Skin Care of Teacup Pigs

The skin of pigs is generally dry by default because of the absence of pores and sweat glands on their bodies. This makes it important for the owner to take a lot of care of their pet’s skin which is more prone to various skin infections. The owner must make sure the pig’s skin stays clean and hydrated.


A pig’s diet plays an important role in keeping their skin healthy. Following nutrients must be well included in their diet, such that none of the deficiencies become a reason for skin issues. In some cases, even supplements are required for skin healthiness.


Following are the essential vitamins and minerals for the pigs required to maintain the well-being of their skin:


  • Vitamin D3

Sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D3 which is necessary for the skin. Indoor, the pigs are not accessible to enough sunlight so one can give Vitamin D3 supplements of=r make sure the pig gets to go out and be in sunlight for about half an hour or 15 minutes as per the condition of the skin. A healthy skin might only be satisfied with sunlight while supplements may be required for less healthy skin.


  • Vitamin E and Selenium

These are the most important supplements that are otherwise also wanted in a pig’s body. Their deficiency can not only harm the skin but also cause other fatal ailments. Therefore, every owner must make sure to include these in the form of capsules or as per the prescription of a vet in the diet of their mini pig.


  • Vitamin B Complex (especially biotin)

Vitamin B complex (biotin being most important) along with other trace vitamins and minerals are quite significant when it comes to a pig’s skin. They must be well present in their diet or given otherwise. These are present in the commercial pig food and have also been formulated for horses and can be safely used for pigs as well.


  • Dietary Fat

Dietary fat keeps the hair skin and hooves nourished and healthy. It can be given in the form of animal fat which is easily available at grocery or departmental stores. Coconut oil is also good and serves the same purpose only that dietary fat is more effective. If the pig has more rough skin, then animal fat is preferred over coconut oil.


  • Regular Diet

A pig’s regular diet must be well balanced with the inclusion of all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals as per their requirement in the body. It must consist of wholesome green leafy vegetables and natural food or pig pellets available commercially. All these keep the metabolism active and are good for the skin as well.


Apart from these, a pig must consume the plenty amount of water to stay hydrated so that the skin stays fresh. It must take a regular bath to avoid insect or parasitic infections. General dryness can be treated by the application of coconut oil or aloe vera gel which works well for the skin of a pig. A good owner must know all this so that the skin of the pig, which easily catches infections, stays healthy and hydrated.

Obesity in Teacup Pigs

The most common problem that a teacup pig owner might have to combat with is obesity. Teacup pigs generally have a tendency to grow obese and then this problem needs to be solved because it is an invitation to various other health issues as well. One must keep a fixed diet routine and avoid this problem at all costs because once a pig becomes obese, it is difficult to make it lose weight. However, if the pig becomes obese, then it is necessary that the pig must be made to lose weight soon so that its health does not deteriorate. The height of a pig cannot be controlled but its weight can definitely be managed.


Why do pigs become obese?


Owners generally make the mistake of over-feeding their pigs. A pig must have a regular eating routine and must be fed accordingly. Feeding any time does not make sense. There should be a proper schedule of how many meals to be given to the pig. The pig must not be fed at any time it asks for food and must be given treats only when required. Once the pet becomes habitual to daily treats, they become habitual. The treats must be given to the pets only on special occasions.


How to recognize that a pig is obese?


  • The forehead of a pig is usually clear and without any rolls. Once fat rolls become visible, it shows that the pig is overweight.
  • In normal condition, the ears of a pig rest on the top of a pig’s head but when it becomes overweight, the ears come sideways instead of resting on the top. This condition can also lead to loss of hearing in the pear.
  • They find it difficult to get up after they sit or lie down. This may also develop into arthritis.
  • Vision loss, hearing loss, and breathing difficulties are symptoms of obesity.


How to make a pig lose the extra weight it has gained?


Older pigs cannot be made to exercise vigorously as their activeness decreases to a great extent after they mature. On becoming obese, they also start experiencing mobility issues which makes them weak. One can help the pigs lose weight by making them eat fewer calories so that it does not contribute to more fat. Arthritis is a problem that follows obesity. Therefore, to avoid diseases, a pig must be made to lose weight.


Also, the pig can be made to do exercise in hidden form like making it find its food. Pigs have good smelling power and instead of feeding it directly, it can be made to hunt for its food. Also, one must replace fatty foods with more healthy and nutritious foods so that it at least does not gain more weight. A daily walk is a very good exercise that is not too tiring and along with that helps in burning the fat too.


Obesity is an issue that needs to be tackled with the utmost care and attention so that the health of the pig does not deteriorate further. One must do all that one can to make the pig lose weight and the pig may become fit and fine again.

How to Treat Constipation in Teacup Pigs?

Constipation is a problem that is quite common in the case of teacup pigs. It must be cured as soon as it is detected. This is a small issue but if one does not take care of it at the time, it can become serious as well. One can always consult a veterinary doctor and there are also several home remedies that treat this problem. Uncured constipation can lead to diarrhea and other digestion related serious problems. When the pig is too young, i.e. less than three months in age, it should be immediately taken to the veterinary doctor. Also, if the pig does not vomit and does not eat food, then one must carefully look at the problem the pig is facing.


What to do at home?

  • Give the pig canned pumpkin. It is one of the best remedies that work effectively against constipation. It must be regularly given to avoid constipation and in constipation, its amount should be increased to relieve the pig.
  • Water must be given in large quantities. Juices like those of apple, cranberry or prune can be mixed in small quantities with water. Dry food should also be mixed in water and then only given. Gatorade mixed with water can also be given in equal quantities. Even the commercial pig food can be given to the pig
  • Lubricating foods such as animal fat and mineral oil help in greasing the digestive tract and the stool can pass out easily. However, these must be given in small quantities so that it only acts as a lubricant and does not contribute to fat.
  • Stool softening medicines are easily available in medical stores and these soften the hardened stool and it passes out with ease without causing pain to the pig.
  • Increase the physical activity of the pig because its mobility will help the stool to come out. They must walk and exercise. Also, this must be the daily routine of a pig so that the digestion of the pig remains intact.
  • Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate) is an active ingredient that works against constipation well. It is a laxative that can cause dehydration and must be given in a very appropriate amount so that it soothes the given problem and does not create a new issue.
  • Mostly, laxatives are used for the purpose of constipation relief but too much of these are not good for a pig’s health and can lead to diarrhea. One must know that what actual amount of a laxative has to be fed to a pig so that it gets relieved from constipation and has a smooth passage of the stool.


If any of these does not work well, then the vet must be consulted well within time. Constipation is the most common internal problem faced by pigs and it must be cured completely and as soon as possible. Ignorance of this can cause diarrhea and other serious problems. In many cases, natural and home remedies work efficiently but if they do not, then a vet must be referred.

Buying the Teacup Pig rightly

The idea of cuddling a baby pig is very heartwarming. Pigs are very sensitive and cute creatures having a lovable nature. They are called ‘teacup pigs’ as they can fit into a mug when they’re newborns. They are becoming amazing companions and people are enjoying their company for the sake of all the love they give to the people around.

People may think that teacup pigs will remain very small in size but this is not a fact. It is not a breed in real and hence, you must be aware of the deceptive labeling. These animals are basically potbellied pigs who are malnourished and remain smaller than the real size. The reality is that these animals are taken care of in a different way and are given the food which is actually meant for the pigs. So, do your research in the right way to learn the truth about them and start following the facts to give them the best of health and nutrition.

Pigs who naturally stay too small don’t actually exist. ‘Teacup pigs’ is basically not a breed and could be deceptive for many new owners. These are potbellied pigs who are malnourished to remain in small or average size. The size of a teacup pig grows up to the age of 3 years and hence, you can’t actually predict how big it will go when fully matured.

Distinguishing between different pigs

It is a precise way to follow the distinguishing between different pigs. You can have a look at their ears to see its shape and size. Teacup pigs have straight ears than the floppy ones for the normal pigs. You can view many pigs online or even visit a breeder to know more about them. The pigs look cute when they are a couple of days old and then they turn to the size of a medium dog. Of course, they remain cute but developing hair on the body makes them look bigger. They become more affectionate, if trained well and loved enough by the owner. Make sure that you get the updated pic from the breeder to buy a piglet from their website.

It is a huge decision to bring an animal companion into your life and it must be well-informed to have any regrets later on. If you’re going to adopt a pig, it is important to collect necessary information about them and make the right decision. Animals have certain traits due to which they might face health problems which could cause breathing issues later on. Breeders even underfeed these animals which could be for stunting their growth and even restrict the owners to give them fewer diets.

It is legal to adopt a companion pig and you must check to the city rules to follow if your property is not zoned for livestock animals. People who ignore the local regulations may have to face issues later on as at some places, these pets are still considered as farm animals.


True Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs on sale are available in many parts of the United States and there are many ways used by the breeders to describe these cute little pigs. These pigs are micro in size and commonly known as teacup pigs as they are very tiny to be accommodated in a mug. There are many videos which you can view on YouTube or Google, illustrating the adorable things done by the pigs. These pigs are seen getting fed in with milk bottles, snuggle with kids, wrestle with dogs, swim in pools, and do many other funny and witty activities.


Teacup pigs have become a choice for many people and are considered to be better companions than dogs. There are many people who don’t agree about teacup pigs and when the breeders use this term, they are often misunderstood by some people. Pigs breeds are basically of the same species and don’t outgrow like farm animals. They are under-sized and smaller pets having different nutrition needs than the farm pigs. Mini pigs are very intelligent animals having a jolly nature. Potbellied pigs were originally bred in Vietnam and the domestication of pigs began during that phase. The average adult size of a pet pig reaches about 100 pounds and they are just similar to mid-sized dogs.


Cost of owning teacup pigs


Breeders acclaim that baby teacup pigs are real and have successfully bred teacup piglets to produce the small-sized pigs. The cost of owning a teacup pig has no limits. The people who look for owning the teacup pig have to research fully to get the most adorable pet for their home. It is a hard decision to find cheap teacup pigs as they might outgrow their size and you might have to send them to any farm or open space. It would be a waste of time and money to invest in the pigs who are going to get bigger in size.


Always make a fair choice in the case of pigs to purchase for home as they will be your friend for many years to come. They are available at genuine piecing and people are even ready to pay higher for genuine teacup piglets. There is some bargaining done but the ultimate price will be several thousand dollars.


How do breeders deal with the myth of teacup pigs?


Whether a pig is a teacup or bigger size will depend on your thinking about them. Small pigs do exist but the smallest adult size is about 100 pounds. If you’ve been promised a micro pig that grows beyond 120 pounds, beware and rethink about your decision. The pig looks sweet only with the right size as the oversized animals just appear as a burden in the house.


Breeders face many issues while selling these pigs. The right way is to keep the picture or actual reference of the parent pigs and give an idea to their parents for the size they will gain when grown up. Tiny pigs might have some negative health issues due to underfeeding problems. Breeders face this genuine problem that people don’t understand the balanced diet for their pigs and when their pets become obese, they get back to breeders with suspicion in mind. The pets have to be given completely balanced food to keep them smaller in size and fulfill their body requirements. It is impossible that the pig remains 10-15 pounds in size as it is their birth weight. As they grow, there will be increased in the bodyweight along with the size. Mini pigs which people watch online or see in the TV are potbelly piglets who appear to be very tiny in the beginning but grow up with time.


Pigs can breed when they are just three months old. It means that the parents of the baby pigs may be piglets themselves. The parent pig sizes can just give an idea about the growth of pigs but it is not a sure measure for the same. Potbellied pigs keep on growing till they reach the age of 5 which can be unsuitable to keep for the people who are willing to keep tiny pigs as pets.


Piggies as pets

Pig breeding has become a phenomenon over the last few decades. The pigs kept as house pets is an admirable concept. Once you think about the cuteness of these pigs, there are many other things to keep in mind for owning the pigs. These are neat and intelligent animals forming strong bonds with the people at home. They can be trained to be kept clean and playful. People are surprised by their smartness and uniqueness of their personality.


In spite of whatever the breeders claim, living with a pig is different from that of having an association with a cat or a dog. Some pigs mix up with homeowners really well but others might be tough to deal with. When the baby pig starts approaching adulthood and fails to meet the expectations of the owners, they are abandoned.


Mini Pig Information


There is proper research required for getting mini pig information which can prevent abandonment of the teacup pigs. You need to consider every aspect before bringing the pig home. Even if the pig is legalized in your city, it is important to understand that they are farm animals and behave in that particular way. Things can go really creepy when you piggy exceeds 150 pounds. This is the major reason for some people not to believe the pigs.


The homeowner needs to provide a safe and secured area to the pigs to keep them happy. Pigs can’t be kept outdoors, in general, but micro pigs are happy to remain inside the house. Pigs have an instinctual behavior that remains in them when they are kept indoors. Hence, it is very important to keep giving them some outside time to keep them happy. You shouldn’t choose the pig as a pet if you’re not sure about giving them a few hours a day.