No one can ignore that teacup pigs are super cute animals and people love to keep them as pets. They are regarded as highly intelligent animals who can bond with humans well. Having a teacup pig in the house is however not all roses. Often it is said that teacup pigs are troublesome animals and should not be kept as pets. This review varies from person to person. Here, we will discuss the troubles related to keeping teacup pigs as pets:


  • Is the existence of teacup pigs a hoax?

Finding actual teacup pigs is hard or in other words, teacup pigs do not exist. This contradicts with what actually people demand. Very few breeders are capable of producing actual teacup pigs. Mostly, to increase the sale of pet pigs, breeders do not feed them properly or keep them starved. This causes them to look small because of being malnourished. Therefore, it is true that finding a real teacup pig is hard and these pigs grow up to be very large after a few years. Sometimes, they grow so large that it becomes difficult to keep them inside the home. This is how many pigs are left homeless. Therefore, if one wants to buy a teacup pig, one must be prepared that it can grow up to be very large in size and that is not so easy to handle.


Even the parent pigs are in most of the cases, malnourished. One cannot have any reliability in such a case as it is of buying a teacup pig. Pigs mainly grow in size and their behavior usually remains the same. Therefore, handling the tantrums of a small pig and big pig is not the same. This is actually troublesome for the ones who are busy.


  • Teacup pigs are like small kids

These pigs behave as if a small child is there in the house. They want their owners to run after them, play with them and do a lot of stuff with them. In short, they demand ample time from their owners. They also reciprocate the love they get from their owners but in the busy lives of today, it is hard to devote so much time to a pet. The problem arises when lack of time causes the pig to become aggressive and it starts hampering things. This turns out to be very difficult for the owner because bringing up a pig is already very expensive and if it starts breaking things, it becomes even more disturbing. Due to such reasons, many people leave their pigs and this is not at all a good thing to do. It is better not to purchase a pig if one cannot give time.


These main troubles are usually faced by the owners and if these points do sound relatable, then one must not go for a teacup pig and look for some other pet instead. Troubles for someone may not be the same for everyone. Therefore, it is always better to be aware of almost everything before buying a teacup pig.

Are Teacup Pigs Troublesome?