In the United States, teacup pigs are vastly popular as pets. It is their small size and intelligent nature that accounts for their reputation as pets. The latter half of the 20th century saw the Vietnamese potbellied pigs becoming the most sought-after choice for domestication. This is an old story now. These pigs were crossbred with several other breeds as per requirement and now; the domesticated pigs usually do not have any clear history of their genetics.

Reasons for the popularity of teacup pigs
• They live a very long life. If the owner takes proper care and keeps the animal in good condition, it can live as long as 20 years.
• Their intelligent nature is one of the main reasons for its popularity. It can be tutored to urinate and defecate in proper litter boxes made for this purpose. This highly accounts for cleanliness.
• It does not make noise and thus does not cause such disturbances as caused by cats and dogs.
• It is suitable for households in which someone suffers from allergies or respiratory issues because it only has very fine hair which does not shed and cause problems.
• It returns the love it gets from its owner. Teacup pigs are regarded as high for their lovable and friendly temperament.

Facts one should know before bringing home a teacup pig
• One must be well aware of how large a fully-grown pig would be. This is one major problem faced by the owners because these pigs are tiny when little but grow up to be very big when they mature.
• They require lots of time and attention. This is not the right pet for those who have a very busy schedule because one needs to look after their pet time and again.
• Not all cities allow pigs to be kept as pets. It is very important to be well aware of the city rules before adopting a pig.
• Their nutritional needs are different from those of other pets. Pig food is also not so easily available. For better health and long life of the pet, proper food enriched with the essential vitamins and minerals is required.
• It should be well vaccinated with trimmed tusks (if required). In the case of some breeds, even spaying is required but this should be performed only by highly professional vets. They also need to undergo parasite treatments.

Adopting a miniature pig as a pet requires one to have a stable economic condition because its upbringing requires a lot of money. It may break household items, search through the refrigerator for food when hungry. Also, pigs are not very friendly with other animals. Dogs and pigs cannot be pleasant with each other. Therefore, the owners need to take care of their surroundings and needs before bringing in a teacup pig. Their hygiene and regular checkups are a must. If their hooves are not trimmed on time, can cause them pain. You can bring pigs home only if you’re sure about caring for them in the most appropriate way.

Teacup pigs: Why should you buy them?