Mini pigs are the affectionate pets that you can keep at home with all the love. These animals are furless and this might be a cleaner reason to keep them as your best companion.

Miniature pigs or teacup pigs are small-sized pigs having a bodyweight equal to a mid-sized dog. These animals are highly social and witty that you’ll make them learn different things soon. They have funny moods and can be trained well. Most of the pigs are sold by the breeders at a decent price and you could get one for companionship.

Training the pig

Pigs are popular pets as they can be trained very easily. You can litter train the pigs and they usually don’t spoil the house. So, the people looking for cleaner houses can think about keeping a pig as their pet. These animals would understand your commands after a few days of being with you. They won’t create any fusses in learning but you need to be very calm and kind in teaching them routine activities.

You can keep a balanced diet for them and they will be glad to make the different food items as a part of their schedule. The pigs will have a fixed time for potty and you need to make sure that you follow the right ways to train them to go to their litter box or your fixed spot for them to poo.

Trusted friends for years

Pigs will be emotionally attached to you and this would be the number one point to keep them. Make sure that you train you the pig in the right way and don’t become dominant in handling them. You can display your loving gestures to which they will certainly respond.

Pigs usually have a lifespan of 15-20 years. They are the long-lived pets having a great attachment to their masters. You will share many years in the company of this lovely pet and hence, it is required to make them as your family members to share a perfect bond with them.

Be careful while purchasing

You need to be very careful to buy teacup pigs. There are many breeders who might give you the wrong micro pig for the reason of getting more bucks. You will never want a pig with a hefty outlook as it will be too bulky to handle. Hence, it is important to search for a reputed breeder and check the pig parents before making the purchase. If a breeder gives a heavy discount on selling the teacup pig, make sure that you’re taking the right pet. Pigs need to be purchased from a well-known source to avoid any issues later on.

Get the cuddly mini pigs as they will make the funny pigs for your home. They will mix up with all the family members and even go well with one owner. Make up your mind by consulting a reputed breeder and think about owning the cutest piggy pet.

What should you know before keeping a teacup pig?