The Sanctuary is a home for the pigs who were first sold as teacup pigs to the owners. The families become very excited to bring them home but learning about living with the pigs actually abandoned their thought of keeping them home. It is not that the pigs are unworthy and not to be kept at home but these mini creatures can be easily kept only when they are equivalent to the size of a mid-sized dog or cat. There have been many cases which we hear about the pigs being purchased by the homeowners and when they grow up large, they are abandoned for the reason of the difficulty of keeping them home.
It is not easy to keep a pig in the home. The breeder feeding instructions have to be very suitable for these animals as we’ve seen many malnourished pigs kept at homes for the sake of keeping them small. This is what the instructions tell the pig owners. Underfeeding the pigs make their bones brittle and they become prone to fractures and other health issues. Some people have reported that the pigs become so fragile that they keep on getting health issues. Whatever is the condition of the pig, make sure that you ask your breeder about the actual pig details, so that you don’t have to abandon them in your life.
These cases do not mean that the pigs are tough to keep at home. There are some strongest and most robust pigs which are brought in the Sanctuary. These pigs are forced to leave the house for the house owners unable to take care of the pig. The overgrowth of pigs due to false advertising by the breeders is one of the major reasons for them to face health issues. In spite of these issues, there are many good people looking to adopt the pigs from various Sanctuaries and give them a life they deserve.
Diet and nutritional facts
The people who already have pigs at home and the ones who are willing to adopt them, require intense education about their good diet and maintaining a healthy body weight of these cute animals. It is important to have a well-rounded balanced diet for the pigs as these animals are different than other pets and can’t be fed with human food or the dog/cat food. The high percentage of human food is rich in sodium and fats which are very sensitive ingredients for pigs. Pigs can do well on a vegetarian diet including vegetables, fruits, and greens. There are eatable pellets available for the pigs for lifetime nutrition of these pets.
The healthy and balanced diet can’t eliminate the damage caused by early malnutrition and hence, there will be a pressure on the pig along with the harmful health effects. There are many rescue organizations, shelters, and sanctuaries straining the resources to meet the requirements of the pigs becoming sick or being abandoned by the homeowners. It is always advisable to bring a pig home only if you are sure about it.

Teacup pigs at the Sanctuary