The craze of micro pigs has gained pace over the past few years. These pigs are favorites of many celebrities and people love to keep them for their cuteness. The acceptance of mini pigs has many misleading claims which could really hurt the innocent pigs. You must consider these important things before purchasing or adopting a teacup pig:
1) Teacup pigs are little potbellied pigs
The first thing to understand is that these pigs are smaller versions of potbellied pigs. Hence, they will have some of the characteristics of potbellied pigs which you can’t ignore. Some people say that there are no teacup pigs in reality and they give this statement only because the pigs are actually smaller versions of potbellied pigs. The domestic farm pigs are quite heavier and have a hefty body structure. The smaller versions are underfed and bred to get the micro sized pigs. The little pigs have a weight of 60 pounds – 120 pounds, depending on the body structure.
2) Breeding starts from 3 months of age
It is a fact that the pigs can be bred as early as 3 months of age. The piggy parents could be even minuscule in size and age and will grow up to the age of 2-3 years. The parents of piglets might be piglets themselves. Hence, you can’t measure the growth of your pigs by just seeking at their parents. The breeders have to be quite reputed to get the right pig as there could be wrong or inappropriate pigs given to you by the fake breeders.
3) Underfed pigs could become unhealthy
Some breeders are of a view that smaller sized pigs should not be given proper food but it could become a problem in the long run. There could be breathing issues and other genetic impairments which could cause problems for the pigs and their next generation. Breeders even instruct the buyers to keep the pigs starved.
There are some negative things about this conception as the pigs should be fed with lesser amount of food but whatever is being served to them should be nutritious and balanced in its own way. The pigs not getting appropriate food develop weaker immunity, sensitivity issues and a lot of other problems. Fruits, vegetables and pig food is necessary to give at least the basic necessities to the pigs.
4) Own space and bedding
Teacup pigs require their own space to roam and root around. They might become depressed if they are not given enough space to play or roam around. If the place is congested, you can take them on walks and enjoy being with them. They are curious animals who would create a problem when they get into boring environment. If you don’t have enough time to spend with them, it is better to rethink about your decision of bringing them home.
5) Cost of keeping pigs
It would be expensive to keep the piglets as they require special food and vaccinations to keep a good health. The initial pricing of a pig might be a several thousand dollars but there would be a lot of other costings involved for keeping these pigs at home.

Why to be sure before getting a teacup pig?