Teacup pigs are widely famous as pets in the United States. These mini pigs make very good pets and pet-lovers look forward to having one in the house. However, just like any other animal, this creature is prone to certain health issues that the owner needs to take care of. It is better if the pig is well checked before buying that it already does not have any ailment. In such a case, it becomes difficult to take care of the animal and it lives a very short life. Here are some health problems a pig may come across:

• Overeating and Obesity
This is one of the most common problems of teacup pigs. Pigs love to eat and they do not mind overeating. Even a large amount of nutritious food can make the teacup pig become fat. This itself is a health issue and invites many other problems. A responsible owner should give a balanced diet to the pig, which contains all the nutrients in the right quantity. Also, the pig should be made to exercise regularly so that it remains fit.

• Constipation
Constipation is a common problem that affects the pig. It can be easily treated at home with home remedies such as giving a hundred percent pure canned pumpkin to the pig gives it relief. If the problem does not get better with homely remedies, one must consult the vet well within a few days.

• Infections in the Urinary Tract
Males are more prone to this problem as compared to females although any of the sexes may acquire this infection. These infections, if caught at the right time at an early stage, are not so harm causing and can be easily treated. It can be detected when the eating and drinking habits of the pet become different. Also, one must keep in check its urine, as the color and odor of the urine, if these are different; it is a matter of concern. The pig may become irritating or lethargic due to this problem and must be taken to the vet as soon as possible for effective treatment.

• Skin Related Problems
Pigs catch skin related infections quite often. This is due to the fact that they have sensitive skin. Sunburns are very common and the pig’s skin can be relieved by applying coconut oil which smoothens the dryness caused due to sunburns. Also, mites may stick onto their skin which causes a lot of irritation to them. This is known as mange mites. De-wormer is easily available which gives them relief on applying. Regular check-ups can help in avoiding skin problems.

All these problems can be treated well if the owner is well aware of these issues. The owners must recognize the symptoms and act accordingly so that the problem does not increase. Having the proper knowledge and taking the appropriate action at the right time is the most responsible thing an owner can do in order to ensure that the pet lives a long and healthy life.

Teacup Pigs and their Health Issues