It is a rewarding experience to own a teacup pig. There are certain responsibilities to look for the welfare of the pigs. You need to know the pig welfare standards and guidelines before making your decision to own a pig.

The basic needs of pigs are:

  1. Ready access to food and water to remain healthy
  2. Visual and social contact with people or other pigs
  • Freedom to stand, stretch and roll-on
  1. Personal bedding and protected environment
  2. Rapid identification of behavioral issues, disease or any injury

Transportation of pigs

Pigs are very witty and inquisitive animals which could be handled quietly without experiencing any shock. It is unacceptable to beat or continuously prod them. There are some points to be remembered while transporting the pigs from one state to the other:

  • Transportation of the pigs have to be conducted in a safe way and free from suffering, pain, and stress. The pig should be in a fit and healthy condition and able to stand or sit according to its comfort.
  • The pigs showing any signal of trembling, anxiety, lying down or any other appearance should be allowed to relax before being transported through airlines.
  • Pigs don’t sweat and the body temperature has to be maintained by regularly hydrating it. Hence, this point should be considered seriously and traveling in hot and humid weather should be made comfortable for the micro pig.
  • Pigs should be handled calmly and with patience. The new environments could be frightening for the baby pigs. They should be handled very carefully and with lots of love to avoid the unstable mind.
  • Vehicles for transporting the pigs should be well-cleaned before transporting to avoid any infection or bacteria in their body.
  • Pigs are sensitive and the transport vehicles must not be too close for a long time. It could cause breathing issues to the baby pig.
  • Transport should be done in early mornings or late noon time to make it comfortable for the pig.

Caring for a pig in the new environment

You can’t really predict the behavior of a pig in the new environment. You have to be very soft and loving for the pig to investigate their surroundings. Keep an eye on them for 24-48 hours after the transportation. There should be clean bedding ready for them to rest on when they reach home. Pigs can’t bear too much heat or cold environment. Temperature near 25 degrees Centigrade is the most adequate for the body of a pig. Even in the warm temperature, they should be given a thin sheet to cover their body or fulfill their desire for rooting. A bowl of water near their sleeping area would keep them hydrated and they would feel fresh and cool to stay near the area. Water availability is important in every weather. The food given to pigs should be hygienic and nutritious. Take them to a veterinary doctor as soon as they reach you to get an assessment of their health and other factors.


Transportation and Caring of Pigs