There is an ongoing trend to keep teacup pigs as pets. Eminent celebrities like Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham made these teacup pigs also very famous after they kept a pig as their pet. Their popularity, however, has seen a downfall in the past few years. Many reasons account for the same. Therefore, before one purchases a teacup pig, here are a few things one must definitely be aware of:-

• Their controversial name
People mistake them for remaining small throughout their life owing to the name they have. These are actually potbellied pigs that can become very heavy and can surpass the average human weight easily once they reach adulthood. If one buys a teacup pig, one must be well prepared that it will become very big and difficult to take care of.

• They are fast breeders
Pigs sexually mature when they are only a few months old. This may become troublesome if one has a female pig in the house. In most cases, it is recommended to get the domestic pigs neutered or spayed but this procedure is hard to perform and can only be performed by a highly professional veterinary doctor. If not well carried out, it can cause a very long-lasting pain in the pig’s body. Therefore, this is something one has to definitely consider before adopting a miniature pig.

• The pig should be fed well
Many breeders keep the pigs malnourished in order to make them look small in size. This badly affects the health of the pig and is extremely unhealthy. This shortens the lifespan and also makes it prone to various health issues. Not only breeders but sometimes the owners also start feeding their pig less when it starts increasing in size. Owners think that maybe the pig is eating too much and that is why growing so large but in actual, that is the time when the pig starts to mature fully. Starving the pig can be very dangerous and should not be done at any cost because that is the time when it needs more amount of food naturally and if the diet is reduced, it causes bad effects on the animal.

• A lot of money is required to raise a pig
Raising a pig is an expensive job and a lot of money is required in doing so. Firstly, pigs are expensive animals and then, they require a lot of stuff. They are just like small kids who require something or the other and can even damage things. When it comes to food, pig food is hard to find and in many cases, a natural diet is given. As and when the pig grows, requirements increase and much more money is spent. Therefore, buying a pig is recommended only if one is financially well stable.

These are a few things one must definitely take care of and be well aware of before getting a mini pig. These adorable animals can be a cause of nuisance if not taken care of their needs. A lot of time and attention is required when one is raising a teacup pig. Hence, this decision must be taken carefully.

Things to Know Before Adopting a Teacup Pig