Pigs are into the category of livestock as per the USDA City Governments. It is essential for the owners to check the government regulations before bringing the pet to your home. Many cities don’t allow the pig within the city bounds and others might pose some restrictions over the number of pigs, weight, and vaccination requirements.
You can contact your local municipal offices to look for the animal ordinances by keeping in mind the livestock regulations. If the city in which you live is not zoned for a pig, you can make attempts to get the ordinances changed and the city council can consider it for an update. Contact the city council to take steps for the reformation of the pet laws.
Steps to request you for changes in city zoning ordinances:
1) It is the most important step to check the city’s zoning council before bringing them home. Once any law is violated, the officials become very strict and you might have to lose your little pet forever. It is never too late to stand for your pet and request the authorities for the alteration in guidelines.
2) The pig has to be neutered/spayed for hygienic purposes and given proper shelter or bedding to stay at home.
3) Read the city’s zone ordinance to understand what all is allowed in your state and move according to the given information.
4) Get support from the documents, as possible. It will help you to get the legalized way to get your pig home.
5) There is an official request for amendment of the zoning ordinance regarding mini pigs as the pets. There are some individuals set up for the city laws, including the City Secretary, the City Manager, City Administrator, and Planning Committee. They must schedule the meeting with City Council for the proposal review.
6) Once the amendment is proposed, the authorities will approve or deny the changes. In case of the approval, you can easily keep the pet within the city laws. In the rarest case if there is a denial of the application, ask for the reasons for its denial. The information can be reassessed for presentation.
The city’s zoning ordinances are supportive documents for submission of the proposal. The best you can do is to check out the ordinance code and put your heart into it. Check the facts about the pigs and register your mini pig as a pet at the American Mini Pig Association. Your letter from the veterinarian will be very powerful and include the essential aspects of keeping the pig home.
Pigs can be accommodated in the home as well as small apartments. Make up your mind well and know about the pigs to discuss the tiny pigs. Gather the statistics of your city and the neighboring locations to know about the pig rules and request your city council to implement the same. It is advisable to keep your pig in a legal way to avoid any hassles later on.

Legalization of Mini Pigs