Teacup pigs are very adorable creatures but there are a lot of considerations to make while thinking about bringing any pet into your house. We’ve outlined here that why you must think twice before getting the little pigs to your home.
Teacup pigs are highly trainable and have a great wit. These are like small children at home having mischievous, curious and intelligent nature. They are sensitive but highly manipulative due to their humorous nature. It is indeed easier to train a teacup pig than a human baby. They learn easily and understand every command given by their owner.
Another thing is that these animals don’t have fur on their body and it keeps them away from the mites and insects. They have fewer chances of spreading allergies around and are cleaner than many other animals. Pigs are socially very active and bond well with humans and even other pets at home. They are odor-free and flea-free animals having a loving nature. They love to snuggle and roll over you which is, in fact, their basic instinct. Teacup pigs are motivated by food and require positive reinforcement to learn the daily activities and general etiquettes. In comparison to dogs, the pig littler is easier to clean up and they don’t spread it all over. You can take them for walks and dress them up with little accessories to make them look cute.
Teacup pigs are special and those who understand their psychology would create a closer bond with them. Many owners share every important thing with pigs and snuggle them to make the pet feel great. These animals don’t have sweat glands on their body and hence, there will be no odor issues. Males are neutered to avoid the development of scent glands producing a foul smell. Teacup pigs are social animals and get along well with the people who love them. They love to roll around in blankets and love their own space.
Teacup pigs can be trained faster than the other animals. They can please their master with entertaining tricks and cooperate with the family members as well. These animals are basically having a tendency to live in herds and hence, there are chances for them to get spoiled by not following the right track. The owner has to make sure that they train their pet in a way to respect everyone and behave in a good way with them. The word ‘NO’ must be taught to them in a soft tone. The breeders usually give information to the pig owners regarding their behavior towards the tiny pigs. New owners receive educational handouts for pig topics, training, and well-being.
Pigs enjoy outdoor activities and times. Rooting is a general phenomenon of pigs and they need their own space to do it. These are the best pets for the people allergic to pet fleas. You can get the wonderful companionship of the baby pig by being a nice parent to them. You will love them and their company.

Teacup Pigs: Think before bringing them home