Adopting a teacup pig is different from adopting a cat or a dog. It’s long lifespan and intelligent nature makes it a delightful pet to own. One needs to take care of the pig just the way one takes care of a little child. There are several important things the owners of miniature pigs must know that will help them take care of the animal better.


  • Shelter

Pigs need a separate home of their own. Therefore, a fenced area with a bed and blanket could be constructed in order to provide comfort to them. Also, the addition of some toys makes them very happy because many pigs play with toys and their blanket. A little pool would also be a great thing for this creature since it enjoys the water.


  • Food and nutrition

It is very important to take care of the food that a pig eats. Their diet is very different from that of other animals such as dogs and cats. They should be fed with lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits like apples and grapes can be given occasionally. Bananas, milk, fish, bones and meat should not be given to the pigs. Also, pigs like to receive special treats.


  • Time and attention

Just like small kids, pigs demand a lot of love, care and attention from their owners. The owner needs to give a lot of time and attention to its pig. One needs to play, cuddle and make the pig exercise for its good health regularly. If pigs are not given what they want, they can grow aggressive and that usually is not good because then the pig starts destroying things. Pigs are smart and they enjoy listening to the music of their choice and also love watching TV shows and movies sitting on the lap of their owner.


  • Health

Taking care of pigs’ health is a serious issue because most of these pigs are developed from cross-breeding and their genetic history is hard to find. Therefore, in many cases, if it falls sick, the vets are unable to treat it properly. It is also advisable to get the pig neutered because pigs breed at a very young age. This procedure must be performed only by an experienced doctor as it is painful for the pig to undergo this procedure and if not properly done, it can cause an everlasting pain in the animal’s body. It should also be well vaccinated because it is very prone to catching diseases.


  • Cleanliness

Although pigs are very clean animals, still they tend to get dirty and should be cleaned well before they catch any infection. Their hooves and tusks must be trimmed at regular intervals. Tusk trimming should be performed only by an expert because it causes long term pain to the pig.


Owning a teacup pig can be a heartwarming and enjoyable experience. They have a maximum lifespan of 20 years and they prove to be stable buddies to their owners. If one takes proper care of one’s pig, it proves to be a wonderful companion one can have.

How to Take Care of Teacup Pigs?