How to make your teacup pig stop begging for food?

Miniature pigs are a form of the small-sized animals having general nature like big pigs. These animals are fond of smelling something and get into it for eating. All the pigs live for eating as it is their generalized habit. They might get full tummies but it never goes in their head. If you give them eatables anytime during the day; they won’t say no to it because eating is a kind of hobby for them. They might also get aggressive if you’re not giving them something while eating. So, that’s a little problem in the case of keeping pigs as pets.

Consistent Feeding

The consistency in feeding your pig will be the most important thing to feed them and your control is very important when it comes to dispensing food for these small elements. If you are giving snacks to your baby pig without noticing the timings, it would be a way to spoil their health. They will start treating you as their personal vending machine and require you to present the food whenever they even think about it. Any negative response from your side would be the way to show aggression for them. The pet will begin losing respect for you and this is where the major problem of coordination would lie. There will be a loss of control and you’ll feel that the dog is becoming bossy in its own way.

Your decision about the pig’s health should be final. Tell your family members and kids from the very beginning that they need to stick to the eating plan for the baby pig from the very beginning of their life. You will be able to teach the piglet that they will be provided meals for only two times in a day. It is a real need of the teacup pigs to get the appropriate feeding schedule to maintain good health stats. The best way to handle them is to ignore their need for snacks and other eatables.

Veterinary Expert

The veterinary doctor of the pig will let you know about their requirements and there is no need of feeding them more than the specified amount. The food should not be spilled on the floor as the pig might eat the same in the misconception that you’ve given it to them. There has to be a particular space for the pig to eat and the food bowl for the baby pig has to be particularly meant for them to know the right spot for them to eat. Feed your pig at the right area and at the appropriate timing. You can begin ignoring them if it asks for the feed outside the normal meal times. If you are training them and need food items to prompt them for eating, the baby pig should know that it is for the purpose of earning from you.

The larger sized pigs require a lot of food and hence, can’t be kept at home. Those are the large-sized animals having a tendency to live in the big farms. It is probably the best way to allocate a specific time for the baby pig and feed them on your own to avoid any mishandling or discrepancy in the diet. The small pigs have to be fed very wisely as bigger bites would knock them and the food might go inside their food pipe. The pig establishes a dominant position over the children and becomes aggressive in future if they are handled in a wrong way.

Pigs are intelligent creatures

Don’t ever listen to the pig’s demands when you’re eating. The piggy will demand food every time you look at them but you will have to fix eating timings for them. It will be a craze to keep the pigs at home as they will live with you for the next 15 years. These pigs are quite intelligent to understand your instructions. They can be taught for various amusing tricks and activities. Micro pigs weigh around 9-10 ounces at birth and have a very small size. It grows up to 65 pounds when fully grown and it is far less than a normal farm pig.

Some breeders are able to offer teacup pigs of very high quality. The parents of the pigs should be seen before buying the pet because it will give you an idea about the actual growth of the pig. If parents are fully matured then it would be easy for you to judge the appearance of the pig. Taking a good care of your pig is very essential. These points can be kept in mind to assure the appropriate health of your baby pig:

  • Pigs have hair on their body and don’t sweat at all. Hence, these animals are prone to overheating. Make sure that the pet’s diet has seasonal fruits and vegetables with an adequate amount of water to drink. If you live in warm and humid places, a small pool of water would be a great idea to keep near the bedding of your pig to assure that it remains hydrated. Lack of water in the diet would result in many issues like urinary tract infections.
  • Fix up an appointment with a veterinary doctor of your pig and keep a track of its medications and vaccinations to ensure that the animal remains fit for the whole life.
  • Take your pet for regular walks and get them home only if you are sure that you can devote some time to your day with your pig. Overeating should be carefully handled as it can lead to serious issues for the pet.

Mini pigs are very enjoyable pets and you can select them after getting whole information about them. Teacup pigs are easy to train and you will require intelligent ways to handle them. They are clean and don’t produce an odor. Your experience to keep them home would be quite satisfactory and you’ll love the pet for their overloaded cuteness.