Micro Pigs: Loving Tiny Pets

Teacup pigs are tiny forms of big farm pigs and they are much smaller in size. They have a very mini structure in the beginning of their lives and grow eventually to the weight of maximum 100 pounds. These pigs get maximum size as the mid-sized dog and pet lovers like them for domestic ease to keep them at home.

Small size is the biggest advantage for these tiny creatures. It is essential to look for advantages for these pets. These animals don’t have furs on their body and their hairs are similar to human beings. These eliminate the allergy issues and also, your home will remain clean from the sticky hair of these animals. You can own a pig instead of cats and dogs, if you are interested to keep your home hygienic. The reason is that these animals learn toilet training techniques very soon. They can get every training very easily. The lifespan of these animals is up to 20 years and it is much more than the age of cats and dogs. Miniature pig owners have to take care of them intensely during the beginning years and as they grow, there will be least troubles caused to you.You can find teacup pig information and useful advice on selecting the perfect teacup pig for your family. We have some of the world’s smallest. We offer Financing.

Teacup Pigs: Loving Tiny Creatures

Teacup pigs need their personalized zone for their safety. They are like the small children having an urge to explore everything and hence, you have to keep them away from your refrigerator, clothes or other things at home. Their bedding should have a bowl of water and meals (if you are working and leave them at home). These smart creatures can learn different tricks with ease. They love to get rewarded and you can keep them easily at home with an intention to enjoy. Keep a track of their vaccinations and conduct various health checkup sessions for them to avoid any problematic issues later on.

Pigs Care and Training

Your training preparation for teacup pigs will depend upon the age is your pig. When you adopt a pig from a breeder, ask him lots of questions to handle a pig properly. You can ask him question related to feeding, training and any health problem. Information taken in advance can help you train your pet better. You should get an annual checkup done of your mini pig to avoid any health issues.

The flexible natures of these little pets can amaze you. You can potty train your pig for indoor and outdoor.  Teacup Pigs prefer to discharge litter outside, but you can train them for urinating indoors in a specialized litter box. If you want to train your pet completely for outdoors, fix a place in backyard and make your pig litter there. Stay with your piggy throughout outdoor training and they will actually learn the processes soon.


You can bathe them once in a month. Pig’s skin gets dry if you bathe them too much. However, regular sponging is required to keep the germs away. Pigs like cozy sleeping area for sleeping and relaxing. Make special bed with plenty of cushions and special blankets to give them for warmth. Pigs love to play with pillows and enjoy them.

Pigs Care and Training

You can add vegetables to pig’s diet. Initially, you can try with certain types of veggies and see what they like. You can also give fruits to your pig as special treats. Fruits have high sugar content that can increase your pig weight and should be avoided.

Pigs are very curious by nature. Train them so that they can follow you easily. Keep your kitchen and bathroom cabinets locked that carries dangerous things the way you would do for a child. Make sure your piggy stay away from anything that might hurt him. Rooting is basic behavior of pigs. You have to make small area of mud or a place outside especially for them to root in.

Teacup Pigs Are Adorable Pets

Pets are bundle of joy for many people. They become important part of the family; give special memories that are close to our hearts. People who share strong bonds with their pets tend to have fewer ailments in comparison to people those who don’t own pets. Commonly, people used to keep cats, dogs and different kinds of birds as pets. Apart from these pets, there is one more interesting option you can have termed as ‘Teacup pigs’ as home pet. They are becoming incredibly popular as home pets. They are very intelligent and quite active. They can be easily trained in the house.

Teacup Pigs Are Adorable Pets

Your teacup pig is not going to stay tiny forever. Furthermore, you should be aware of the lifespan of teacup pigs. Their life is for 15-20 years, so makeup your mind accordingly, as it is long term commitment .Teacup pigs and mini pigs have phenomenal characteristics. They are amazingly intelligent and very curious in nature. You can train them to act properly, but don’t punish them physically. Rather, you can train them effectively by motivated them giving food as rewards.

You should take your pig on every day leash-led walks and allow them to run through the house as physical exercise else they keep on gain lots of weight. Add vegetables and fruits in your pets feed. You can get pig feed easily from pet store. They are always in search for food and you should keep them far away from the kitchen area. Pigs love to have veggies, meat products, as well as carbohydrate-based foods.

If you reached on the decision of taking mini teacup pig as pet, please ensure that you take complete care of sweet little pet. It needs all of your attention and love. Soon, you share a unique bond with your little friend. Treat him like a toddler and take care of your pet as your own child.

Taking your Mini Pig Home

Just like any other pet, you need patience and persistence while dealing with teacup pig. You have to give a lot of time and trust to your pig for your acceptance.

You must set up a routine to take your pig outside in the morning. Most of the pigs don’t pee overnight and their bladder gets longer as they grow up. If you know that your pig learns to go potty outside, you can still provide a litter box inside for overnight.

You should keep in mind that pig with weight of 20-25 pounds needs half cup of food. So, you can give your little pet half cup feed in a day one portion in morning and second in the evening. Pigs like green leafy vegetables you can give them as snacks. Don’t keep your pig underfeed or overfeed.

You should hang around with your pig from the start; but patience is required for the same. You may sit with them and let them have a look over the things in your house. Each day try to spend more time with your pig so that it gets more comfortable with you.

Taking your Mini Pig Home

Maintenance of pigs is not too difficult. Pigs are healthy animals and do not require much health care. You can give full bath you pigs once in month else their skin gets dry. Some pigs don’t enjoy bath; so you have to be quick in giving such creatures a good bath. Brush your pig daily this will help in skincare and improve blood circulation. Give them plenty of blankets as they love to root into blankets.

Life of pig is normally 12 to 18 years. They can make most passionate and trusty pets you ever have. They deserve your full attention in the beginning and start giving you great feeling very soon with their delightful presence. Enjoy their tricky nature and they will make you joyful.

Mini pigs can be fabulous pets. They are very affectionate, like any other pets; cats or dogs. You will find them even cleaner and smarter. You get continually entertained with their amazing tricks. They have natural ability to learn and imitate tricks. You should consider below given necessary information before taking a mini pig as a pet:

You need to find out before having a mini pig as a pet if is legal or not. Teacup Pigs usually kept for farming so municipality of some towns may not allow keeping these pigs in their areas. Before taking pig to your home, you need to check laws related to municipality of area of your residence.

Pigs require attention and love. Pig can’t be the best pet for you if you stay out of home for long time. They can’t stay in a small room or in locked home for a long time. They can become destructive and aggressive because of their loneliness. If you are not sure to spend sufficient time with your pig, please think again. Pigs can give you unlimited love but they need satisfactory attention from you.

Mini Pig as a Wonderful Pet

Make sure you have a veterinarian in nearby areas who is professional to treat pigs. Despite the fact a pig’s almost stay healthy; you have to ensure you can provide appropriate care, when needed. Stay in touch with veterinarians who frequently deal with pigs.

Before 8 weeks is too early for micro mini pig to taken away him from the sow as nursing is very necessary for the healthy growth of a pig. To find a suitable micro mini pig, get online help.

Make a special area reserved for your mini pig. Arrange a good rooting pet bed with lots of blankets to keep your pig cozy. Pigs should always have access to a without lid pet bowl for fresh water.

Teacup Pigs are Best Buddies

Teacup pigs are loyal, lovable and intelligent buddies. They are small in size and quite easy for handling. Unlike big pigs, these nano sized pigs have reduced size, but same features as that of normal pigs. They don’t grow too big in height and weight and remain max up to the size of a small dog.

Teacup dogs are very social in nature. They mix up easily with anyone and do fun activities in open. If you are keeping these pets for the first time, you will be actually amazed by their learning capability. They will understand your gestures and language very soon and respond accordingly. It will be a great feeling for you to keep them at home.

Teacup Pigs are Best Buddies

Teacup pigs love to watch tv with you or be with you when you are working on your laptop. They even like music and dance around when their favorite numbers are played. They are reluctant to a few things, but basically, they don’t show their aggressiveness like dogs and pets. They don’t bark and hence, there will be no noisy issues.

Teacup pigs should be taken by a trusted breeder. You might not think about their size till they actually grow up. Some pigs are very tiny in the beginning and become huge farm pigs with 200-300 pounds weight. It is actually ridicules and you might end up in frustration. The price of teacup pigs depends on their breed, size, color and appearance.

Teacup pigs are naughty and you will enjoy their funny activities around. They learn toilet training very soon and show their learning capabilities with best deeds. You can take them on a walk or spend quality time with them. They need a proper bedding to sleep and rest. You should be careful about their health and diet to keep them fit always.

Fun with Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are small sized creatures filled with lots of joys and excitement for their owners. I have a four year old teacup male and it is the charm of our house. He is jolly, intelligent and quite social in nature. I was reluctant in bringing him home due to kids at home, but my conception about these animals was wrong.

I am so much in love with my pig. He is adorable and loves each one of us in his own way. He takes care of my youngest child and never gets aggressive on anyone. We’ve placed his bedding in the lobby and his play area is the backyard of our house. My family has got unexpected love from teacup buddy and he always feels like giving us more than we expect from him.

He was quite friendly with our dog, which is no more now. We are thinking of getting one more teacup pig for the company of our existing pig. He is 15 inches in height with a weight of 125 pounds. We took him neutered from the breeder and maintain his vaccination card to check his health vitals.

Fun with Teacup Pigs

I take him to a small walk in the morning and give him breakfast. My wife feeds him with his lunch, which is a pre-developed food for pigs. We make sure that he doesn’t eat excess food as it can make him obese. The pet is matured enough to maintain hygiene and never creates mess in the house. I think this is the best aspect about keeping a teacup piggy at home. We keep his dinner light by giving him seasonal fruits and vegetables having minimum amount of sugar. Our experience with teacup pig has been great and we recommend this pet to the people who are looking for socially intelligent creatures.

Why people love to keep Teacup pigs?Teacup pigs are micro sized pigs having a great trend in the US and the UK. These are the small pets liked by people due to their tiny size and cute appearance. These pets are owned by many celebrities and hence, they are gaining popularity in the present times. These exotic creatures are highly energetic and will keep your house fun filled by their activities. You will certainly admire them for giving you the best experience of owning a small piggy pet.

Mini pigs are robust and remain healthy due to the fine food habits you give to your kids. They live between 10-20 years, depending on their age and have huge energetic levels. You will enjoy their company as they are very lovable creatures. Your appropriate health care and nutritional activities make them active and you can get perfect nutrition for them, based on their age. You can find all the information you will ever need on micro pigs and mini pigs. Tons of info. I hope you enjoy reading more.

People are choosing teacup pigs for domestication for the reason of their love and care for human beings. They are easy to get adapted to new environment and don’t cause much allergy due to less hair present on their body. There are no furs on the body and hence, no fleas or allergies can arise from their body.

Best reasons for choosing Teacup pets for your home are:

  • They are clean and don’t create much mess.
  • These creatures are quite intelligent and have better cleverness than cats or dogs.
  • There are hairs present on their body and not furs, which reduces the chances of allergies. Also, they don’t get fleas like other pets.
  • They are genetically tiny and compact giving a lovely appearance.
  • They learn things soon and won’t litter around. You can easily do their toilet training.
  • These are social and friendly animals.
  • They are funny and will keep you brisk with their activities.

Give Appropriate Food to Teacup Pig Pets

Give Appropriate Food to Teacup Pig PetsTeacup pigs are mini form of pigs and they will wish to eat everything in their sight. They have a good sense of smelling and will be tempted to eat anything coming their way. These pigs will sometimes eat the worst things without even giving you a hint for the same. At times, teacup pigs become irritated, if they are not presented with their food on immediate demand.

You need to be consistent for giving food to your pet and it should be entirely your control on their food habits. Don’t give them food whenever they are asking for it, but feed them only whenever they ask for the same. You are their vendor and if they eat too much, you will be responsible for the consequences. Once you give them food whenever they ask for, they will lose respect for you and you will ultimately get off the control.

Your decision for food vending should be the last one and there should be no extra snacks provided to them because these pigs gain weight very soon. They become obese and it creates worst situation for their health and body. The best way to handle your kids is to fix their meal timings and even if they ask for more, you have to restrict yourself by not giving them food quite often for their good health.

You can feed your pet in the special area where you keep their utensils for feeding them. Your selection of food should be perfect, including seasonal vegetables and fruits. If you have made a decision to train your pet and need food for it, limit its quantity and don’t focus only to give them good food. Along with food, the pet should be well provided with the bowl of water to avoid any dehydration issues.

How can you get Best from your Teacup Pig?

image4Teacup pigs have attained their name from the reality that they can just fit into a large teacup when they are born. These tiny creatures grow to a maximum height of 18 inches and have a longer lifespan than other pets like cats and dogs. They have no odor and remain clean. You will love to be friends with them due to their loving and caring attitude.

Teacup pigs are quite intelligent and you can train them according to your wish. They can be taught various tricks, which can help them to become great learners. If you are not giving them full time, there is a probability for them to become aggressive and lazy. Hence, you have to keep them in pairs, if you are not sure about giving them appropriate time. These pets have to be handled well to keep them in control. They understand your gestures and talks very well. You can give them fruits and vegetables along with a lot of water to keep them hydrated. The owner has to keep their diet healthy because they can become obese very soon.

It is important to give your time to the pets because they want your attention. Even if you are working and the pet is sitting or playing besides you, they will be happy. You can keep them busy by buying toys for them and keep their energy systematically organized. Pig pets can be wonderful companions and you can enjoy in their company. They are cute creatures having beautiful structures. You can even get your pets trained by specialists and make use of their intelligence to get best out of them. It is essential to spend time with your pet and give them love to keep them happy. These fun loving tiny creatures can fill your life with the amazing joys.

Micro Pigs are loving pets