The most common problem that a teacup pig owner might have to combat with is obesity. Teacup pigs generally have a tendency to grow obese and then this problem needs to be solved because it is an invitation to various other health issues as well. One must keep a fixed diet routine and avoid this problem at all costs because once a pig becomes obese, it is difficult to make it lose weight. However, if the pig becomes obese, then it is necessary that the pig must be made to lose weight soon so that its health does not deteriorate. The height of a pig cannot be controlled but its weight can definitely be managed.

Why do pigs become obese?

Owners generally make the mistake of over-feeding their pigs. A pig must have a regular eating routine and must be fed accordingly. Feeding any time does not make sense. There should be a proper schedule of how many meals to be given to the pig. The pig must not be fed at any time it asks for food and must be given treats only when required. Once the pet becomes habitual to daily treats, they become habitual. The treats must be given to the pets only on special occasions.

How to recognize that a pig is obese?

• The forehead of a pig is usually clear and without any rolls. Once fat rolls become visible, it shows that the pig is overweight.
• In normal condition, the ears of a pig rest on the top of a pig’s head but when it becomes overweight, the ears come sideways instead of resting on the top. This condition can also lead to loss of hearing in the pear.
• They find it difficult to get up after they sit or lie down. This may also develop into arthritis.
• Vision loss, hearing loss, and breathing difficulties are symptoms of obesity.

How to make a pig lose the extra weight it has gained?

Older pigs cannot be made to exercise vigorously as their activeness decreases to a great extent after they mature. On becoming obese, they also start experiencing mobility issues which makes them weak. One can help the pigs lose weight by making them eat fewer calories so that it does not contribute to more fat. Arthritis is a problem that follows obesity. Therefore, to avoid diseases, a pig must be made to lose weight.

Also, the pig can be made to do exercise in hidden form like making it find its food. Pigs have good smelling power and instead of feeding it directly, it can be made to hunt for its food. Also, one must replace fatty foods with more healthy and nutritious foods so that it at least does not gain more weight. A daily walk is a very good exercise that is not too tiring and along with that helps in burning the fat too.

Obesity is an issue that needs to be tackled with the utmost care and attention so that the health of the pig does not deteriorate further. One must do all that one can to make the pig lose weight and the pig may become fit and fine again.

Obesity in Teacup Pigs