Pigs are very smart creatures with intelligent brains. Your understanding for the pig is the initial step for spending your quality time with the pet. Pigs make different languages and develop their own language of communicating with its duo and have perfect gestures to show their love to the master. The pigs even produce a sound when they are excited or frightened. They have loving nature and mother pigs produce the sounds to communicate with their young babies.

Bringing the new pig home

Pigs are highly sensitive creatures. They will require your time and patience to make them adjusted to the new atmosphere. You can spend a lot of time in the beginning with the baby pig for a great bonding and feed him with your hands. Don’t let your piggy turn aggressive and keep a proper control over them to gain all their trust. Try to teach them the skills and give general training to it to make them good pets.

Pigs have the basic nature of being in herds and they know that it is great to lead one. So, being their parent, you have to keep them on the right track. These smart creatures are very fond of getting rewarded. You can give them tasks to complete and give them rewards in the form of snacks or chips to make them feel happy.

Keeping a piglet is similar to having a toddler at home. You need to give them constant training and it will follow a routine for the things you teach them. It is recommended that the pig gets a comfortable bedding and environment to stay happy. Every pig requires its personal bedding to stay calm and composed.

Training is essential for having a happy piglet at home. The more time you spend in the initial phases with your pig, there will better understand and bonding developed with them. Make sure that you talk to it about the family members and it follows the rules of the family. The pig would work on their treats and become happy with your love towards them. A spoiled pig is never happy and you won’t be happy with it.

If the pig becomes dominant, the best way is to push them back and let them know the right way to behave. They need to know that you are the boss of the family and everything will run according to their own requirements. It is never good to hurt your pig as it will become aggressive with your behavior. It should know that you lead them and every activity would run as desired by you.

Some pigs develop a feeling of biting their masters and the people around. You can say a firm no to them if they are misbehaving or doing something odd. Be consistent and wait for their reactions to see their behavior. If you are gentle with them and talk to them about the negative thing not to be done by them, they will learn that biting or any other wrong activity won’t be anything good to be done.

Feeding the New Mini Pig

Diet is very essential for every living being. It is important to get the right nutrition and diet for the pigs to stay healthy. They must eat enough food but not too much as these creatures are prone to get fat. You can prevent them from gaining excessive weight by fixing a schedule of diet for them. Don’t feed your pig with dog or cat food as the requirements are different for both the cases. There is special pig food formulated by many animal food companies like Mazuri (young, adult and elder pigs) which includes all the nutritional values required for the appropriate growth of the baby pig and the adults.

You can feed your pig in the way mentioned by their veterinary expert. It is important to keep a track of the weight of your pig and the size of their shoulders and hips to make sure that it is not overweight. You should be able to feel its ribs, shoulders, and backbone as excessive weight doesn’t let you feel the same. If you see all these bones with your eyes, the pig is underweight but if it is not visible and could be felt with your hands, the pig has an appropriate body.

The pig’s diet needs to have some roughage and it could be possible by giving them high-fiber food. It could include raw vegetables or lettuce leaves in the diet. If you have some space for grazing, let the pig do it from the open space in the house.

Treat your pig

Treats are good for everyone and pigs are no different. You can treat your pigs when they do something good or commendable in their own way. Most of the pigs are fond of almost everything and would eat everything very happily. However, the parent needs to find out the most appropriate handling of the baby pig to make them joyful from inside. The pig has to know that it has to achieve something or do something special to make their owner happy with its deeds.

You can give them seasonal fruits, veggies, small horse treats, fruits, cheerios or similar things as treats. It is always advisable to give water to your pigs as they might get dehydrated very soon. Keep a heavy bowl of water for them near their bedding and they can get it whenever required. It is essential to offer some water pool for them to play. Pigs hardly sweat as they have hair on the body and not the fur. So, the excessive water keeps them cool during the summers. These lovable creatures are very easy to feed. You must select a time for them to eat as unnecessary eating habits might make them sick.

Pigs are prone to eating from wherever they find food. The owner has to make sure that there is no food exposed in the kitchen or drawers as these notorious elements can reach anywhere to peek out to eat. Look out for the best food for your pig and serve them two-three times a day in small portions for their best health.

Bringing Home a Teacup Pig