Different types of teacup pigs

Teacup pigs are the beautiful creatures and you’ll love them in your life. The minipigs are available in different colors and with special patterns. There are many breeders who charge extra for blue eyes or special patterns on the body of mini dogs. The price of pet ranges from $700-$2500 depending on the quality of the pet. However, apart from the outer appearance, the real adult picture of the piglets can be estimated with the picture of their parents. Many breeders keep the parents of the baby pigs nearby to give their real appearance to the new parents who are willing to get the little piggy home.

The animals are treated with a lot of care under the breeder’s supervision and they are given whole organic feed in the beginning years. The pigs are socialized and handled from the very beginning and they are given all the love. These pigs are very intelligent and understand the respect and care you’re showing them. The owners will love the experience of seeing their pigs grow. You can expect a little training from the end of the breeder as it is not wise to train the very little pigs. When the pigs will reach your home, it is easy to train them and teach them basic manners.

There are litter boxes available for the pigs who have to be kept inside an apartment. It is to make sure that the pigs remain clean and don’t spread the litter around. These tiny pigs are dewormed and weaned to solid foods after a period of time. Cleanliness matters a lot for the pigs as they are basically not prone to mites. Unlike dogs, pigs have hair on their body and are easier to manage. Males are neutered and females are spayed before going to a new home. The breeders give informational packet, pig vaccine records and other necessary documents to the new parents. You can ask your breeder for any queries or concerns about the pet.

There is a waiting time for choosing your newborn and the customer service desk of the company can let you know the exact time to wait until the arrival of baby pigs for your home. The pigs are very loving and would expect cuddling and love from their new parent. They will be attached more to one family member in the house and remain in touch with them for the maximum time. Once you give them proper time and training, these pets will get associated with you in a better way and love you even more. The pigs need a bedding and proper space for them to sleep, rest and root on their blankets. These interesting animals are very exciting and you’ll love them for everything they do. Give them appropriate food as the excess of food can make them sick and obese. Teacup pigs are very impressive in their own way. They will become very special to you and love you unconditionally for everything you do for them.


Teacup Pigs: Best gift for Birthdays

Teacup pigs are trendy and the most beautiful pets you could have ever thought of. If you have children at home and they are quite interested to bring a pet, or love pets anyway, it is highly preferable to bring teacup pigs home. These are the ultimately cute creatures adding to a feeling of love and affection at home. The child’s birthday party could be the best one by including a new member in the family who is especially meant for their companionship.

It could be fascinating for your child to get a teacup buddy on their birthday. You can plan a surprise for them or ask them their personal opinion about the pet. There are very cute baskets available for presenting the baby pig to guests. The focus is kept on the safety of pet while packing them for the party. There are educational presentations made by some of the teacup pig companies to give the fun-facts and care tips to kids for their little buddy at home. It is a gift they will never forget. There are some of the specialized parties designed for the exclusive teacup pig enjoyment but that is only available at some places. In such outdoor sessions, the teacup pigs are provided for the enjoyment of kids. These pigs are given training for performing tricks and enjoy in the company of kids. Some outdoor restaurants and kid spots also provide the exclusive area for kids to enjoy with their tiny pigs.

It is important to make your children aware of these miniature pigs when you are bringing them home. If the pig is too young, they will demand your attention and care. Make sure that you tell your kids about the ways to handle the baby pig and the necessary precautions to undertake. Pigs are quite intelligent and would understand your training tips very soon. It is important to assure that the baby pigs are given proper food at the prescribed times by your veterinary doctor. Don’t give them too much as it will spoil their habit and instruct your children not to give the pigs unnecessary things to avoid health issues for them.

Pigs love their own place and you need to allow a personal place for them at your home to make sure that they remain comfortable and cozy in their own environment. There can be a bowl of water kept near their bedding and a cozy blanket on their bed area to make sure that the baby can keep warm with their own body heat. The baby animals need protection in the beginning and once they get used to your home, they will become an integral part of your family.

The birthday gift idea of giving away a teacup bunny can be a great move in bringing the little bundle of joy to your home. These animals are loving, loyal and interesting to play and spend time. Your children will certainly enjoy their company and it would be an exclusive birthday gift for them.


Bringing Home a Teacup Pig

Pigs are very smart creatures with intelligent brains. Your understanding for the pig is the initial step for spending your quality time with the pet. Pigs make different languages and develop their own language of communicating with its duo and have perfect gestures to show their love to the master. The pigs even produce a sound when they are excited or frightened. They have loving nature and mother pigs produce the sounds to communicate with their young babies.

Bringing the new pig home

Pigs are highly sensitive creatures. They will require your time and patience to make them adjusted to the new atmosphere. You can spend a lot of time in the beginning with the baby pig for a great bonding and feed him with your hands. Don’t let your piggy turn aggressive and keep a proper control over them to gain all their trust. Try to teach them the skills and give general training to it to make them good pets.

Pigs have the basic nature of being in herds and they know that it is great to lead one. So, being their parent, you have to keep them on the right track. These smart creatures are very fond of getting rewarded. You can give them tasks to complete and give them rewards in the form of snacks or chips to make them feel happy.

Keeping a piglet is similar to having a toddler at home. You need to give them constant training and it will follow a routine for the things you teach them. It is recommended that the pig gets a comfortable bedding and environment to stay happy. Every pig requires its personal bedding to stay calm and composed.

Training is essential for having a happy piglet at home. The more time you spend in the initial phases with your pig, there will better understand and bonding developed with them. Make sure that you talk to it about the family members and it follows the rules of the family. The pig would work on their treats and become happy with your love towards them. A spoiled pig is never happy and you won’t be happy with it.

If the pig becomes dominant, the best way is to push them back and let them know the right way to behave. They need to know that you are the boss of the family and everything will run according to their own requirements. It is never good to hurt your pig as it will become aggressive with your behavior. It should know that you lead them and every activity would run as desired by you.

Some pigs develop a feeling of biting their masters and the people around. You can say a firm no to them if they are misbehaving or doing something odd. Be consistent and wait for their reactions to see their behavior. If you are gentle with them and talk to them about the negative thing not to be done by them, they will learn that biting or any other wrong activity won’t be anything good to be done.

Feeding the New Mini Pig

Diet is very essential for every living being. It is important to get the right nutrition and diet for the pigs to stay healthy. They must eat enough food but not too much as these creatures are prone to get fat. You can prevent them from gaining excessive weight by fixing a schedule of diet for them. Don’t feed your pig with dog or cat food as the requirements are different for both the cases. There is special pig food formulated by many animal food companies like Mazuri (young, adult and elder pigs) which includes all the nutritional values required for the appropriate growth of the baby pig and the adults.

You can feed your pig in the way mentioned by their veterinary expert. It is important to keep a track of the weight of your pig and the size of their shoulders and hips to make sure that it is not overweight. You should be able to feel its ribs, shoulders, and backbone as excessive weight doesn’t let you feel the same. If you see all these bones with your eyes, the pig is underweight but if it is not visible and could be felt with your hands, the pig has an appropriate body.

The pig’s diet needs to have some roughage and it could be possible by giving them high-fiber food. It could include raw vegetables or lettuce leaves in the diet. If you have some space for grazing, let the pig do it from the open space in the house.

Treat your pig

Treats are good for everyone and pigs are no different. You can treat your pigs when they do something good or commendable in their own way. Most of the pigs are fond of almost everything and would eat everything very happily. However, the parent needs to find out the most appropriate handling of the baby pig to make them joyful from inside. The pig has to know that it has to achieve something or do something special to make their owner happy with its deeds.

You can give them seasonal fruits, veggies, small horse treats, fruits, cheerios or similar things as treats. It is always advisable to give water to your pigs as they might get dehydrated very soon. Keep a heavy bowl of water for them near their bedding and they can get it whenever required. It is essential to offer some water pool for them to play. Pigs hardly sweat as they have hair on the body and not the fur. So, the excessive water keeps them cool during the summers. These lovable creatures are very easy to feed. You must select a time for them to eat as unnecessary eating habits might make them sick.

Pigs are prone to eating from wherever they find food. The owner has to make sure that there is no food exposed in the kitchen or drawers as these notorious elements can reach anywhere to peek out to eat. Look out for the best food for your pig and serve them two-three times a day in small portions for their best health.

Mini Pig Zoning and Steps to request for amending the city laws

Pigs still fall into the category of livestock animals by the USDA and the major city governments. It is important to check the state regulations before bringing the pet into your home. Many cities don’t allow pigs inside the city limits. Some cities allow pigs with some restrictive points, like one pig in a household, weight limits or vaccination requirements. You can contact your local city government office to look out for the right ordinances.


If your city is not zoned for the pigs, it is feasible to make your attempt to update or change the ordinance. The city council can be contacted to rewrite the laws and formulate the new suggestion floated by the government. If you search on the web, there will be many stories enlisting the changes made in the city’s zoning, as requested by the owners, for keeping pet minipigs.


Step by step guide to change of city zoning ordinances to legalize mini pigs:


  • It is important to directly contact the zoning council of the city before bringing the pet home. Once the pet gets into the home without looking at the laws, it could become a violation of the law and the officials find the owners with a big fine. It is never too late to stand up for your favorite pet and inquire about keeping it home from the right source.
  • The pets at home need to be spayed/neutered and kept at a proper place at home or a fenced yard. The pet should not be a trouble to anyone living around in the area.
  • Read the detailed zoning ordinance of the city to understand whatever is allowed. Use the information to build a strong case for challenging the present ordinance.
  • Your supportive documents and fact sheets would help in making a draft for the contact to the zoning officials. This part varies from one city to the other. This could be done through a City manager, City Secretary, the City Administrator, the Planning Committee or City Zoning committee. Ask your point of contact and move ahead with the required steps. You might be invited for a meeting with City Council for reviewing your proposal.
  • Once the review is done by the concerned committee, they might approve or deny the changes. The approval will be your win and the disapproval would require more facts about the pigs and the convincing documents to support your decision.

Supporting Documents

It is useful to submit the documents to keep mini pigs as pets. The proposals and ordinance codes are different and there is no standard procedure to be followed for getting the approval. The best you can do is to put your heard into it and show the officials how important these pets are for you. The most useful document is the 56-page packet courtesy from AMPA (American Mini Pig Association). The support from community members would be a catalyst to get powerful results in your support. The short letter can be written enlisting the reasons for owning the pet is important to you. Gather the ordinances and statistics from the nearby cities which have permitted the pet. A local attorney for help.


Transportation and Caring of Pigs

It is a rewarding experience to own a teacup pig. There are certain responsibilities to look for the welfare of the pigs. You need to know the pig welfare standards and guidelines before making your decision to own a pig.

The basic needs of pigs are:

  1. Ready access to food and water to remain healthy
  2. Visual and social contact with people or other pigs
  • Freedom to stand, stretch and roll-on
  1. Personal bedding and protected environment
  2. Rapid identification of behavioral issues, disease or any injury

Transportation of pigs

Pigs are very witty and inquisitive animals which could be handled quietly without experiencing any shock. It is unacceptable to beat or continuously prod them. There are some points to be remembered while transporting the pigs from one state to the other:

  • Transportation of the pigs have to be conducted in a safe way and free from suffering, pain, and stress. The pig should be in a fit and healthy condition and able to stand or sit according to its comfort.
  • The pigs showing any signal of trembling, anxiety, lying down or any other appearance should be allowed to relax before being transported through airlines.
  • Pigs don’t sweat and the body temperature has to be maintained by regularly hydrating it. Hence, this point should be considered seriously and traveling in hot and humid weather should be made comfortable for the micro pig.
  • Pigs should be handled calmly and with patience. The new environments could be frightening for the baby pigs. They should be handled very carefully and with lots of love to avoid the unstable mind.
  • Vehicles for transporting the pigs should be well-cleaned before transporting to avoid any infection or bacteria in their body.
  • Pigs are sensitive and the transport vehicles must not be too close for a long time. It could cause breathing issues to the baby pig.
  • Transport should be done in early mornings or late noon time to make it comfortable for the pig.

Caring for a pig in the new environment

You can’t really predict the behavior of a pig in the new environment. You have to be very soft and loving for the pig to investigate their surroundings. Keep an eye on them for 24-48 hours after the transportation. There should be clean bedding ready for them to rest on when they reach home. Pigs can’t bear too much heat or cold environment. Temperature near 25 degrees Centigrade is the most adequate for the body of a pig. Even in the warm temperature, they should be given a thin sheet to cover their body or fulfill their desire for rooting. A bowl of water near their sleeping area would keep them hydrated and they would feel fresh and cool to stay near the area. Water availability is important in every weather. The food given to pigs should be hygienic and nutritious. Take them to a veterinary doctor as soon as they reach you to get an assessment of their health and other factors.


USDA Regulations for traveling of LiveStock

Pigs are usually considered to be livestock. Whether it is a pet or a farm animal, USDA guidelines have to be followed. Potbellied pigs are not actually livestock, but USDA has protocols which need to be followed for the right move. International travel of pigs has become common in a few states and these rules are amended very often. It is your responsibility to look for the rules and regulations of the area in which you reside and decide about the most desirous ways to bring a pet from the long-distant breeders. Taking an example of the state of Virginia, USDA website will give you the information to bring or send the teacup pig from the particular state. You must adhere to the guidelines and check out the requirements put up on the USDA website to choose the ultimate solution.

Admission requirements

For example, the regulations in Virginia require the entry of the animals into the Commonwealth. If you bring an animal into Virginia, make sure that you tally them from the list of the animals permitted for transport. Whether the animals are being transported within the state or across the state lines, the laws should be read carefully. The animal admission requirements could be checked through the Office of Veterinary Services. The state of Virginia doesn’t make any difference between pet pigs, farm pigs, mini pigs or any other category. They all are pigs and hence, the laws remain the same for every type. Virginia regulations govern the entry of animals into the Commonwealth. There is an identification number noted for every pig on the CVI (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) or health certificate.

The pig coming from an area not free from brucellosis or pseudorabies, the pig will require the blood test to make sure that it is negative from the infections. Some states give detailed listing and regulations for the animals and others might be unclear about them. The best way to determine the same is to contact the state vet (written communication) and ask them about the particular queries in your mind. It requires time and efforts to get it done and your planning is mandatory to bring the pig from any other state or send the pig to some other place.

In case of any illegal transportation, there is a hefty fine charged for unfollowing the rules. If you are getting a new pig from outside the state without CVI, it will be a big risk. It is simple to get an appointment with the state vet and discuss your concerns or plans. There would be absolutely no issues if there are proper guidelines followed to transport the pig. Some states accept a very recent health certificate of the pet (less than 10 days old) and hence, it is essential to check with the destinate state regarding the laws. It is not worthy to take any decision without thinking twice about it. People might give you their opinion and suggestions as per their knowledge but it is important to do your own research because it could be really troublesome for the pet, receiver and the sender to face any awkward situation.

How to make your teacup pig stop begging for food?

Miniature pigs are a form of the small-sized animals having general nature like big pigs. These animals are fond of smelling something and get into it for eating. All the pigs live for eating as it is their generalized habit. They might get full tummies but it never goes in their head. If you give them eatables anytime during the day; they won’t say no to it because eating is a kind of hobby for them. They might also get aggressive if you’re not giving them something while eating. So, that’s a little problem in the case of keeping pigs as pets.

Consistent Feeding

The consistency in feeding your pig will be the most important thing to feed them and your control is very important when it comes to dispensing food for these small elements. If you are giving snacks to your baby pig without noticing the timings, it would be a way to spoil their health. They will start treating you as their personal vending machine and require you to present the food whenever they even think about it. Any negative response from your side would be the way to show aggression for them. The pet will begin losing respect for you and this is where the major problem of coordination would lie. There will be a loss of control and you’ll feel that the dog is becoming bossy in its own way.

Your decision about the pig’s health should be final. Tell your family members and kids from the very beginning that they need to stick to the eating plan for the baby pig from the very beginning of their life. You will be able to teach the piglet that they will be provided meals for only two times in a day. It is a real need of the teacup pigs to get the appropriate feeding schedule to maintain good health stats. The best way to handle them is to ignore their need for snacks and other eatables.

Veterinary Expert

The veterinary doctor of the pig will let you know about their requirements and there is no need of feeding them more than the specified amount. The food should not be spilled on the floor as the pig might eat the same in the misconception that you’ve given it to them. There has to be a particular space for the pig to eat and the food bowl for the baby pig has to be particularly meant for them to know the right spot for them to eat. Feed your pig at the right area and at the appropriate timing. You can begin ignoring them if it asks for the feed outside the normal meal times. If you are training them and need food items to prompt them for eating, the baby pig should know that it is for the purpose of earning from you.

The larger sized pigs require a lot of food and hence, can’t be kept at home. Those are the large-sized animals having a tendency to live in the big farms. It is probably the best way to allocate a specific time for the baby pig and feed them on your own to avoid any mishandling or discrepancy in the diet. The small pigs have to be fed very wisely as bigger bites would knock them and the food might go inside their food pipe. The pig establishes a dominant position over the children and becomes aggressive in future if they are handled in a wrong way.

Pigs are intelligent creatures

Don’t ever listen to the pig’s demands when you’re eating. The piggy will demand food every time you look at them but you will have to fix eating timings for them. It will be a craze to keep the pigs at home as they will live with you for the next 15 years. These pigs are quite intelligent to understand your instructions. They can be taught for various amusing tricks and activities. Micro pigs weigh around 9-10 ounces at birth and have a very small size. It grows up to 65 pounds when fully grown and it is far less than a normal farm pig.

Some breeders are able to offer teacup pigs of very high quality. The parents of the pigs should be seen before buying the pet because it will give you an idea about the actual growth of the pig. If parents are fully matured then it would be easy for you to judge the appearance of the pig. Taking a good care of your pig is very essential. These points can be kept in mind to assure the appropriate health of your baby pig:

  • Pigs have hair on their body and don’t sweat at all. Hence, these animals are prone to overheating. Make sure that the pet’s diet has seasonal fruits and vegetables with an adequate amount of water to drink. If you live in warm and humid places, a small pool of water would be a great idea to keep near the bedding of your pig to assure that it remains hydrated. Lack of water in the diet would result in many issues like urinary tract infections.
  • Fix up an appointment with a veterinary doctor of your pig and keep a track of its medications and vaccinations to ensure that the animal remains fit for the whole life.
  • Take your pet for regular walks and get them home only if you are sure that you can devote some time to your day with your pig. Overeating should be carefully handled as it can lead to serious issues for the pet.

Mini pigs are very enjoyable pets and you can select them after getting whole information about them. Teacup pigs are easy to train and you will require intelligent ways to handle them. They are clean and don’t produce an odor. Your experience to keep them home would be quite satisfactory and you’ll love the pet for their overloaded cuteness.


Baby Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are the cutest pets to be kept at home. These are the small-sized pigs having a tiny appearance. The bright eyes pigs have something to say always and they are full of adventure. These pigs are lovable and would genuinely love their owner. If you’ve ever kept a pet at home, you’ll realize that teacup pigs are very quick in learning and understanding the things. They are much better than the dogs and cats in many ways. Baby teacup pigs are very small in size (could be adjusted in a small tea-sized cup).  They are so tiny that they would just come in your hands to get all your love.

Caring for your baby teacup pig

The primary thing to look for is that you need to find the right source for getting your baby pig. Don’t just look for any breeder to get the little pig. There are many people who are just looking for the money and don’t care about the minimum age to give the baby to owners. The reason to get a little bigger baby is that you’ll be able to take care of it in a better way. It is not possible for the house owners to take care of the newly born babies and they should be at least 15-20 days old to bring home. Once the baby pig is taken home, they should care like a human baby. The concern for your pig will matter the most for them in their early stages of life. They will understand your touch and socialize with the family members very soon.

Teacup pigs are the most intelligent pets. They will start littering at the place mentioned by you soon after you start making a routine for them. The breeder will give you guidelines about the food to give to the baby pig and you must adhere to the same routine. The pigs have a tendency to grow very soon and hence, too much of food is never good for them. The baby piglet is fragile and if it doesn’t drink its mother’s milk, it doesn’t develop the right immunity. So, make sure that the pig has got enough of mama’s milk for remaining in good health for the rest of their life. Ask your breeder about the same and also, keep a track of its vaccinations. Female pigs are neutered and male pigs are spayed before sending them to the homes for pet usage.

Pig Area

You need to have a separate area for your piglets. They will require a separate area for their bedding and it could be in your lobby, room or any other part of the house. There can be a water bowl kept near the pig bedding for drinking water and they can take a nap and night sleep at that place. The pigs require ‘me time’ and it is possible to give them a corner with blankets and bedding to feel cozy. The benefit of keeping teacup pigs is that they can accommodate even in small apartments, condos or even bigger houses.

The pigs are like small kids who need attention at every point. You can give toys to the pigs for entertainment or turn on your TV for them as these animals would require regular love from you. Your piggy will get used to the daily routine and you can give them attention after coming back from work. You can talk to them and they will understand you. There are pig products available in the marker and you can choose some old comforter or blanket for the pig to snuggle. The doggy bedding could be a nice idea and the pig would feel comfortable in the warm environment. Pigs have a natural instinct of rooting. You can make sure that the pig is given enough space to root around for a few minutes.

Litter Box

There are many animal products you can find at the stores. The litter box is a common utility of a house with pets. You can place a litter box in your apartment or backyard for your pet. It will make them habitual to remain clean and get rid of the waste. Teacup pigs are very clean animals and would use the litter box if they are taught in that way. Give a few minutes to the baby pig every day and tell them their spot for pee and poo. Some people use their washrooms for piglet use but it is possible only in a few cases.

Handling the pigs

Baby pigs are much unsecured at the beginning of their life. They will naturally get the sensation of warmth with you with the passage of time. You can get the piglet acquainted with the house rules and there has to be a fixed eating time for them to avoid any issues later on. Piglets love to get comfortable in their personalized space. The comfort bedding will relax them and make them feel good from inside. It is easy to watch TV while holding your little piglet and let them root you. They will understand your scent and bond with you in the best way. These animals are highly dependent on their owners and feel delighted to be in their company. There is nothing like a tummy-rub for them and they would love being pampered by you.

The pigs will get relaxed with your touch. If you can’t spend enough time with them, it is not advisable to keep the pet at home. You can make them comfortable in every possible way. Keep a track of the vaccination schedule of your pet and visit their doctor in case of an issue. You can plan a diet schedule for your pet and feed them only whatever is required for their good health. Teacup pigs are adorable pets and you can bring them home only if you’re sure that you can take care of them. They can be handled with care and will become your best buddies.

Growing craze of mini pigs

Mini piglet craze has been growing from the ending of the 1980s. When it was seen in Paris Hilton’s hands in 1985, people became really interested to know about the cute little pet and started searching about them.

At present, there are many different pig breeds available for mini versions to be kept at home. The different versions of pigs to be kept at home are available for adoption or purchase. There are mini versions of potbelly pigs having characteristics that attract people to make them a part of their home. These are easy to deal with pets having an intelligent outlook with the most loving outlook for every person at home.

The average lifespan of a pig is around 20 years which means that they will be with their owner for a long period of time. There are many associations linked with teacup pigs that follow the guidelines and general instructions to keep them home. These pets are very social and easily trainable. Hence, many fur-allergic people are preferring them instead of dogs or cats. Pot-bellied pigs are gaining popularity due to their witty nature.

Color variations

There are many color tones in which the pigs are available with the breeders. Apart from basic black or brown tones, the pigs have patches on the skin which are quite appealing. The baby pigs are pinkish in color but as they grow, the color and patterns become visible on the body. White pigs have been developed with selective breeding patterns but the pure white color is something very exclusive. Most of the white pigs have brown or grey tinges on their skin. They have a spectacular outlook that appeals the pet lovers.

The size of the pigs is unclear until they become mature. It might sound odd but pigs grow up to the size of a medium dog and if they cross that limit, the ultimate growth might become unpredictable. The breeders under associations mention these facts well and have specifications mentioned for the new owners. There are many mini-pig breeds having variable names and quite popular among the people.

Teacup piglets’ trends are spreading throughout the US and these loving animals are gaining popularity by becoming a favorite of many celebs. It could be a great step to check the state zoning laws before getting the pig home. These pets are good for keeping in apartments, small homes or even bungalows. There is no restriction for pigs but they need their personal space in the form of a blanket bedding to feel cozy. A safe and secure environment for your mini pig can keep them happy and they would keep you happy with their interesting activities.

The unattended or frustrated pig can be dangerous for humans. These are social creatures and can’t live well without being pampered or trained. People are surprised to find out the aggression issues in the pigs but it happens only by neglecting them. Hence, you need to make sure that they are properly handled and well-managed to avoid any issues later on.


What should you know before keeping a teacup pig?

Mini pigs are the affectionate pets that you can keep at home with all the love. These animals are furless and this might be a cleaner reason to keep them as your best companion.

Miniature pigs or teacup pigs are small-sized pigs having a bodyweight equal to a mid-sized dog. These animals are highly social and witty that you’ll make them learn different things soon. They have funny moods and can be trained well. Most of the pigs are sold by the breeders at a decent price and you could get one for companionship.

Training the pig

Pigs are popular pets as they can be trained very easily. You can litter train the pigs and they usually don’t spoil the house. So, the people looking for cleaner houses can think about keeping a pig as their pet. These animals would understand your commands after a few days of being with you. They won’t create any fusses in learning but you need to be very calm and kind in teaching them routine activities.

You can keep a balanced diet for them and they will be glad to make the different food items as a part of their schedule. The pigs will have a fixed time for potty and you need to make sure that you follow the right ways to train them to go to their litter box or your fixed spot for them to poo.

Trusted friends for years

Pigs will be emotionally attached to you and this would be the number one point to keep them. Make sure that you train you the pig in the right way and don’t become dominant in handling them. You can display your loving gestures to which they will certainly respond.

Pigs usually have a lifespan of 15-20 years. They are the long-lived pets having a great attachment to their masters. You will share many years in the company of this lovely pet and hence, it is required to make them as your family members to share a perfect bond with them.

Be careful while purchasing

You need to be very careful to buy teacup pigs. There are many breeders who might give you the wrong micro pig for the reason of getting more bucks. You will never want a pig with a hefty outlook as it will be too bulky to handle. Hence, it is important to search for a reputed breeder and check the pig parents before making the purchase. If a breeder gives a heavy discount on selling the teacup pig, make sure that you’re taking the right pet. Pigs need to be purchased from a well-known source to avoid any issues later on.

Get the cuddly mini pigs as they will make the funny pigs for your home. They will mix up with all the family members and even go well with one owner. Make up your mind by consulting a reputed breeder and think about owning the cutest piggy pet.