Whenever one buys a teacup pig, it is very important that it becomes friendly with the owner. This is an intelligent animal and it is necessary that one should train this animal well and in an efficient manner. Understanding the pig and its needs is the responsibility of the owner. A healthy relationship must be sustained between the pet and its owner because this is the key to make the animal feel like it is the part of a family.

How to make the pig comfortable with you?

One should not stand in such a posture as the pig feels like someone threatening is there. Sitting and speaking in a very soft tone with the animal makes it feel comfortable around the owner. Holding hands with the pig, patting it sweetly and most importantly, handling it like a small child makes it feel special. One should give the pig the time to bond with and get friendly with the members of the family.

The pig should be given an appropriate name and should start recognizing it by the actions of its owner. Give the pig a few baby toys, some tasty fruits and play with the pig. This also works as some sort of training for the pet as it starts to notice and remember whatever actions are used by the owner.

The owners must themselves approach the pig until and unless it becomes at ease and familiar with the owner and starts calling out the owner itself. In any case, no harsh methods must be used against the animal as it will create fear inside it and it can also try to harm people or things.

Playing with the pig, making it exercise daily should become a part of the routine. On playing well or exercising well, the pig should be awarded a small treat as it excites its interest in such things. Also, the pig should become aware of the times it has to be fed. It should not be given food at just any time and must have a proper schedule for meals. Pigs have a quality that they learn quickly and get adjusted to this stuff well. This helps in keeping the pig healthy and fit.

How to potty train the pig?

Pigs can be well train to urinate or defecate in only litter boxes, specially designed for this purpose. This keeps the surroundings neat and clean, and also the pet acquires sophisticated manners to blend in with the urban society. This works well for both the owner and the pet as well.

If one takes care of such things and the pig is trained well, having a pet can become a joyful and wonderful experience. One must definitely take care that an animal is a little difficult to understand but once a connection is formed, then they show their concern and love for their owner more than anything else. It is essential that the pet feels as it is also a member of the family and not an outsider. This makes it a great companion for anyone fond of keeping pets.

Understanding a Teacup Pig