Mini piglet craze has been growing from the ending of the 1980s. When it was seen in Paris Hilton’s hands in 1985, people became really interested to know about the cute little pet and started searching about them.

At present, there are many different pig breeds available for mini versions to be kept at home. The different versions of pigs to be kept at home are available for adoption or purchase. There are mini versions of potbelly pigs having characteristics that attract people to make them a part of their home. These are easy to deal with pets having an intelligent outlook with the most loving outlook for every person at home.

The average lifespan of a pig is around 20 years which means that they will be with their owner for a long period of time. There are many associations linked with teacup pigs that follow the guidelines and general instructions to keep them home. These pets are very social and easily trainable. Hence, many fur-allergic people are preferring them instead of dogs or cats. Pot-bellied pigs are gaining popularity due to their witty nature.

Color variations

There are many color tones in which the pigs are available with the breeders. Apart from basic black or brown tones, the pigs have patches on the skin which are quite appealing. The baby pigs are pinkish in color but as they grow, the color and patterns become visible on the body. White pigs have been developed with selective breeding patterns but the pure white color is something very exclusive. Most of the white pigs have brown or grey tinges on their skin. They have a spectacular outlook that appeals the pet lovers.

The size of the pigs is unclear until they become mature. It might sound odd but pigs grow up to the size of a medium dog and if they cross that limit, the ultimate growth might become unpredictable. The breeders under associations mention these facts well and have specifications mentioned for the new owners. There are many mini-pig breeds having variable names and quite popular among the people.

Teacup piglets’ trends are spreading throughout the US and these loving animals are gaining popularity by becoming a favorite of many celebs. It could be a great step to check the state zoning laws before getting the pig home. These pets are good for keeping in apartments, small homes or even bungalows. There is no restriction for pigs but they need their personal space in the form of a blanket bedding to feel cozy. A safe and secure environment for your mini pig can keep them happy and they would keep you happy with their interesting activities.

The unattended or frustrated pig can be dangerous for humans. These are social creatures and can’t live well without being pampered or trained. People are surprised to find out the aggression issues in the pigs but it happens only by neglecting them. Hence, you need to make sure that they are properly handled and well-managed to avoid any issues later on.


Growing craze of mini pigs