Teacup pigs are adorable pets and are a substitution pet for a dog or cat lovers. They are relatively more intelligent and can be trained in a relatively lesser time. Pigs get along with other pets and family members easily. They are so cute that you’d love to cuddle them and keep them close to you. There are many people who scam people by selling them small piggy pet and when they grow up, these tiny pets turn over towards the bigger version, unsuitable for homes. Hence, it is always good to get your little pig from a renowned source to avoid hassles later on.
Nutrition and Feeding
Teacup pigs need to be fed very delicately. It is not preferable to overfeed or underfeed the pigs as their body structure depends on the nutritional diet consumed by them. Teacup pigs require appropriate diet to keep happy and healthy. They are given a complete and balanced diet and there is specialized pig food available to feed the babies. This food is not similar to a cat or dog food and you should ask your veterinary doctor the portion of food to be given to the baby pig. The baby pig can be given fruits and vegetables in-between but that too in minimal quantity. Water is mandatory for every pig and the pig’s water bowl should be kept half-filled to keep them hydrated.
Bonding with your pig
Teacup pigs require a lot of love and care from you in the beginning. They would love to cuddle their owner and even use the blankets and soft material for keeping warm. They need their own bedding to feel comfortable and sleep in their personal area. They can bond with their new family very soon and understand your instructions very carefully. Pigs are very intelligent and would start getting trained very soon. Even if you don’t train them formally, they would recognize your routine and activities.
Litter Training
Baby pigs understand litter boxes very soon. They will get used to it very soon and whether you have special equipment or place for them to go for litter, they will soon understand it. Make sure that you keep litter box at one place only to make them get used to it. Micro pigs learn faster and are relatively cleaner than the other pets.
Size and weight
The pigs are too tiny in the beginning and would continue growing till 2-3 years of age. Check out the picture of their parents to determine their breed and size. You must know that teacup pigs can start reproducing at an early age of three months and you must check out the stats of the parent pigs to predict their size. Female pigs kept at home are spayed and males are neutered to make the right move. The pigs are shipped to the US states with extra care through air or road transport. Vet care is necessary for the pig to grow in an appropriate size and weight. Oversized pigs would definitely become unhealthy and behave indifferently.

About Teacup Pigs