Juliana pigs weighs around 20-40 pounds and a height of 14-22 inches. They can be of different colors; red, red and black, white, white and black, red and white, black, black and silver, and silver and white. Their colors are always spotted. They have longer legs and their bellies are slightly potted like pot bellies. Their ears are small, sway back and the tail is straight. They are one the smallest produced breed of pigs and that makes them great as house pets.
The same as pot belly pigs, Juliana teacup pigs have a gentle disposition. They are intelligent and they can be trained with different tricks. They are also compared with dogs because of their temperament and laid back personality, friendly and gets along with other animals very easily. A mini Juliana pig costs from $1500 to $3000.
Surely, a pig is one of the perfect pets to have. However, make sure you have the commitment to give time for them. Pigs have the inquisitive behavior and will get into different stuffs they meet along their way. Ask someone who already owns a mini Juliana pig or the seller, which can help you on how to take care of your pet pig.

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